HSP: abdominal distention not always due to diet – 5 other causes

HSP: abdominal distention not always due to diet – 5 other causes
Do you regularly suffer from a bloated stomach and it doesn’t always seem to go together with what you eat? This is very common in people who are HSP! For example, I know many people who sometimes experience problems after eating gluten, such as a sandwich, and who can eat it without problems the other time. This is because there are several factors that play a role in getting a bloated stomach. In this article you can read the most common causes of a bloated stomach that are not related to food and often occur with high sensitivity.

Abdominal distention in HSP caused by stress

You may have heard that stress makes you fat or that it gets into your body. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stress has to be released to make sure it doesn’t settle in your body. Many women in the menopause and HSPs in particular often have to deal with a body that becomes completely swollen when stressed. Clothes no longer fit because of a hard bloated stomach. In addition, it is often difficult to lose weight when you are dealing with stress.

Worry as a cause of abdominal distention in HSP

It’s not just what you eat that affects your gut. Negative thoughts about food can also cause abdominal distention. For example, if you are afraid that you will suffer from a bloated stomach after eating a sandwich, there is a much greater chance that you will experience stomach problems.

HSP: abdominal distention not always due to diet – 5 other causes

Not only thoughts about food, but also worrying about something, can cause a bloated stomach. Do you wake up every day and worry if the dog is still eating enough? Or are you afraid you won’t pass that exam? This can also cause abdominal distention. It can help to learn to put things into perspective and let go of worries. Bloated belly from a rushed life.

Having a rushed life often causes a bloated stomach. If you live from the issues of the day, then it is wise to see how you can get more rest in daily life. Ask yourself if you really need to do all those activities. Do you always have to go to all birthdays and all meetings or can you cancel this too?

Is it really necessary to continue working during the lunch break or can you have a quiet meal for 15 minutes? Sometimes this is not easy, especially if you work in healthcare or the catering industry where the work always goes on. Then explain to your employer that you need a break to eat quietly, so that you feel better and can perform better. Chances are that your employer will understand this. It can also help to do a body scan meditation as a break in your day.

Energy problems as a cause of a bloated stomach

Do you also suffer from energy problems in addition to a bloated stomach? Then it is also possible that the energy deficiency is the cause of your bloated stomach. The less energy you have, the less well your body can function. By solving your energy problem, you can often reduce your bloating in this way.

Do you suffer from reduced energy? Then see how you can improve this. Maybe you sleep too little or irregularly, you eat too much sugar, you have too little relaxation in a day and you are not able to set your limits. By addressing this, you can reduce your abdominal distention.


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