HSP: how do you deal with your precious energy?

11 Ways to Get More Energy Quickly

When I had collapsed years ago, all I could do was take care of myself. It was not easy, because I was always very busy with work and social contacts. I lived on autopilot and never questioned myself, which caused me to go beyond my limits too often and for too long. I see my fatigue more and more as a friend, because it helps me to look deeper into myself so that I can heal myself from old wounds. Nothing is taken for granted anymore because I have to make choices every day about what I can and cannot do. But above all: what do I want to do with my precious energy?

With that I strip everything back to the essence. If I didn’t have that fatigue, I would go back to the old “doing” mode much faster and do things that don’t matter at all. Prioritizing is really necessary if you want to live the way you want to. Reduce your activities to 20%, to what really matters in your life. To slowly build from there to 100% life as you deeply want.

Letting go of old ideas

We have too much of ourselves. And let’s face it, is that birthday and wanting to dance to everyone’s tune so much fun? No, it’s exhausting even. Your feeling in the here and now is your guide. Life is that simple! All the stories of what should to complete the picture you, is an illusion. Get rid of old ideas about what life should be like. It makes life so much easier and simpler.

A loving lifestyle

Really and truly! Doing much less is (often) the solution and that is our key to relaxation and healing. Just trying to recover after a mandatory social event is not life. We may become much more loving and gentle towards ourselves and create a life that suits a sensitive person. That is often a life that looks very different from how most people live.

This lifestyle is necessary to stay healthy. One that really suits us and makes us happy. That is our birthright. When I look around me how many people have a heart attack and die at a young age, I am shocked. All those rules, all that having to do ourselves is so unhealthy for our body and for our mind.

Feel what really matters

If you are going to change your life, you will encounter a lot of resistance from your environment. Their opinion is okay but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Take yourself dead serious and get on with what you’re doing, which is creating a life that aligns with who you are and what you stand for. Nothing in your life will change if you don’t get behind the wheel and determine the route yourself. You are not a co-driver so get off that co-driver’s seat…

Everything you thought you should and accomplish in your life. You can leave it all behind. Free yourself from the eternal list in your head and go back to feeling what really matters. That is often as simple as feeling good in this moment. Now ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” And then trade. It’s often such simple things as getting some fresh air, preparing a nice lunch for yourself or taking a break. Buying flowers to make my home cozy does wonders for me. Just feel what you need and what makes you happy.


hsp energy key to authenticity

Don’t think too big. For example, you don’t have to be in a love relationship to feel complete and good. Feel that you are fine alone now and that everything is already there. It is mainly about your inner world and being able to do everything from peace and relaxation. Whatever makes you feel good in this moment is your challenge. You may turn inward and leave your attention there.

The main key to authenticity is a life that is yours. Not someone else’s life or who you thought you should be. And the truth is so much simpler than life with all its hassles and rules and how everything “should” be. A life based on freedom requires making clear choices! Ultimately, you make that choice for several people, because everyone ultimately benefits from this.

But above all, do it for yourself and your inner child. Especially if we want to let go of old, heavy energies that we absorbed as a baby and later in childhood, we need a lot of reflection and rest. So that we can receive our soul light again and live from lightness and openness. That’s what most lightworkers come here to do: heal our past and be a beacon of light to others.

Peace starts from within

Leave “the world” for what it is with all its problems. Peace starts from within. Ultimately, we then become people who really have something to offer the world. Not from a performance drive, but from a way that suits you in a very natural way without effort! You are doing your loved ones a great favor, really! Even if they don’t understand it yet, they will thank you that you chose for yourself and they will benefit from the path you have already walked.

This makes it easier for them to go this way. Because your footprints are energetically etched for their solutions to a lighter life. The greatest happiness for me as a highly sensitive person is a life of relaxation where I can determine my own path. I think that’s the greatest gift I can give myself in a society where it’s all about doing more and having more.




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