HSP: meditation when overstimulated to relax and recharge

Being highly sensitive is a quality and a positive characteristic. Yet many people who are highly sensitive often find it difficult that they feel so much and that a lot comes to them. So much so that they become overstimulated by this. Maybe you recognize it. That you feel irritated or tired, suddenly get a crying fit, or can suddenly become very angry about something small. In this article, you can read how you can deal with overstimulation and you can listen to a meditation for overstimulation that helps you to relax and recharge.

Which makes you sensitive due to overstimulation

If you are highly sensitive, you absorb more information from your environment than someone who is not highly sensitive. You feel a lot and you perceive more than someone who is highly sensitive. You also process everything you observe and experience on a deeper level.

If you receive more stimuli than you can process, we speak of overstimulation. Symptoms of overstimulation are that you suddenly have little energy, and you can feel irritated or very tired. Sometimes overstimulation can cause you to suddenly cry or get angry about something very small. If you are overstimulated for a long time, you can even get all kinds of physical and mental complaints such as burnout, depression, stomach and intestinal complaints, allergies, joint complaints, headaches, and migraines.

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How to prevent overstimulation

Overstimulation actually means that you have crossed a boundary and have received more stimuli than you can process. The best thing is that you avoid being overstimulated by following your instructions for use.  I wrote an extensive article about this before.   Sometimes, however, there are circumstances that are not always under your control. For example, a bad night’s sleep, your hormones, or if you are sick. Or if there are problems at work, with your children, or someone close to you who gets sick. Life has its ups and downs that (can) affect how many stimuli you can have.

What to do if you are overstimulated

First, it is important to feel that you are overstimulated and to listen to this. You then need to slow down for a while. This can be done, for example, by going for a walk or being in nature, taking a power nap, or a guided meditation that helps with overstimulation. What always works for me when I’m overstimulated is to go to bed a little earlier. I would like to share a guided meditation with you that I have created especially to relax and recharge you when you are overstimulated.

Listen to HSP meditation when overstimulated

By focusing your attention on yourself you can easily let go of stimuli and your energy increases again. So you can feel your power again. In this meditation, I guide you to focus your attention back on yourself and to relax. You can also use this meditation to avoid becoming overstimulated.



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