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I am a child of this time 3

Why do you keep measuring me as a child? Fill in what I need to know.

I want to discover and freedom in my way of learning. From that connection I can demonstrate my possibilities.

I also want to get to know my vulnerability and weak parts. I desire challenge and encouragement to learn to pamper myself through gentleness.

This gives me confidence in all parts of my being human. Together they form me as a whole, vulnerable and powerful in one line.

I feel frustration because I stay polite so as not to whine. In the meantime nothing is going to happen. Everything just keeps going the same. How can I stand in my power as a child?

Where is the concept that will break through those old walls? A concept that will build trust.

Education from the heart and talent, inspires, moves and never gets used. It challenges you in creative possibilities, decisive and controversial.

Think especially of meaning and also education in body awareness. This gives me recognition for my inner knowledge and that is nice.

Children of this time have a different outlook on life. They ask for a different aspiration. A pursuit of connection, inspiration and creation instead of just attention to results and forced performance.

How nice it would be if teachers realized the value of discovering and experiencing their own essence, so that they can set the right example for us children.

The structure of teacher training can also use innovation and inspiration. I can’t wait for them to dive into the energy of ‘renewal’ too.

Now many schools are still working in energy of stress and fear of not being good enough. This energy and patterns come across to children that frustrates parents, triggers emotions it should be.

Yet I desire decisiveness that fades my impatience. What’s the point of waiting. Get up, do something. Who is going to challenge me?

How can that old energy be transformed into an atmosphere of encouragement and trust? An atmosphere of desire, belief in people, positivity that a child can build on.

What are we waiting for now? To awaken and become aware at the top?.

Children bear the consequences because we do not dare to break with systems that get stuck.

Old values ​​are based on control, performance and dependence. Is it the fear of ‘the new’ that keeps us stuck in this illusion of ‘security’?

The system could support humanity in its development. Isn’t it there to lean on as a person? But if the system is clearly blocking and people are not learning from it, the trigger of problems with children will continue to come to fulfill educational dreams.

It will require a broadening view of the adults on various layers. We can start with that today so that we can gain inner strength together.

If you need help building a new foundation, you can rely on my inspiration and encouragement from new energy. Dare, decide to go for new values ​​and stand together for connection, sincerity, uniqueness, self-responsibility, sustainability and trust.


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