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I Am A Child Of This Time- II (To Educators and Teachers)

I am a child of this time and I want to say something from my heart.

I still have so many heart wishes and I call on adult people.

I have made myself heard before and have decided not to be disturbed by my ‘own resistance’.

After Sinterklaas, Christmas a whole new year! Full of energy and strength I am ready again.

I’ll stick with it for my dreams. A voice for children, the desire to stand for change and trust.

Children in this time: Sweet, sensitive and wise born. Are you able to hear their needs?

Just in all honesty from sincerity and little time. Often rushed and overcrowded just like in my little sphere. I don’t get to see or hear anything else. We don’t have the time, just put that in your ears.

Little or no room for outdoor play and creativity. How do I get rid of my frustrations? How do I make contact with my feelings? Just pay attention to my body, do you understand what I mean?

I need to clear my head so that my brain doesn’t crack in unrest.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that children are born highly sensitive.

Do you know how intensely you experience the world? Do you realize the abundance this gives me? How can I process all this without noticing it in my behavior.

Incentives, speed everything goes on, I need rest, who will listen?

I would like to learn how to process it? Now my body is racing, busy, angry and sometimes I even get sick. If I don’t check myself, I have to go in the hallway or on the medication and then disappear into ‘a box’. Ever thought that grown-ups have many solutions? Being able to take responsibility for their behavior instead of nagging the child.

I live by your example and behavior. I am a child who can bear the consequences with love. Becoming aware, breaking through patterns is necessary, that’s what I keep dreaming about.

Every day that I ‘have to’ learn and adapt, does me no good as a child. Imposed by grown-ups know better. I have to measure myself against every line. ‘The line’ that stands for ‘average’. Above or below not well spoken. Do I get the chance to follow my own growth and development path? I can’t always stand up for myself.

I feel the tension of the adults and don’t know if I’m doing enough. Unrest in my feeling, and that makes me oh so tired. It’s nice to learn and grow. How would this voyage of discovery be full of confidence?

Learning to adjust the biggest nonsense there is. Removal of my own self that’s what it is. I’ve already learned to adapt, wanting to be different is wrong.

If I ‘may’ learn from freedom, you will see what I can achieve. Challenge me and look at me, listen carefully and guide me. Do you want to teach me how to trust myself? On my own self, I like to build.

I am wise, sincere and speak from my heart. This is different from brutal which is often confused with sincerity.

If I dare to speak. listen and don’t judge it with sermons. I often pronounce it as I feel it. The truth behind your words, that’s what I mean.

Because of my sincerity I sometimes poke right through your walls. I get it, that touches, it’s an opportunity for you to learn. That’s not rude or mean.

I am a sensitive child and if I dare I speak openly from my heart. If it is different, it is the frustration, hurt, feeling misunderstood, fear, overload, anger that confuses my purity.

I want you to learn to be sincere again. From heart to heart that feels so nice.

Dare to look into the eyes of a child, see yourself in vulnerability, playfulness, curiosity and see if you find the love and sincerity.

Do you feel touched by my poem? I encourage you, heal your wounds, break your walls, find your strength and create a beautiful sight.

View the way of your heart. Today ‘the first day of the rest of your life’, your start!

You are my example, you create my learning paths. What you limit yourself in is what I learn and notice. I’m not like you and you and you. I make other mistakes and like to choose my own path. And making mistakes is allowed with a smile. I can learn from mistakes encourage me to try again or differently.

What’s stopping you from opening my way?


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