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I am a Creator life from your Awakened Soul

Have you been cleaning up and letting go so much lately? Don’t you now feel lighter and a bit freer because you have been able to bring old stories about yourself, your unhealed pieces , to light more? This lightness comes because you have freed yourself from emotional baggage and made room to connect more with the source of love within you and with the higher frequencies of light. Through your inner cleansing, your own vibration has also been raised and therefore you are now able to attract people and events into your life that are more attuned to your True Self.

We have now really entered a different phase. Hurrah! The new can finally unfold. The great clearing, letting go of great pain and sadness feels as largely over and has made room for the awakening of our Soul and therefore also the creative power of our Soul. Actually, this is also a logical phase, because by letting go you create space for the new and the new is the heart-supported consciousness with which you create your life from your own light and power. But how do you do that??

Going through the awareness process to come to the Authentic Self

In order to come to your Authentic Self and be able to create from your Soul, you may first go through a transformation in consciousness whereby you let go of everything that in fact covers your core of love. The Ego-carried consciousness, which embodies the masculine energy and is mainly characterized by the head, control, and fear, is lovingly replaced step by step by the feminine heart-borne consciousness, in which the heart, intuition and trust take the lead . Head and heart thus become more in line, instead of the dominance of just head or just heart.

Attunement to your Authentic Self as the key to Joy

Now that we have revealed our true selves more, we can better feel what we really want in our life and what it may serve. After this clearing process I feel even more connected with myself and with my Soul and that makes me happy. I feel that I can follow my own flow, that my truth is my truth and that I can stand for it. And of course I can also respect the truth of another, without judging it or having to adopt it out of a sense of duty or a pleaser behavior like mine. My feeling is leading in this. Because I feel free, free from what others think of me, free from old patterns, I feel deep inside that I am the creator of my life and as an artist I am creating my own masterpiece.

The realization that you determine your path through your feelings and your own choices, makes you the creator of your life. As a creator, you take responsibility for your life and the choices you make. You create your life out of love and joy and thus step out of fear and victimhood and enter the natural flow of the life of love and growth. Making choices is sometimes scary, because you can suddenly choose completely for yourself or say ‘no’. But precisely by making these choices, your consciousness, your Soul and your own power grows.

Look at how your life is now, dear one. What is your Soul urging you to do now? What longing quivers in you that now may be given the space to be there? Everything is possible when you follow the guidance of your Soul.

Your light as a contribution to the world

The Soul wants to serve the whole and in the heart-carried consciousness the will of your Ego is subordinated to the greater will of the heart. We cannot live without our Ego, for the Ego is needed to shape that, to manifest that which is hidden in your heart.

You are not just here but have a contribution to make to the world by shining your light in your chosen form. Seeing yourself as an instrument of love that is divinely guided is very satisfying, for it opens you up to guidance and releases control, making room for trust. If you don’t know what you have to contribute, ask in a prayer in which you very clearly ask to be used for the greater sake of love.

Expansion of the Soul

What I am experiencing myself is that the form of my light is not a fixed form but consists of many different forms. I feel there is a movement in me of expansion. I am not only a coach and healer but also a writer, mother and much more. I am increasingly determining my own form of Being. The Ego wants to make you think that there is only one form, but that is limiting. The Soul knows no limitations and on the contrary seeks different forms in order to express itself. The Soul is not bound to the form and that makes living from your Soul such a beautiful and great adventure. 

The path of the Soul is the untrodden path in which love is leading. That is exciting but makes you feel that you are really alive. And isn’t that why we are here on earth, to experience life in all its facets? So dear man, dare to live!


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