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If you are highly sensitive, then it is due to your energy field

You are not just your body, you are your consciousness. That consciousness is a form of energy

You can think of your energy field as a cloud of energy around your body. And that cloud is full of feelers. Strong, confident people have a small, solid energy field. If you are highly sensitive, the energy field is much too large. With your ‘feelers’ you are keeping an eye on a larger area. So you spread your consciousness over a wider area.

That means that your energy field becomes larger, but also thinner, more vague.

Compare it to a drop of paint. If I drop a drop of white paint on the floor, you can clearly see that it is white paint. But if I try to paint the entire floor white with one drop, the paint is so thinned that you can’t see it anymore. It’s the same with your energy field: The bigger you make it, the blurrier it gets. Then things get mixed up. Your thin energy field becomes like a sponge, and you absorb all kinds of energies from your environment.

You feel stress and emotions of others as if they are your own. (Many people who are highly sensitive don’t know this and think their emotions are all over the place. Keep an eye on it: If you’re suddenly sad and you have no reason to be sad, you may be feeling someone else’s grief feels.)
If you have to tell someone something bad, you already feel what the other person will think, which makes it even harder to tell.

If the other person is angry, short-sighted or selfish, then you feel his/her fierce energy in your own highly sensitive system, and it feels so intense and strange that it completely throws you off balance.

If you’ve experienced this a few times, you don’t want to experience it again.

You want to avoid those situations and you want to be stronger and more confident. This makes you even more alert to yourself and your environment. Your energy field was already large and open and now you are also making it super-alert.

Everything that gives you fear, stress or unrest makes you even more alert.

Now your energy field is like a spider’s web: The spider sits in the middle of its web, waiting for something to fall into its web. If something falls into the spider’s web, the spider feels it through the threads of the web. If you are highly sensitive, you feel everything that happens around you through your energy field. As if your energy field is a big three-dimensional web with wires (feelers), and everything that happens around you is ringing alarm bells.

and now?

You feel better when your energy field is smaller, less open and less alert

You can make it smaller by visualizing that. Not by visualizing a protective circle of light around you, that doesn’t shrink your energy field. Visualize how you keep your energy closer to your body, and feel it happening.
You can make your energy field less open by realizing that you don’t want to be a sponge. Fill your energy field with your own energy. Although you will notice that your energy field becomes much more solid if you just make it smaller.

You can make your energy field less alert by keeping the attention on yourself. If you feel safe and calm, then the outside world is not so interesting anymore. If it is difficult to feel safe and calm, a good therapist can help you with that.

But why did you make your energy field so big in the first place?

Why do almost all highly sensitive people have an aura that is too large ? Somewhere in your life you have made the decision that you need to keep an eye on everything. That was the very first cause that you have a large, open and alert energy field.

From that moment on you have trained yourself to be highly sensitive. That moment, that decision has probably sunk very deep into your subconscious. If you get that decision back on the table, you can undo it. A good therapist can help you here too. You can then begin to unlearn to be highly sensitive .


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