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If you could see your guardian angel, what would you tell him?

Guardian Angel

I’ve been seeing my guardian angel since I was a kid and talking to him all the time so I think this is a bit of an odd question. However, I am very happy with this video, in which filmmaker Sorcha McCauley asks people this specific question.

So, if YOU could see your guardian angel, what would you tell him?

The angels tell me that thinking about this question will help everyone think differently about their guardian angel, even those who say they don’t believe in angels. That once you’ve thought about this question, this question will pop up in your mind several more times, and that thinking about it will deepen your relationship with your guardian angel. The truth is that your guardian angel knows every thought you ever had.

It’s as if he knows your thoughts before you become aware of them, and then begins to whisper to you how to respond to that thought. Yet you have been given free will. Your guardian angel can’t get past that. He can only help when you ask for his help.

Most of us have asked God and the angels for help at some point in our lives. Maybe it was a simple ‘God help me’, from the heart, when we were in crisis. By asking for help once, we have given the angels permission to help us.

But the more often you ask for help, the more you give your guardian angel permission to help you, the more likely you are to hear the advice you’re getting. I know that it is not easy for everyone to recognize and accept the advice that is being given.

You have to trust and believe – if everyone could see their guardian angel like me, then there would be no more doubts.

celestial guardianI saw this with my friend and agent Jean when I first met her ten years ago. She was very reserved and quite cynical about God and the angels.

Over the years I have observed her and she has learned to listen more, I have seen her guardian angel help her. Over time she has learned to listen and respond more, but I know she finds that difficult even today.

Sometimes I’m told to do whatever Jean says and then I know she’s listening to the angels, but at times I’m told she hasn’t listened carefully and put her own human accent on it and the result isn’t quite what it had to be.

None of us always do it right. We are all human. I see angels physically and hear them clearly. Still, sometimes I don’t do what they say.

Last week I wanted to go to a field next to my house and mow the tall grass. The angels told me not to, that there were too many nettles. I persisted and told them I didn’t want their help and I would do it my way. I cut some grass and stepped sideways into a pile of nettles and severely sprained my ankle. I couldn’t blame the angels, they warned me.

A Message of Hope-Byrne-Lorna
A message of hope-click for more info via

Last week I watched a boy of about five playing in the park. His ball fell into tall grass, he couldn’t see it and ran after it. I watched as his guardian angel whispered to him that he was going in the wrong direction and pointed him in the right direction; the boy immediately turned toward the ball. Children hear angels so naturally, they don’t wonder what they are being told.

Ego plays a game with us, we want to believe that we all know best ourselves, and we can do it without any help. The ego is important, but we must be careful that ‘the other side’ does not come in and contaminate a good intention and make its purpose less true. When you listen to ‘the other side’, you push away your guardian angel’s voice, and his voice becomes weak and hard to hear. Yet your guardian angel’s voice will always be there, and will urge you to listen to it.

As part of your learning to listen to your guardian angel in the lake, think again about the question ‘What would you say to your guardian angel if you could see him?’

At least one day a week, say to yourself, “What would I say to my guardian angel today?” Get in the habit of communicating with him.

I know that you will find life a little easier then, and that you will have more joy in it. Also encourage others to think about this, and share the link to the video with everyone, including those who don’t believe in angels.

Let’s make many people who have never thought about having a guardian angel think about what they would say to their guardian angel if they saw him.


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