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If you don’t feel connected anymore


If you feel in yourself, feel deeply in yourself, are you completely satisfied, with yourself, with your environment, with your work, with how you feel, with your life? Despite that steady job, a good income, a nice partner, good friends, everything in order, it still feels indefinable, insecure.

The days begin to merge into one another, moving faster and faster from one day to the next. The days feel useless and meaningless, like you’re supposed to be doing something, but you have no idea what that is.

What is going on, why do we feel this, why is this feeling so present in our daily life? Even though life is good for you and you shouldn’t complain, emotions can still influence you and throw you off balance with anger, doubts or feelings of depression.

Our sleep is interrupted and our temperature alternates between too cold and too hot. More and more people have persistent and vague, untreatable physical complaints that affect their daily lives.

Our energy feels restless, disrupts our body, pushes and pulls, physically and mentally, until we don’t know what to do with it anymore. This feeling of not being in control, this feeling of being disconnected, why is this there, what is going on?

by  Barbara Postema

Cosmic Powers

What we (un)consciously feel are the forces that act on the energy field of our body. We tend to forget that we are influenced by forces around us. Gravity pulls us to the ground, the moon moves water masses on Earth and the moon also regulates the woman’s cycle.

The sun, which through its geomagnetic activity provides charged energetic particles in the air that influence the earth’s magnetic field and thus the magnetic field around our body. All kinds of forces that we cannot perceive with our physical senses have a daily effect on us, a perfect cosmic cooperation. We move with this cosmic evolution and are subject to changes on the earth and in this whole process it is all about one thing: growing.maldek

to grow

We are a small cog in an unimaginably large whole, connected by a gigantic field of energy that touches and permeates everyone. Basically all cosmic forces are energy movements and always aimed at growth, there is always development to a higher or next level. This already starts in the womb, where the first cells multiply and grow into a baby.

Everything is in motion, the body grows, cells die and new ones take their place. A seed grows into a tree, sometimes even under the most appalling conditions. How does it know it wants to grow and how to grow? It is the natural movement of energy, it renews, expands, the old dies and a new phase begins.

Growing in phases

This development of growth proceeds in phases. Anyone with young children will recognize this mechanism. A young child has phases of introversion: withdrawn or cries a lot, is rebellious and progress does not seem to be there. Suddenly there is the day when it makes sentences or seems to have grown an inch, it can do new things and possess knowledge that it did not have before.

This introverted phase causes restlessness, a painful body and emotional fluctuations, but ultimately there is the end of that phase and the start of a new phase. This happens at all levels, from large to small. The whole cosmos is in a constant state of development and growth, including us, for we too are connected to this cosmic field.The cosmos is currently in a transition phase,

Growing is raising vibration

Cosmic growth is essentially the raising of vibrational frequency. Whether we like it or not, raising this vibrational frequency in the cosmos works through our physical body. Cosmically charged particles enter from all corners of the cosmos through our energy field and cause an increase in vibration, whereby the extent to which this happens can differ greatly per person.

That’s where the discomfort phase starts, it permeates everything and touches our old stuck energy. The low vibrations in our energy field are old traumas, behavioral patterns, insecurities, anger, shame, fears. Low vibrations tucked deep in the depths of our subconscious, the unconscious that can no longer remain unconscious.

This stronger vibrational frequency permeates all layers in our energy field, it puts a magnifying glass on our limiting thoughts, unhealthy relationships and desires that we dare not choose. Everything is touched by this increased vibration and is shown to us again and again, as an annoying pattern that repeats itself or a physical complaint that just won’t go away.

Our minds are now starting to work overtime under the influence of the increased vibrational frequency and overheat because it does not understand what is going on. It forgets the simplest things as if yesterday were a century ago. It occasionally creates a chemical short circuit where feelings of emptiness and absence can overtake us.

Our night’s rest seems like a marathon of activity, all this energetic influx causes restlessness and overwhelming dreams. It is a difficult period, which is difficult to understand when you are in the middle of it. Does a child in the rebellious and crying phase understand that it is entering a new phase? No, it just feels discomfort.In this phase we also mainly feel discomfort, a waiting area in which we do not know what we are waiting for, a pain of which we do not know the cause.

All of this raises the important question: Do we want to help or block the process described above? The choice is ours, but forward it will go anyway.

Personal path

One may seem totally insensitive to this phase of transformation while the other is having an extremely hard time. We are not all here for the same reason, we all have different baggage and not everyone moves at the same speed. Ultimately no one will be able to escape this next phase, the connection with the cosmic energy field does not exclude anyone. It is a path we all walk, it is a journey to cleansing and clearing our inner issues and themes, so that we can enter the new phase liberated from them.

Difficult or easy, that is individual and which path someone takes is not really important. It is an inner process, we need to want to develop, grow and above all learn to let go. How we want to do that is up to us. No one can do it for us, just as no one can force a child to grow, or force an adolescent to become wise faster; The natural process of growth eventually allows the adolescent to mature spiritually, sooner or later.

move along

The cosmos follows its path in a spiral upwards and wants to start a new phase and we are inextricably linked with this movement. We can choose, resist or move along and help this phase of discomfort by understanding the process. What does this phase of energetic upgrading do to you personally, what comes up? The more resistance or misunderstanding, the more the process can feel heavy, difficult, empty or confusing.

The more consciously we deal with this, the more insight we gain and the faster we can let go. The energy can be compelling for some and can be accompanied by all kinds of mental and physical discomfort.Try to think of this energetic influence as a great swelling wave in the surf, we can wait and let ourselves be knocked over or we can surf on it.

We can let every wave crash into us again and be unpleasantly surprised with every wave, then it’s a wild ride. Wouldn’t we do better to accept that we are no match for the forces of nature like the sea and cosmic energy, and instead, make the most of them? Eventually the sea will calm down, because it always does. Also, this cosmic growth spurt will come to an end and the new phase will really begin.


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