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If you resist this present moment, you resist the entire Universe


One of the statements from Deepak Chopra’s ” The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success ” that has stayed with me forever is:

“If you resist this present moment, you resist the entire Universe.”

Imagine! That’s exhausting.
If, instead of resisting this moment, you are willing to be with what is, life flows and the Universe works with you. Only when you accept the present moment as it is can you transform it if you wish and create whatever you want. That is the spiritual law of least resistance .

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the most important things you can do for your own healing, happiness, and growth is to be with what’s there.
But what does that actually mean?

Being with what is means feeling what you really feel, acknowledging your true feelings, thoughts and the signals of your body and allowing yourself to be there, in the experience of what is, without judging it.

Animals are masters at it: they don’t judge from thinking about what they experience, they just experience what is there and act where necessary. You can observe the same in nature. Birds fly without resisting the wind, trees grow effortlessly, and if an obstacle comes their way, they simply grow around it.
Why do we humans have such a hard time with this?

We humans often have learned or not learned ideas about how life should be that get in the way of experiencing it as it is .
In addition, we tend to condemn, push out of our consciousness, ignore, deny, even project onto others everything we experience as unpleasant, all in order not to have to experience it.

We have come to do this mostly because we have been conditioned to see anything that feels painful or unpleasant as unwanted or even dangerous, and we have come to believe that the only way to feel good is to be happy is to escape the pain is. But nothing is less true. We can only achieve and experience what we want if we are willing to accept and transform that which is.

Our feelings are messengers. Our body’s signals are messengers. We can even view the events in our lives as signals from the Universe, showing us where we are on our path to well-being and happiness and where we are deviating from our course so that we can make changes. Provided we are willing to listen.

If we condemn, shun and send away the messengers, the message will not arrive and the messengers will keep coming until they are heard. By judging what we experience and pushing our feelings and signals away from the body, we freeze the flow of life and continue to experience the same thing, year after year.

If we allow and let the experiences, feelings, thoughts be there, they can flow through, the river can follow its natural course and we can experience joy and life energy and we can transform our lives through inspired action, joyfully and effortlessly.

be with what isThroughout our lives, and our past lives, we have sometimes been confronted with suffering so unbearable that we have closed ourselves off from the experience as it was in order to survive. Just think of assault, abuse, serious neglect, all forms of violence.
In such moments, shutting yourself off from what is is often the best strategy for surviving the experience without being crushed by it.

But unfortunately, especially if we have been exposed to severe suffering for a long time, we persist in it and it becomes a survival strategy. And if we are not aware of this survival strategy, it becomes a piece of armor that prevents us from growing further and being ourselves, and creating the life we ​​want.

Being with what is, is quite different from passive acceptance, approval, or stubbornly putting up with what you don’t really want to experience. That’s victimhood. Then you get stuck in an unhealthy situation without taking charge of your life, without receiving the message, you do not take responsibility and you do not transform anything.

When you are (still) in a situation in which unwanted things take place: a destructive relationship, a work situation in which you are overworked, etc., it is sometimes important to first get yourself out of the situation safely, and then, when you a safe place where you have the peace and opportunity to heal, to experience what was and is, to heal yourself lovingly and without judgment and to create the life you want.

Because of our conditionings and the distractions of modern society, it can seem amazingly difficult to simply experience what we experience, without resistance, without running away from it or hardening ourselves.
But that’s exactly what it takes to find the path to fulfillment, happiness, and personal success.

You don’t have to follow a course or workshop to be with what is there (of course you can: mindfulness, meditation or focusing for example). All you have to do is make the decision to consciously experience what you are experiencing with some regularity. In the moment. Without wanting to push it away. Without changing it right away. Without shame or judgement. Just experience what you experience. to observe. Feel what you feel. Observe what you think.

Once you start with it, you will see that it gets easier and easier, that it becomes second nature. That is not surprising: because actually it is our true nature to be in the here and now without resistance, always flowing, conscious, happy and infinitely creative!


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