If you speak from your heart you can never say anything wrong

If you speak from your heart you can never say anything wrong

Why is speaking from your heart so difficult? Or is it not as difficult as you think? In this hectic society, people are very quickly led by their thoughts. And those thoughts are often prompted by the opinion of others or by expectations that people think they have to fulfill. This manifests itself in behavior that is externally motivated. You quickly do or say something wrong, because it does not come from within yourself. It doesn’t always match your gut feeling.

Speaking from your heart is speaking from your feelings

If you speak from your feelings, you speak from yourself, and what you say or do is therefore never wrong. Because a feeling is subjective. But perhaps even more important: a feeling is unique. The opinions and expectations of others then no longer matter at all. But how do you get closer to your feeling? In order to get close to your feelings, it is important that you learn to listen to your body again. And you can only listen to your body in the NOW.

Full attention

Try to keep your full attention on daily activities. Use all your senses to perceive the moment. And every time you find yourself lost in thoughts again, just go back to the action you are currently doing. There is no right or wrong. There is only feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting, and seeing.


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