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If you stay yourself long enough, you will automatically become fashionable

If you’ve thrown away your wide-leg pants after years, they suddenly seem to be back in fashion! Or those crazy big glasses. When I was twelve, I almost had the same glasses as now. For years all I thought of when I saw that photo was those awful, retarded, red glasses. And what’s on my nose now? Big red glasses!

And then my eyebrows. For years I should have epilate them, my full eyebrows, but I never felt like it. Suddenly full eyebrows turned out to be in fashion, you’re not making that up, are you? So purely by staying myself, I suddenly turned out to be fashionable.

Why shouldn’t that be the case more often? Even the qualities that are valued in society change. In the past, a woman was supposed to be docile, good at housekeeping and above all not too obvious. Now, powerful women who dare to stand up for their opinions are increasingly seen. Think of women in politics, or women on stage. Well-known singers, comedians, speakers, coaches.

A woman no longer has to keep her mouth shut. She no longer has to just stand by the kitchen counter and set out the slippers for her hard -working husband . Do you think Oprah was always cleaning herself at home?

In the past, a man was not allowed to show his feelings, now it is more and more appreciated. He can also take better care of himself. Think of the ‘Metro man’ from a few years ago.

Were there no noisy women in the past who had a problem with the household? Were there no men who were in touch with their feelings? Of course they were, but those qualities were not appreciated at the time. The older generation still does not always understand how younger generations live today.

A bad housewife with a successful business? A man who does just as much at home in the household and in taking care of the children? For some ‘old school’ a strange phenomenon, but for younger generations very normal.

So you see that if you stay yourself long enough, even if, like me, you are a woman with an outspoken opinion and a brother who dies from the household, you will automatically become fashionable. Or at least better understood and appreciated. Ultimately, it also makes you more successful; you can read how that is possible in this article of mine  .

So be yourself, you will automatically become fashionable!


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