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I’m grateful, but when will this change?

Dear Jennifer:  For the past few years I have been practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and it has changed my life. I am now aware of the now, and stay positive. But I do need a new job, my living situation is not ideal, and my money supply is dwindling.

I know it’s better to stay positive, to be grateful for what I have, but I don’t know how to proceed. Always being rejected for every job, watching your money shrink, it’s harder and harder to stay positive all the time. How do I change this without being ungrateful?

Jennifer’s answer:  Reading your question makes me feel like someone from the orchestra that played on the deck of the Titanic. I think it’s time you got a rowboat. You have confused appreciation with responsibility, and gratitude with appreciation. It’s good to appreciate it now, but you should also use that information for the next step.

You are responsible for creating it, but you are also responsible for changing it, and that has nothing to do with gratitude and appreciation. You must be able to take it as a lesson, but then take responsibility for changing it by taking action. You’re stuck in gratitude and passivity, and if you don’t recover quickly, you’ll “sink with the ship,” so to speak.

gratitudeThe reason you can’t find a job right now is that, even if you’re grateful for the situation, you don’t see the real reason why that situation is there, which is to teach you about appreciation and self-worth. Acknowledge how scared and limited you feel in this situation,

but don’t be thankful for it. Are you angry with yourself and afraid that you are totally powerless? Has this happened to you before? Do you find it increasingly difficult to feel valuable and appreciated and that you are worth something better when you see the money slipping away? Do you feel desperate when you apply for a job, and are you at a point where you would take anything, even if it’s not for you?

The first step is to stop the bleeding, and I mean on an energetic level. Stop being thankful you’re unemployed. Instead, be thankful for the lesson in appreciation and self-esteem, take responsibility for its creation, and then begin to set an intention for what you desire instead. This can change in an instant,

but not until you can believe that you deserve a nice job or work, money, a beautiful living situation, and also that you are safe, okay and happy with and in your life. Be thankful for those things, even if they aren’t in your life yet, because that’s what will attract them to you.

I know, it sounds crazy, how can you be thankful for what you don’t have? But if you don’t create the energetic space for that first, you’re not going to change the situation any time soon, and you feel it’s time for change now.

Accept responsibility for what you have created, as it reflects your sense of worth and self-esteem, as well as your fear of success.

Now recognize that you want something different. If you just sit there and thank the Universe for being broke and out of work, with a frozen smile on your face, hoping that by being grateful the Universe will help you and change it for you, it won’t happen.

Acknowledge that you created this because you didn’t ask enough, didn’t believe you deserved more. Now ask for more, and believe you deserve it (you may have to fake that first, but it’s an illusion anyway), and use affirmations or any positive affirmation to keep yourself aligned with that intention. Apply for the jobs you’re qualified for, and you really want, not what you think you can get.

See yourself with a lot of money, food in your house, money for rent, and whatever you want, that’s how you create it.

Is your situation urgent? Then believe that your solution will happen immediately (in the Universe there is no time), and allow it to happen; miracles are simply a shift in energy from one level to another.

You are now at the level of being broke and unemployed, then reach the level of being rich and working level, by changing your gratitude focus now. You can create anything in your life, but there has to be room for it, and now your energetic space is occupied by the sense of gratitude ‘that you are broke and unemployed’.

Set your intention for what you want to create, for a more powerful, abundant self with a job, believe it will happen, then be willing to receive it and it will happen.


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