Importance of our previous generations and letting go of old beliefs

Importance of our previous generations and letting go of old beliefs

Who doesn’t have it: a past in which you have experienced all kinds of things. Injustice, pain, sadness, sexual abuse, violence, feeling unsafe or unwanted on this earth. I am not the only one who has been given a less safe base from my parents because of this. The time for change has come. Soul families are going to unite and manifest their soul purpose.

The swamp of my past

The swamp of my past intrudes on the present. A swamp of negative beliefs that wants to pull me back to my fear of failure, my insecurity, my feeling of inferiority, the feeling of “not being good enough”. Growing up, I came to believe the negative beliefs and disapproving, derogatory, harmful, and hurtful words I was told on a daily basis. I have accepted them, I have taken them as my truth and I have come to live by them. This has had a huge impact on my life.

How different I felt, alone and misunderstood as a child. I didn’t understand the grown-up world. I saw, felt, and knew that there was love all around us and that there was enough for everyone. In my eyes, there were no shortages and there is only abundance.

My high sensitivity

Importance of our previous generations and letting go of old beliefs

We didn’t have labels as we do now. Now I would have the label applied in a highly sensitive manner. Then I just had to adapt and certainly not be different from others. I was expected to adopt an “act normal, then act crazy enough”. Like a sponge, I absorbed the energies around me and I felt the sadness, pain, or anger of another very finely.

As a result, I made myself smaller when someone was aggressive or angry, or as a child, I made myself a counselor for those who were in pain or sadness. I felt the grief of the other and I already sat down next to the other with my hand on the shoulder to offer comfort. This while the other did not even know that he was going to cry. My hand was pushed away, but moments later the tears came. I did it out of love, but that love was not always understood or appreciated. This felt like a rejection to me that made me try even harder to be liked.

Can’t be a child

I wanted to belong. Then I didn’t understand my innate talents and gifts, so I didn’t belong. So as a child, I became the pleaser and I acted as a mediator or buffer in our family and for the people around me. What I didn’t know than is that I wasn’t a kid as a kid, but acted like an adult and got too serious. I had overview and insight and found solutions to other people’s problems, as young as I was.

On paper, I didn’t become the psychologist I wanted to be. I felt and experienced the university of life, which has made me a more conscious and stronger person.

My father was an authoritarian man that I was completely against as a child, I did not accept that his authority was above myself. He has often put the fire to my shins and has given me a lot of resistance in my life. Because of my sensitivity, that came in violently and sometimes too intensely. It made me insecure and anxious, which severely affected my self-confidence.

I developed a negative self-image and a sense of inferiority. I was not aware that I was keeping all the balls in the air for others so I hardly got around to my own life. Only to find out much later that I didn’t even know that I also have a right to exist and can also have a life of my own! That I don’t just have to be a Cinderella to others. Maybe then I also found it easy not to take responsibility for myself, also because I didn’t know-how.

An eye-opener

Importance of our previous generations and letting go of old beliefs

When my father died I sank into a black hole and what I was holding on to blockages wanted out. Regular help didn’t feel right to me and I sought support in an alternative way. I went to a meditation group called ‘Man Dare to Live’. Couldn’t be more appropriate. I have shed many tears there and gained insights, felt blockages and broke through patterns. To find out that I can love myself! That was an eye-opener and also a not easy task that I was given for the rest of my life.

How does it feel to love yourself? How do you do that if you’ve always looked into the eyes of someone else? I sensed what the other needed and always saw the other as a priority. Giving and receiving were not in balance. I didn’t think I was worth receiving. Where did I start? How could that be? Through trial and error, I learned to set my limits by saying no more when something didn’t feel right.

Learning to indicate boundaries

This occasionally provoked shocking reactions. I who always said ‘yes’ to everything and everyone, now said ‘no’ more. Incomprehension, unkind words, resistance and bizarre situations that made me insecure ensured that my ‘no’ was not always really a ‘no’ and could change into a ‘yes’.

Importance of our previous generations and letting go of old beliefs

Gradually I learned to set my boundaries more and to live more from what I liked. It takes hard work on yourself to make changes in your life that make you happier. Because I no longer kept the balls in the air for someone else, there was room for my own development. I asked myself: what do I want? Detached from people who were no longer on the same wavelength as me, I carefully took a step towards my wish or goal.

Fear and uncertainty

When I had the desire to take the next step in my life, the quagmire of insecurities, fear, feeling inferior, and negative beliefs pulled me down again. That meant that many times I did not let my ideas come to fruition, while the harbor was already in sight. Disappointment after disappointment caused some dreams do not come true due to fear and uncertainty.

By experiencing the peaks and valleys in life and learning from them, you will move forward. Standing still is going backward. The valleys that have strengthened me have made me realize that I, like many others, have a very powerful appearance. Despite what we have all been through and despite the fact that we have often faced it alone.

Importance of our previous generations

Through my processes, I learned how important our parents, grandparents, and ancestors are. For generations, they have left a big mark on our descendants. I had received negative assumptions, patterns, dogmas from my parents, and my parents in turn from their parents. You understand that the circle is complete because their parents also adopted all kinds of negative assumptions from their parents.

The blueprint you were given was not yours, but the generations before us. It stays in your subconscious until you break free from it. Perfectionism, insecurity and fear make you feel worthless and live in poverty. If you don’t free yourself from that, it will remain dormant in your subconscious mind, preventing you from living as who you really are!

Letting go of old beliefs

The era of struggle is over and the swamp is fading into oblivion. Maybe you still have some insecure moments and you sometimes feel loneliness or fear. Let go of those beliefs of parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Transform them. See yourself as others see you, accept your birthright and claim it back! Live in surrender and abundance, because you can be there, dear person!

I am now at the beginning of the other side of the story, out of the swamp. I realize by looking back how far I have come in my life, even though I have not achieved all my wishes and goals. I have had this part of my life and it has enriched me spiritually, matured and prepared me for what is to come. Many of my soul family have lived a damaged life or are still in the middle of it.

Now we are at the beginning of a new time full of joy, peace, trust, in harmony and in connection with our soul family. These encounters with like-minded souls increase your energy and happiness in life. You no longer have to explain anything to the other, because you are seen and heard and understood. You are lovingly carried and you feel their support. You can relax in this warm bath of love. You can now confidently start living your potential, your innate talents. To raise the energy together with your soul family to a higher plane, where peace and harmony forms a new loving society. On to the New Now, from being alone to being all-one.


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