In the depths of the valley you are where you need to be

In the depths of the valley you are where you need to be

If you are sensitive, you will undoubtedly recognize that life has ups and downs. Uphill and downhill. It may take you a while to figure this out for yourself. When I was 22 I already said to myself: ‘I accept that my life is just very intense’. I think I was too young to store that properly, I still had a long way to go. It does teach me that all wisdom is already within us if we just listen to ourselves. And that everything has its own time and pace.

But we often do something completely different, so that you sometimes go from struggle to struggle in life or that a valley suddenly overtakes you ‘just when things are going so well’‘. This is an article about the flow of the sensitive life, an article about that the valley is the place where the right thing happens for you if you look at it in a different way. And that other way I offer you with love.

If it goes just as well

You as a sensitive woman are learning in life, and want to grow and develop. And sometimes, just when things are going just as well, suddenly something happens in your life that is a bit too big. Perhaps you were still reeling from the previous experience.

Sometimes the lessons in life follow each other very quickly. Do you sometimes think ‘Can I take a breather? But who are we actually saying that to? As if the experiences are outside of us as if they happen to us. It certainly can feel that way. But do you realize what you do with yourself then? Your individuality and authority?

Your own creations

In the depths of the valley you are where you need to be

Experiences may still surprise you because you do not realize that experiences come your way from your own creation. The way you look at life, think, feel, act, and move, means that you encounter things that belong to it. The law of attraction, what you pay attention to grows, what you sow you reap. We all know these sayings, but when something happens in life that is too big or just as painful, we seem less able to take this responsibility.

Then it feels like it’s happening to us. Being responsible for what you create in your life is often emotionally confused with being guilty of what goes wrong. And that hurts because we always want to do it right. And then feeling that you are in a bit too deep a valley is not always an option. We often fight to get out

The valley is the perfect place where you don’t want to be, it feels black, dark and sometimes powerless.

The valley in a different light

Do you know what actually happens down there at the bottom of the valley? The moment you can allow that deep pain, dare to surrender to the fact that things are really not going to work for a while, then you get to the core. Then there is room for growth. Fighting the valley, fighting the pain is a denial of yourself. By surrendering and yet lying on that bottom for a while, you recognize yourself, you take yourself seriously. The fear that you won’t get out of it is often just too great to do that.

Through all the years of growth behind me and growing again at every moment, I realize that when it seems really difficult, you are almost there. That the insights come to you precisely at those moments because you are then present in your own core, as wholeness in connection with yourself, even if it still feels so far away or painful. And that being at the bottom of that valley is only temporary.

In the depths of the valley you are where you need to be

It is in that deep core where your wisdom lies hidden. Stopping fighting the pain is therefore also recognizing and embracing your own wisdom.

In this way, a completely different light comes on the valley. Literally. A valley is not all dark. The valley is exactly the place where you should be at that moment. Because you can learn something, because you can grow. Transforming from the depths of your soul to yet another level, a part of yourself that you did not know before. So you too will be in the spotlight again.

The greater the pain, the more beautiful the lesson

Just when your body protests, you literally experience physical pain, you feel sadness inside, loneliness, anger, and know that you are growing. That you are on your way to coming closer to yourself again, to connect with yourself and your own wisdom. The greater the pain, the more difficult the experience, and the more beautiful the lesson. Sometimes you only see this afterward.

When you are already close to yourself, even during a difficult experience you can feel what lesson you can learn. Those can really be moments of joy and happiness, even though you feel that you are at a low point. Being in the valley for a while in this way means that, no matter how great or painful the experience, you remain in your power. Remind yourself so you don’t forget.


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