In the heart of the silence you will find the gold you were looking for


A deep silence has arisen during the visualization. We have entered a meditative (theta) state. Magical and almost tangible is the silence that hangs in the group. She feels very pure, sacred and full. I feel loving and intensely connected with those present. Words are not necessary. Suddenly I realize: this is the silence that belongs to the soul.
Room for your soul

There comes a time on your spiritual path when everything comes to a standstill. That the need for more and better has disappeared. You recognize feelings of ‘not being good enough’ as ​​typical of your ego, which you can easily ignore.

By that time you have probably already read many spiritual books, attended courses and workshops , watched many YouTube videos and received information through other channels. And now the moment has come when you can go beyond your ego and the ego stops. There’s room for your soul.

The caterpillar that turns into a butterfly

The silence that falls after all that doing can feel strange and uncomfortable at first. If it makes you restless and doesn’t sink deeper into it, chances are you’ll get back into doing it again. However, if you have the guts to let the silence go, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The deep silence that unfolds through you is beautiful and colorful. He spreads his butterfly wings , manifesting a whole new vibration in your reality.

You experience new perspectives and the scope of your Being is so stretched that it makes you even quieter. Many spoken words suddenly sound false and impure. Thinking is experienced as noise. You almost shrink from it.You have come into deep alignment with your soul. There silence is like coming home.

Wisdom lived through

This silence nourishes your soul. Due to the absence of doing, of spoken words and an excess of activities, your soul can feel intensely what may be felt at that moment. Every nuance can be experienced to the bone, which enriches the soul. As a result, everything that may be transformed automatically transforms into lived wisdom.

The prospector has finally found the gold!

It is a silence that is characterized by an attentive and alert presence. You are not lost in thought, on the contrary, you are more alive than ever. You are in your body and you can feel the life energy, the prana, flowing through you. Although outwardly you may not look like much, you are like a prospector who has finally found a beautiful piece of gold. Gilded, grateful and intensely happy.

In the absence of sound you discover the layer that is so rich and full and so lively that you can enjoy it intensely. In the beginning, these may only be a few moments, but gradually they increase. You learn more and more often to stay with yourself, not to lose the connection with yourself in this noisy world.

You notice that you have less and less to say and very little reactive behavior. If you want to say or do something, the desire comes from within. The words you speak and the actions you perform are of a totally different vibration than before.

Silence in celebration

You don’t have to sit on your pillow all the time in lotus position to experience this silence. It can unfold to you, sometimes even when you’re in the midst of celebrations. You see all the hustle and bustle around you, but remain anchored deep within yourself. This makes the silence that is always present in you, all the more noticeable. He is only asking you to become aware of it. To pay attention to it.

Intense connection with yourself

When you dwell in this deep stillness, you experience no feelings of loneliness. On the contrary, you feel intensely connected to yourself. You feel from within that nothing outside of you can feed you in this. It’s a simple inner movement. In this you can experience attention as consciousness itself. Attention is like silence. like love. All beautiful qualities of your soul.


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