In three spiritual steps to a better world

In three spiritual steps to a better world

You see all the injustice in the world and it is close to your heart. You see people suffering in refugee camps on the news and in videos on Facebook, ranging from plastic islands in the ocean to the new president of Brazil who wants to cut down the Amazon and the horrors in war zones worldwide.

You feel the pain and want to do something. Then you hear that spiritual development means that you are not allowed to do anything. That you have to solve it yourself. All kinds of people who shout that what you focus your attention on grows and therefore no longer give their attention to suffering and injustice.

However, the opposite is true. Burying your head in the sand does not lessen the injustice. You cannot solve the problems in the world within yourself alone. An example of someone who is active both in and out of himself is the Dalai Lama who travels the world for his activism. Activism is great! The only question is; are you doing it out of fear and struggle, or out of love and compassion?

”The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein

Turn inward

In three spiritual steps to a better world

Of course, it is good to turn inward and realize yourself. However, it is only part of the story. The first step is three steps that every person should take to achieve a beautiful world together.

Because if we take a good look at the enlightened masters who are really spiritually developed, we come to interesting insights. If spirituality meant that you have to solve all suffering within yourself, as for example, the teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti taught, then the great enlightened teachers of all times would have stayed at home. The opposite is true. Krishnamurti was obviously wrong in this area.

  • For example, the Buddha preached throughout Northern India for 50 years after his Self-realization. He trained over 400 monks in his teachings and helped others wherever he could…
  • And Jesus journeyed through Israel, healing the lepers and the blind, and preaching the word of his father to whoever would hear it. He died on the cross for it…
  • The enlightened Cathar priests traveled in pairs through the Langue d’Oc, preaching the true faith wherever they could. They helped the poor, the sick, and the dying everywhere they went…
  • Paramahansa Yogananda, at the request of his teacher Sri Yukteswar, settled in America and started a commune to mark the entrance of the new time of connection and love, the Dwapara Yuga, in the West as well…
  • OSHO did the same, building a commune of 10,000 people in Oregon and even getting involved in American politics…
  • The enlightened Advaita Vedanta teacher Sri Nisagadata Maharaj taught daily from a home in Mumbai. People from all over the world came to him.
  • Zen master Thich Nath Hahn was appointed by Martin Luther King Jr. and nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his activist work surrounding the Vietnam War.
  • The Dalai Lama even won the Nobel Peace Prize and is committed every day to his three focal points: 1. Humanity as one, 2. Religious harmony and 3. The freedom of Tibet…
  • Arvol Looking Horse, the spiritual leader of the Sioux Indians in North America, helps his people in their fight against American oppression wherever he can…
  • The Tibetan/French monk Matthieu Ricard has a foundation with which he feeds tens of thousands of children in Nepal and India and helps them go to school…

How does this information rhyme with turning inward and not going out into the world? The great teachers went and go out. What’s really going on?

The reality is that turning inward is only step 1 of 3.

There is much misery going on in the world. Human trafficking, war, factory farming, tribal oppression, animal species extinction, forced prostitution, and the power of the forces behind Big Bank, Big Pharma, and Big Oil. Refugee camps, deforestation, pollution of oceans and air. Many people are annoyed by green and yellow.

All that suffering in the world hurts them. Humans are pain-avoiding creatures and don’t want to feel that pain. Then there are two options to deal with that; Flights and Fights.

In three spiritual steps to a better world

  1. Flee: Hide from the pain and pretend it isn’t there. Many people follow this strategy and live their own lives. They do watch the news and read newspapers, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Subtle guilt is bought off with donations to so-called charities.
  2. Fighting: Fight, rise the barricades, and spring into action. These people stand up for the suffering of the earth, nature, and humanity. They join protest marches, sign petitions, and shout on Facebook. However, they do this out of their own pain and struggle, their own anger, and out of fear that things will go wrong.

And that’s where something goes wrong. If you fight against injustice in the world out of pain and fear, you contribute to it. Then you make it worse… An enormous paradox, I know, but you give it energy.

It’s not for nothing that Mother Teresa said that we should protest not against war, but for peace. What she wanted to say is that you go out into the world with love, compassion, and wisdom to expose injustice and suffering. Not out of pain and anger. For that, you first have work to do yourself. It is very important that before you start doing activist work in the world, you first work on your own self-realization.

Step 1: Enter

Step 1 is to go in and:

  • Restore your contact with the source
  • Illuminate the darkness within you
  • Solve your pain pieces
  • Clearing out your anger, fear, and hatred
  • Letting go of your lower personality, your body, and your urges
  • Open yourself to all that is, without judgment
  • Developing your compassion, wisdom, and love

When you have done that, you can start asking awareness of the injustice in the world from purity. Darkness is the opposite of light. Consciousness transcends both. Consciousness is the ultimate cure for all the suffering on our planet.

There are two more steps you may take after this step. My message in this article is that you take the following three steps if you want to make the world a little more beautiful:

  1. Work on your own self-realization
  2. Inspire others to work on their own self-realization
  3. Enter the world as a Bodhisatva and create awareness of suffering from love and compassion

Imagine if we all followed in the footsteps of Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and the many others who followed this path…

Imagine that we would create awareness of the injustice and suffering in the world among as many people as possible out of love and compassion…

Then the world would be a different place in a very short time…

If you can create awareness from that love for the suffering in the world. By drawing attention to the injustice and pain of so many in a positive, hate-free way, you can make a difference on a scale you never thought possible.

What you focus on grows, so it is essential that you focus on solving problems. Creating awareness.

If your mission is to create awareness, you can truly end injustice.

Take slavery in North America as an example. Because a small group of people began to see that things really couldn’t go on like this and demanded active awareness from others about the problem and a large social movement started, slavery was eventually abolished.

Apartheid in South Africa was brought to a successful conclusion by Nelson Mandela with love, compassion, and awareness.

The Negro rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. and others protested nonviolently and worked out of love rather than haste. They evoked awareness of people all over the world, with fantastic results.

In three spiritual steps to a better world

The Bodhisatva principle is found in Tibetan Buddhism. Bodhisatvas are enlightened masters who choose to remain in the wheel of birth and rebirth (samsara) until all mankind is enlightened. They thereby postpone their own full enlightenment for the good of others. Something that is seen as the ultimate compassion.

Suppose we all went out into the world as Bodhisatvas. Then there would be an end to the suffering, strife, and injustice on earth. Just like with Slavery in America and Apartheid in South Africa.

Because a big difference between the aforementioned masters and us is that most of them lived before 2012 and we do after 2012. Since that year a new time has really started.

We live in that new time:

The Aquarian consciousness, Dwapara, the age of wisdom, compassion, and giving. It is easier than ever in the past 13000 years to realize yourself.

It is not for nothing that so many people are awakening at this time. For the past millennia, humanity had a blueprint of suffering. That suffering was necessary for the soul to work through karma.

But that time has passed. Since 2012, humanity no longer has a blueprint. We determine it ourselves. Where it used to take countless lives to transform a karmic piece, now it can be done in a week, a day, an hour. Provided you know the right methods.

Since 2012 there is a New Earth. In Latin: Terra Nova. Earth on which humanity lives together in connection, love, and compassion and is in balance with all other visible and invisible life forms on earth.

The role of lightworkers is to serve humanity in this collective awakening process. It is essential that lightworkers first turn inward and develop themselves before going out into the world to do their work. Like the Cathar priests first sat in a cave for 3 years, before they were allowed to do their work in the world.

Suffering is no longer necessary at this time. Therefore, first, free yourself from suffering.

Then inspire others to do the same with your presence, words, and deeds.

And then commit yourself as a Bodhisatva to transform the suffering of all living things.

Transform yourself, transform the world. For now and for the next seven generations.

In love, light, and consciousness.


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