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Indigo, Crystal or both?

We can carry both energies with us and often do

I get a lot of emails asking ” what is someone “, Indigo, Crystal or both? Sometimes they feel the indigo motivation and frustration and other times the empathy, sensitivity, and intuition of a Crystal.

There is a lot of confusion about what someone is. Can they be both and how do they express the best aspects of these energies? We can carry both energies with us and often do, and one energy can be more dominant than the other.

Both contribute to our purpose in their own unique way and we use these energies in the best way when our focus is less on which to express than on how best to use both.

How much of each energy you have or what you are is less important than knowing this is who you are. The next step is to use this information to understand your limitations/limits and strengths, what’s holding you back, and what moves you forward. is tempting to cling to the labels, but they will limit your ability to use the energy.

Instead, remember that with these energies you are part of a generation that has come to transform the world, to do something great, and to help the world and humanity move in a new direction. And those big things cost a lot of energy.

mature Indigo-Crystal
Remember that many mature Indigo and Crystals have both energies

With Indigo energy you can identify a problem, get frustrated enough to want to change it and create the momentum to do so.

With crystal energy you can understand how people feel because of your strong empathic gift and the intuitive knowing to see the outcome of different efforts and knowing when to act and when to be quiet, something that Indigo often lack.

Each energy has different strengths that we can use extensively to follow our passion, to express our gifts and to influence the world in our unique way.

Use the information you have about your energies to give yourself peace and understanding, to help you move in the direction you need to go, but don’t let it limit you into thinking you don’t have certain skills because they fall into those of the world. Indigo and you feel more like a crystal child/crystal adult, or vice versa.

Remember that many mature Indigo and Crystals both have energies in varying degrees because we needed as much as possible to bring the changes to the world. Whatever energy you have, they are the right ones for you and what you came here to do.

Use the information as a stepping stone to a much greater reality, that we are all working together to create. For ourselves, the world and humanity as well as for the new generations of new energies on Earth.


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