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Indigo mothers, mothers of the new crystal generations

As the Indigo generation has come to us to make us aware of the transformation we need to make with the energies here, they have also come to change many of the paradigms that have been the norm for generations.

This also applies to the way we raise our children, what is expected of the parents and how parents and children interact with each other. Recently I wrote about how Indigo fathers are changing the ways they interact with their children, how they are more involved in parenting than any generation before them. This also applies to indigo mothers.

Some indigo mothers tell me that they are not sure whether they are ‘good’ mothers or not because they do it so differently than their mothers did.

They are less involved in the practicalities of parenting such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and home maintenance and more interested in ensuring that their children have good social skills, are confident and are able to express their gifts. discover and learn to think for themselves.

Because this new style of parenting is so different and introduced quickly, moms who don’t feel the need to explore the domestic side of motherhood can feel a little lost and undecided.

But as Indigos, they will connect with their children from a different perspective, guiding them through their doubts and confusion, their feelings of being different and lonely , and teaching them to be independent and have confidence in themselves.

I always encourage them to do what they feel is best for their children . Indigos bring into the world the new generations of Crystal and higher vibrating children and these children need more from their mothers than someone to make their lunch and teach them how to make their bed.

They need guidance and encouragement at a soul level and Indigos are the best people to give it to. So while it is quite important to teach a child how to make a bed, there is greater value in raising children who know who they are, use their talents and are confident in their abilities.


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