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Indigo test. 25 Questions That Tell You If You’re Indigo.

The term ” Indigo Child ” comes from the American parapsychologist Nancy Ann Tappe, who suffers from a phenomenon called  Synesthesia and who thereby ranked people’s personalities according to the hue of their energy,
but later became known worldwide through the book ”  The Indigo “. -Children, A New Generation Arrives, by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober. An Indigo test has been derived from this world-famous book, which consists of 25 questions and can be found later in this article.

Lee Carroll & Jan Tober described indigo children and indigo adults in their book with the following characteristics:

Characteristics and properties of the Indigo

  • They are born with a sense of royalty (and often do);
  • They feel they “deserve to be there” and are often surprised when others don’t share;
  • They often tell the parents “who they are”;
  • They have problems with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice);
  • They refuse to do certain things; for example waiting in a line;
  • They become frustrated with systems that are ritually set and do not require creative input;
  • They often see how things can be done better, at school and at home. This often makes them seem like system breakers (not conforming to any system);
  • They often appear antisocial, except when interacting with other Indigos. When no one is around to understand their consciousness, they often withdraw, feeling as if no one understands them (using a computer or watching TV is another example of this). School is often very difficult for them socially;
  • They don’t respond to “guilt” discipline (just wait for your father to come home);
  • They are not ashamed to let you know what they want.

Indigo children are also New Age children like the crystal children but have a different energy.

indigo test
The first book about the indigo children

The Indigo test, 25 questions :

Now take the indigo test here. The answers you can give are yes, no or maybe. Memorize or write down the number of times yes, no, maybe. The “result” of this indigo test can be found below!

  1. Are you smart? even though you may not be getting high grades in school?
  2. Are you creative and enjoy making things?
  3. do you always need to know why, especially when you are asked to do something?
  4. Do you hate routine, monotonous work, meaningless work, etc?
  5. Do you tend to want to rebel against authority, at work or at school?
  6. Have you ever experienced existential depression, felt helpless, or despair in life – not knowing who you are, why you are here, or being able to do what you came here to do?
  7. Do you struggle with service-oriented jobs? Do you tend to resist the structured authority and caste systems commonly found in most businesses and organizations?
  8. Would you rather work in a leadership position? Do you prefer to work alone instead of in a team?
  9. Do you have deep empathy and compassion for others – but at the same time, can’t stand stupidity, ignorance, or intolerance in others?
  10. Are you either extremely emotionally sensitive (even the smallest things can affect you) – or are you detached and feel/show no emotion at all?
  11. Do you have problems with anger?
  12. Do you have problems with the systems that you feel are “broken”, lack integrity, or ineffective (political, educational, religious, medical, legal, etc.)?
  13. Do you feel alienated or frustrated when it comes to politics? Like if your vote won’t count, or if it won’t matter?
  14. Do you have the house-tree-beast wish? A 9-to-5 job, marriage, nice house with white fence, 2 kids, a car in the driveway, etc…
  15. Do you feel anger that your rights are being taken away, or do you fear that “Big Brother” is watching?
  16. Do you have a burning desire to change the world for a better one…even if you’re not sure what to do or how to get started?
  17. Have you shown an interest in the spiritual or paranormal from a young age?
  18. Do you feel that you are “not from here” – that your “home” is somewhere else, although you find it difficult to define where it is, or what it is “home” is like?
  19. Do you have a strong intuition?
  20. Do you have trouble concentrating on prescribed tasks, do you have a lot of conversations, or have you been diagnosed as AD(H)D’r ?
  21. Have you had any paranormal experiences , such as seeing angels/ spirits , having strong premonitions, out-of-body experiences, supernatural healing, seeing and/or reading auras, etc?
  22. Have you noticed that you often had interference in electrical appliances around you? Like with watches or lights that go on and off when you walk by?
  23. Are you aware of other dimensions, parallel realities, or alternate timelines?
  24. Are you very expressive and inventive in your sexuality or have you rejected it out of boredom, or with the intention of reaching a higher spiritual connection? Have you wanted to explore alternative forms of sexuality?
  25. Are you looking for meaning and a higher purpose in life? Do you feel that there must be more to this life – and do you feel a strong desire to find and experience this higher plane of existence? Are you trying to understand the world and trying to learn as much as you can about and people and in general?

The results of the Indigo test:

If you answered YES to most (=more than 13 questions) you could very well be an Indigo child or adult.

I’m not going to name a percentage because I think it’s about whether you hear from the inside whether you are an indigo. It is not for nothing that you do the test on this website, namely….Listen to your heart; it has known that for a long time.

I can’t imagine letting a percentage tell you you’re not indigo if you are.

The more than 13 questions yes is a nice guideline, but all New Age children are unique. Please never let an indigo test or anyone else tell you who you are!!!!

All right, you took the indigo test and you’re an indigo, now what?

That will be different for every indigo, in my experience. One wants to meet other new-age children and adults, the other wants to rest for a while to come to themselves, others start reading like crazy, still others start doing the things they have felt for a while they want to do like others help , on vacation and so on. What would you most like to do right now? just feel…

For many, the path of awareness has been a long one, sometimes a painful one (not everyone sees you for who you are, and that can lead to (misunderstood) anger and loneliness .). Others have become aware very quickly, and have been less bothered by it.

What I think is important to know that you are not alone and that it is valuable to meet other new age children. In addition, most of the answers to the questions you have will come from within, otherwise they will come to you naturally. (really)

New age children have a mission not only as a group, but also as individuals. Many New Age children have the feeling that they are on earth to do something important, but often do not yet know where that feeling comes from, or have lost that feeling along the way.

Because the New Age children are so connected as souls to the assignment they have here on earth, it is essential for them to stay in touch with it, because if they don’t feel that connection, they feel displaced. They often need help to start feeling that connection again. In general, the current generation of new age children are beginning to recognize their soul mission at a younger age than the older generations, such as mine.

Absolutely important to know is:

Indigos are so sensitive that they pick up on another person’s emotions flawlessly, but also absorb the negative emotions and energy into their system that can leave them feeling tired and exhausted. It is important that you learn to shield andprotect! Being well grounded is really important!

Being Indigo is a choice you made before you were born! You are a unique and special person, and you will feel that in a healthy way more and more, if you don’t feel it now.. If you do feel it already, congratulations!

You are a person of great inner strength and conviction!

So by “feeling special in a healthy way” I mean:

  • Without arrogance or haughtiness,
  • Without thinking or feeling that you are better than others.
  • Without putting yourself on a pedestal, or having yourself put on it.
  • Without looking down on people or the world.

We are all special and unique. Everyone has their own gifts and mission to fulfill in this life. Those of indigos are often different, but therefore no more or better. We are all of the human race. Each of us is an extraordinary expression of the divine.

So I’m not writing that indigos are more or better than others! Putting Indigo children on a pedestal is not the intention of this piece. They are ordinary children/people who must balance their admittedly wise knowledge of an old soul with the emotional growth of any other child and adult.


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