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Indigos and Shame

pillory shameIf you’re an adult Indigo of the age group referred to as “baby boomers,” your parents probably used shame to teach you important life lessons.
This could be in the form of threats of humiliation, which made you feel that if you didn’t do what they wanted or thought would be best for you, they didn’t love you or would embarrass you when you did something ‘wrong’.

This shame may have taken you to other areas of your life and your fear of being shamed prevents you from making decisions, drives you to procrastinate, fails to complete projects and finds it difficult to move forward.

When I was five years old I went through a short period of nail biting. I’m not sure why I did it or how it started, but I do know how I stopped. My mother threatened to show my neatly trimmed nails to everyone in my kindergarten class.

I immediately stopped biting my nails. The shame worked, but had long-lasting effects. Shortly after, I became very ill and was hospitalized paralyzed, which lasted for months. I asked myself years later if this was another aspect of the limitations I’ve created in my life based on the shame I’ve experienced.

The Indigo energy can be very self-critical and when Indigos are subjugated through shame they recognize it as confirmation of their inability to be accepted for who they are.

Indigo parents have gone out of their way to raise their children differently but still have to deal with their own experiences of shame, which can undermine their self-confidence and make it difficult to create satisfaction in their lives.

Shame can be healed and overcome, just like any other energy we have absorbed. It requires intention and focus and doing this will free us from the limitations we have created from our experiences of shame. I know our parents meant well and this is what they thought was best for us.

Instead of spending time on regret, we can heal and let go of the shame to move forward. We can also be grateful that we have raised our children differently, providing them with support and trust. Indigos should not be subdued using shame, but should be sustained in the energy of success, which is always an option, for them and for you.


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