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Indigos and Their Parents

educate_indigokindI have written a lot about raising Indigo children and it is time to look at the relationship Indigo children have with their parents.We know how difficult it can be to raise Indigo children, especially in the teenage years.

Although we try to be kind, honest and understanding, there is a time when they are not receptive to anything we do. It is best to let them go their own way and sort out their own problems until they are ready and reconciled with us.

Other Indigo children do not behave in this way, they are loving and appreciate our efforts and willingly commit, communicate and learn from us. Understanding these differences will help in dealing with your indigo child.

A group of Indigos represents a tricky, difficult aspect of the Indigo energy. They are the ones who are difficult to educate. They take offense at you as a parent everywhere, and they challenge us in every way.

They do the exact opposite of what you tell or advise them and create so many problems for themselves. They resist our efforts to help them. They see us as the embodiment of what they come to change and use or see us as their experiment. What can we do?

Until they change, we can do nothing but support and love them by giving them space. They must decide not to fight the world through us anymore and learn to find a more peaceful and balanced solution. The other group represents a more relaxed and balanced aspect of the Indigo energy. They are amiable, open to suggestions and see us as a guide.

In some situations they are more like parents or friends and everyone gets along with them. They do not fight us by resisting our efforts to help them and are receptive to cooperating with us.

If you have this type of Indigo, you have a wonderful partnership that is open and loving. Indigos who express this energy are wonderful to be with and they express the best of their energy without going through difficult years and experiences. Some of you may wonder why a difficult Indigo chose you as parents and if you could have chosen an easier child.

Your difficult Indigo has chosen you because they need to learn about unconditional love and they test you until they feel they understand. The good news is that they are calming down.You can then have a relationship with them that is not marked by endless discussions and disagreements.

indigo boyWhen will this happen? When they are ready. Love them at a distance (eg give them space) and remember that you are their teacher and healer. You are on their path for a reason that you may not understand now.

But you will eventually understand when they come back to you and are ready to enter into a relationship with you that is loving, respectful, and appreciative of the love you have for them.


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