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Indigos and working for healing

A frustrating aspect of the Indigos is that they have to work towards healing, but hardly recognize it. When we bring up the subject, they stop listening, turn away, or are just angry. And yet we know that their energies are out of balance, they don’t know how to work with their powers, they are angry and scared and maybe even depressed.

If they don’t ask for help and don’t want to hear us when we try to help, what do we do? I have found that presenting the discussion in the right way gets their attention and interest.Sometimes indigo children go through a lot of pain before they are open to listening to another perspective. It’s hard to step aside and let them suffer through things we know they can avoid, but this is also part of their path.

This is one of my greatest tests, as the parent of Indigo, watching them suffer and waiting for them to invite me into their healing journey. Until they were willing to work with me, they wouldn’t listen to what I had to say.

Then, if we could talk about their problems, we would never talk about the problems. We talked about a lot of other things, their hopes, dreams, frustrations and joys. We talked about choices, mostly in terms of other people and what they did.

It was easier for them to talk about someone else’s experiences and find the parallels in their own lives (in secret). In these conversations was never accused or criticized, there was no judgment about them or what they did. They knew what they were doing and what it felt like, they don’t need me to tell them that!

The request for help was often disguised in another discussion, and paying attention to what was said between the lines is important. A casual question can hide an important request for help. So learn to listen to everything your Indigo tells you and more importantly, watch them as they tell.

There are many clues about what they want in what they do. When my kids followed me around the house, I knew they wanted to talk. And remember that you are their parents because they needed you, your wisdom and experience, and the compassion, understanding and love you have for them.


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