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Indigos – Why Is Life So Hard?

Why is life so difficult?

Do not you find it interesting that most religions on your planet consider you born dirty? It’s a weird attitude for a being of divine creation, isn’t it?

Does it even sound reasonable that you were born into a spiritual system where you had no chance when you arrived because of something that happened centuries ago before you came here? Does this really sound like “being created in the image of God?”

Isn’t it true that all over the world there are non-spiritual big industries that spend big resources to help the People out of their hole of self-doubt? You can call it a self-help industry.

Why would this even exist if you came here on this planet with good, balanced self-esteem? The reason? The self-esteem you possess was given to you according to the appropriate energy of the balance of light and dark on the planet when you were born.

As the dark energy of the planet vibrates faster, this planetary dark/light balance has changed. Let me give you information that makes sense:

There is a newly created energy on the planet that began in 1987, and will end in 2012. This is the 25-year energy framework that you work with. You were born into the older energy. That’s why your self-esteem attribute is at half-mast. But for the people who are born now, this is not the case at all.

Who am I talking about? The new kids! We called them Indigos. Some have called them Crystallines. Some call them the Children of the New Earth, children of the new Millennium, the New Children. Call them what you want.

Everyone notices, doesn’t it? The kids are different! They have arrived with an operating self-esteem department. Their flag of self-esteem is flying high and proud.

What happens when you take a child with high self-esteem and put it at half mast with adults? Do the children seem a bit quirky? Maybe it’s because they know who they are! Has a child ever looked at you curiously and could you see in his/her eyes that he/she was wondering, “Why are you like that?”

It is one consciousness looking at another! It’s an operating balance coming in, looking at a balance that came in into an old energy of uncertainty and doubt. They are your children right now, which makes it worse. These kids don’t want to be difficult! But to you, who never had the trait of self-balanced self-esteem, they seem dominant.

~Kryon, Book Ten, pg. 234~


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