Inner child | in touch with yourself

Inner child | in touch with yourself
Everyone has an inner child that needs love, acceptance, and inner peace. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Women are a little vulnerable girl deep down inside. And that girl needs help sometimes. Or want to be heard. Even if you are a modern and independent woman. Listen to what that little girl needs. Men have a little boy in them. That little boy craves warmth and affection. No matter how macho they behave. They better not ignore that little boy.

Heal your inner child

Every age you have had is still in your consciousness and memory. As a child, you tended to think it was your fault if something went wrong and you were punished for it, or if you wanted something but didn’t get it. Is it recognizable that your inner child starts to think: “I am not good enough” or “something is wrong with me”? And as we get older, we reject certain parts of ourselves.

Bach flowers help to make ourselves and our inner child whole again. But also to accept all the parts we have in ourselves.

  • The blunders we’ve made.
  • The part that seemed so weird.
  • The part that was embarrassing.
  • The part that has felt abandoned.

“Everyone has an inner child. Since the inner child is part of us, it allows us to love ourselves more and thus experience more happiness in life”.

Our Inner Parents

Inner child | in touch with yourself

Besides our inner child, we also have our inner parents. Are these parents still nagging you much of the time? Of course, you don’t want this inner dialogue that you hear in your head. The little voice that says what you are doing wrong and what is wrong with you. You can tackle this habit of criticizing yourself and getting inner peace with Bach Flower White Chestnut .

As adults, we ignore or criticize our inner child in the same way that we have criticized ourselves. You can use some Chicory here. For HSPs in particular, the criticism hits hard because of the sensitivity. Use Walnut to protect yourself. And learn to listen to your own feelings with Centaury.

According to writer John Bradshaw, when we grow up we carry 25,000 hours of recordings with our parents’ voices with us! Check for yourself how many positive things those voices say. Like that you are fantastic, that you are not a poser, and that you have beautiful qualities. Are you able to make your life what you want to make it?

“The awareness of our own child also helps us to admit the anger we feel at what has been done to us in the past. When we have completely let that anger in, we are ready for the next step: forgiveness.”

If you say you are afraid, the child in you is afraid.

Inner child | in touch with yourself

The adult is not actually afraid, but the adult is not there for the child. When the inner parent and child start a relationship, talking about everything you do sounds weird, but it works.

Tell the child that you will never let him down no matter what. That you will always be there and always love him/her. Make positive affirmations for yourself. Such as: “I’m safe” or “I’m honest” or “I can do it” or “I choose who I want to hang out with” and especially “I love myself”.

Inner peace, inner joy

If you want more fun in your life, connect with your inner child and with your spontaneity and joy. For example, do you ever have a chuckle?


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