Inner Child & Trauma: The Seven Gates to Healing

Inner Child & Trauma: The Seven Gates to Healing
The inner child in your relationship can nag, control, take in and manipulate. But your inner child can also give you strength and vitality. How can you embrace and heal your inner child? This article shows you the seven gates to the healing of your inner child and the grim guardians that stand in front of them.

How does the inner child function? How can we heal ourselves? What does it need in the relationship? Which aspects can finally be activated? It takes a lot of love, understanding, compassion, and strength to give your and your partner’s inner child a good place, especially when you hit each other in the same places over and over. To hit, that is, to wage cold or heated war against each other on the same subjects over and over again!

In this article, I show the signs of the sacred journey of love. During this journey, we will come across seven gates through which we must pass. Each of these seven gates has a grim watchman, who wants to be conquered – but it’s worth it. Let’s go together, together we can do it. Perhaps you are very relaxed strolling through the first gate and wondering what I really want to tell you. But suddenly you are in front of the fourth gate and you do not know how to master the (inner child)… I am very much looking forward to being able to pick you up there.

The Seven Gates to Healing Your Inner Child

Inner Child & Trauma: The Seven Gates to Healing
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The first gate: acknowledging what’s going on

In front of the first gate is the dark dragon Denial. You are stuck in a pattern, and you get caught up in conflicting feelings. Becoming aware of this requires a great step out of the flight, attack, or freeze situation. We must if we really want to go through the first gate, be very honest with ourselves, look inward where it hurts, even where the shame comes from.

The second gate: radical personal responsibility

In front of the second gate is the dark dragon Victim Scroll. The second gate is about the tendency toward pain avoidance and thereby recognizing the victim’s attitude and taking responsibility for being caught in a role at such a moment and therefore reacting inappropriately (overly sensitive and unruly or with excessive care until checking). By being aware of it and taking responsibility for it, you have come closer to yourself again, even if you can’t change it yet.

The Third Gate: Non-Aggression Pact

Inner Child & Trauma: The Seven Gates to Healing

In front of the third gate is the dark dragon Revenge. It seems easy to get through this gate. Of course, we like to oblige ourselves not to attack the other. But it is actually very difficult for people involved in psychology and spirituality to recognize the dragon of revenge. Seeing your anger as an expression of your will to live probably conflicts with your self-image, especially if you’ve been “working on yourself” for a long time.

The Fourth Gate: True Regret and the Request for Forgiveness

In front of the fourth gate is the dark dragon Shame. Why is a gate needed for this self-evidence? Because our brains – I can’t say it often enough – try to protect us from pain and unpleasant experiences. But what can you do for your inner child and for yourself when forgiveness doesn’t work? What is the meaning of forgiveness, and what do we expect from it? What is forgiveness for? The answer is, that we finally want to experience inner peace.

The fifth gate: making clear agreements

In front of the fifth gate is the dark dragon Irresponsibility. This portal invites you to explore whether you actually have any idea of ​​the relationship you have and whether you desire the same with each other and of each other. If not, find solutions by talking very clearly and honestly with each other. This gate also calls you to make unambiguous agreements with each other.

The sixth gate: making amends and accepting that the other person makes up for it

In front of the sixth gate stands the dark dragon Refusal By Pride. Do not blame each other for what has happened, but leave it behind – that is the purpose of the liquidation after all. Refrain from exercising the power you thought you had by the injustice done and accept the liquidation.

The seventh gate: the happiness of the inner child

Inner Child & Trauma: The Seven Gates to Healing

In front of the seventh and final gate stands the dark dragon Fear Of Dependence.

The dragons that wanted to prevent you from passing through the previous gates have been liberated and have become clear and light. Why did they refuse you entry, what was the purpose of the dark dragons? Well, we’ve talked about pain avoidance, that’s one reason, but there’s another. Like all self-respecting dragons, these dragons guard a treasure. This treasure is yours when you pass through the final gate: the mutual healing of your inner children.


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