Inner child: what is the message of your pain?

Inner child: what is the message of your pain?
There she is, right in front of you. In full uniform and fully present. Not much room for anything else, let alone for you. The whole space is filled and you can’t help but look at it, listen to it, and react to it. By the way, it will continue until you do respond if you had chosen to ignore it. She does not accept ignoring, she wants to be seen and heard. Whatever you think of that.
So jump into the action, because when she shows up and you wouldn’t do anything, you feel guilty, by the way. She will also do her best to make you feel that way. You are going to act, it must be resolved. Because that’s what she does. The problem is right in front of you and it needs to be solved.

You’ve gotten really good at it now. One problem has not yet been solved or the next one sometimes presents itself. But it’s up to you. You know how to wash these pigs. Every time again. Until you get tired of it and don’t understand that no matter what you do every time and no matter what you try, the problems keep coming back. How would you like to take a look behind the problem, and why does it keep cropping up. Which can. And I will gladly explain to you how.

The problem itself is not the problem

Inner child: what is the message of your pain?

Almost every day you encounter a problem in your life. Or rather, a challenge. But before you can see them as challenges, they mostly feel like annoying problems. They often come unexpectedly and often unsolicited, thundering into your life. The little problems sometimes come unseen and insidiously and in little bits, or have been lurking for a while.

The tendency you have, along with many others, is to take the problem seriously. Especially when it concerns your child. So you get into it and see how you can fix something as quickly as possible because you can’t wait for the pain that the problem brings with it. It also often prevents you from doing what you want to do. Let alone that you see it in your child. You don’t want that at all. So hop, eliminate that trade, get out with it.

It would be nice if it works that way, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In fact, your problem is not served by this and will come back, Because you have not learned the lesson behind the problem. You never solve a problem on the level on which it manifests itself, but always on the deeper layer below. So the problem you have in front of you is never the real problem.

The problem is never alone

Your problem does not come alone. She always carries a message. Difficult to see for the novice. It’s hiding behind the problem. So it takes some practice to be able to look behind the problem so that you can see the message. When you dare to see the message, the problem softens. She becomes calm, feels understood, and no longer has to try so hard. Problem leaves the building, and challenge and growth are in front of you because that is what the message entails. The message is there for you to grow. To become what you are meant to be.

Someone is behind the problem

Inner child: what is the message of your pain?

You become what you are meant to be by looking at the message that the problem entails. What makes you experience this? Which theme is always present in the challenges you face? Do you want to let go of something or do you want to connect? The problems you will then face will be about that. A friend who gives you feedback, your partner who indicates that he is no longer happy or a colleague who indicates that he is not aware of you. The message behind it is always about what you have to learn in the here and now, your soul theme. The pain that is touched by this is about what you experienced yourself as a child.

There is therefore something hidden behind the problem. That is your own inner child. She’s waiting for you to see her, for you to see what she needs. She is the message behind the problem.

From problem to self-love

When you can see your inner child in all the challenges you face in your life, you are already very close to self-love. When you can then give yourself what you need, then you are at self-love. For that is the whole purpose of problems and challenges in your path. To grow and arrive at your own pure self.

Inner child: what is the message of your pain?

When you dare to see why you are going through what you are going through and dare to feel the pain you felt as a child and keep coming back until you can give yourself what you need, then your inner child doesn’t have to knock so hard at your door and come in. to rush with teaching materials until you learn it. Taking a look behind the problem is therefore nothing more than seeing yourself. Taking on challenges in your life at this deep level leads to self-love and strength that allows you to handle all challenges that come your way. Hand in hand with your inner child.

Right to your core

Are you not very good at looking behind the problem and discovering the message? In a short online (free) session we go straight to your core and you know what the message is in what you are experiencing. You discover what you need and what you have to do.


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