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Inner Liberation-New Moon October 9 #astrology

This is the description of the energy of the new Moon of October 9, 2018 and of the liberation from the dominance of the masculine. In this article you can read about freedom, struggle, breaking down walls, love, liberating your human angel, collective liberation from the dominant male and pharmacy and dividend tax.

closed doors

For the last time this year, Mars is in the black Moon channel in Aquarius. This astrological position was current from early April to mid-May and from late July to late October. At a rapid pace we are made aware of how our masculine strength, decisiveness, aggression, struggle functions and invited to appear in life in its purest form. From the pure form, we can view closed doors, such as rejection, as clues from the universe that this path is not for you. Instead of fighting to stay where you don’t really flow. No is really no here.

right path

Can you listen to what your anger has to say? The pain of rejection being touched may be felt. (black Moon in Aquarius conjunct Mars and South Moon in 5th house.) So that you choose the right path, where you function optimally. The heart can then flow through and then you can see what the real message is and what is really happening. (Venus in Scorpio square Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Diamond) (Venus sextile Mars).

pure love

Pure love stripped or all manipulation connects and sets free. Free from inappropriate social behavior and distorted love, which traps you in victimhood and invokes inner anger and harshness from the inner warrior to free yourself from the situation. This is the battle between the inner man and woman. (new moon in Libra).Inner-Liberation-New Moon-9-October

Free your Angel Consciousness

This new Moon with Venus in Scorpio (Sextile Mars in Aquarius along with the black Moon), can liberate our Angel who has become earthbound and spreads unconditional love and compassion, making the intensely intense situations bearable. But this Angel is not at home here and can no longer ‘fly’ himself. At this time we as human beings open our new energetic multi-dimensional vessel and can share all Higher Self in this new oneness with the multi-dimensional cosmic Heart as the center. The earthbound Angel Consciousness can return home to its own dimension and then integrate again in the new way.

Integrate solar activity

Inner Liberation-New Moon October 9With the online activation & meditation that I organize every new and full Moon, this new energy body is being built from within. This is part of my contribution to the whole. With this energy body active, you can more easily integrate the violent electromagnetic shifts (solar storm, solar flares, Schumann resonance, etc.), without losing balance. As we progress in our development, we become more and more accustomed to the intense light and consciousness impulses that are entering the Earth and clearing our DNA and opening consciousness.


Also in the collective we see a deep awareness of the cosmic octave of Mars. It is also at this level about the liberation from the dominance of the masculine in our collective. Consciousness wants to flow through in daily life, no longer from opposition and from aggression, but purely from consciousness and from there to be able to act in a liberating way. More attention is being paid to the system that traps us and that new rules are needed to regulate the system. An example of this was shown in a broadcast of Backlight last week. In which the trade and conduct of the Pharmacy through the courts will now be tackled and will be made even more visible. Their skyrocketing profits are putting the health care system in a bind.

The Netherlands Liberates

Another example is the abandonment of the dividend tax by our Prime Minister Rutte . The differences between rich and poor became enormously visible with the proposal to abolish the dividend tax as a binding agent and advantage for large multinationals, while ‘the ordinary man/woman’ has not received an increase in wages for years. This is a correction for the Netherlands in its function as a tax haven and ego-oriented backroom politics. (Horoscope Netherlands: Survival Point/Priapus in Leo 3rd house and Chiron in Pisces 10th house.) Because the core quality of the Netherlands has an activation this year, we can expect more such actions.The awareness and transparent governance that promote freedom are gaining momentum.Inner Liberation-New Moon October 9

Real freedom

We break down the walls that are collectively present in the system the fastest by doing our homework and liberating yourself inwardly and thereby in life. As humans we learn to follow our own path and use our consciousness. (North Node in Leo conjunct Priapus opposition sw. Moon and Mars in Aquarius.) And to live where the current takes us from the Mastery of Oneness (Cheiron in Pisces). Closed doors are signals and by experiencing the pain of rejection you break down the inner wall of pain and aggression and you free yourself, also from victimhood. True freedom to move freely through life and meet open doors that flow with you, that’s your reward. Do you allow yourself that freedom, can you handle it?


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