Inner seasons: do you feel winter, spring, summer or autumn inside?

Inner seasons: do you feel winter, spring, summer or autumn inside?

You read it everywhere at the moment, winter is a time of deepening, stillness, reflection, and rest. That is true. Only it is not because it is winter in nature at the moment, that it is also winter in yourself. Perhaps you are in a completely different inner season, such as summer. In which you are called to take action, put your ideas into practice and focus on the outside world. So a big difference! How can you know which inner season you are currently in? You can read that in this blog.

Inner Seasons

Your Inner Winter

Your inner winter follows a phase in which you have suffered (much) loss. This loss can be situated in different areas of life: loss of a role, a job, a loved one, a place of residence, an ideal image, a self-image, a relationship, your health, etc. In addition to pain, the loss is mainly accompanied by uncertainty. You know what you’ve said goodbye to, but you don’t know yet what will take its place.

It is the phase in which you no longer know it all and your zest for life and energy is at a very low level. For example, my past winter phase gave me the strong feeling that I had relapsed into burnout.

Inner seasons: do you feel winter, spring, summer or autumn inside?

Your Inner Spring

Just like in nature, after winter always follows spring. Your inner spring is characterized by new desires, ideas, and insights. You feel inspired to do something. The uncertainty disappears and a sense of direction takes its place.

After the loss, the new gradually becomes visible. You make decisions, make decisions and prepare to find a new partner, job, place to live… or to make your dream come true.

You feel reborn and live with joyful expectations. The renewed version of yourself emerges, which is occasionally accompanied by growing pains such as doubts and fears. Often manifesting itself in self-sabotaged behavior (see clogged funnel syndrome ).

Your inner summer

Your inner summer is the time to act, to be in action mode. Outside the sun is shining, inside you feel full of fire!

You fully enjoy the new that is now present in your life. You continue to work passionately on fulfilling the intentions you set for yourself in the spring. Just like nature, you are in full bloom, you experience the fullness of life and you step outside with your new self!

Inner seasons: do you feel winter, spring, summer or autumn inside?

Your Inner Autumn

In the fall you will reap the fruits of your hard work and you may start harvesting alias! You experience appreciation for what you have achieved, both by yourself and by others. Life rewards you, and you experience (a form of) success. At the same time, it is the phase of letting go and saying goodbye. Loss occurs again. You have to let go of certain shapes, structures, people, or roles. Certain areas of life suddenly seem out of place.

This contradiction can cause your inner fall to be a phase of great confusion and chaos. But also of personal crisis and trauma. Autumn always throws a new life lesson on your path, which is often very painful. But also a life lesson that helps you step into a bigger version of yourself and your reality and tap into a new layer of your potential. After all, we humans are most likely to learn and change when we experience discomfort.

Winter again

The crisis or loss situation that came your way during the fall invites you to reflect and deepen. To dive into your own roots just like nature. At the same time, you are called to rest and stillness. To relax guilt-free. After all, you’ve had three seasons of hard work!

Inner seasons: do you feel winter, spring, summer or autumn inside?

It is very important to give your inner winter all the time it needs, that you need. After all, it forms the basis of a new life cycle. During my burnout (aka my inner winter) I stayed at home for a year. By allowing myself that time, I unconsciously laid the foundation for the five years that followed. In I went through the spring, summer, and fall, as you could read in this blog.

I wholeheartedly grant you the connection with your own nature!


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