Internal turmoil: what suppressing emotions does to you


There are so many emotions to process right now that many of us suppress them. Diana Douma shows in this article how these ‘internal struggles ‘ harm us and how we free ourselves from them. “The more you act out of fear and don’t dare to face your feelings, the more you sabotage yourself and your life.”

Feelings remain dormant in the bottom layer until we have the courage to look at them, acknowledge them, and experience them.

Afraid of emotions

Internal struggles – don’t we all have them? At the moment there is a lot of misery surfacing that affects us. Sometimes it’s so much that we don’t know how to handle everything. In this world we are so used to being lived and going through life emotionless. We suppress our emotions because our mind – our ego – tells us to keep going. But at the expense of what and who? Often at the expense of ourselves… If we do deal with our emotions, life can be (more) effortless.

It may sound strange, but for many an existence full of struggles has become a comfort zone. Sometimes the adventure of life is in these struggles, otherwise we just feel emptiness. But is it really emptiness? Or are we afraid to feel and actually engage with the emotions and feelings that can be released?

Depression, panic attacks and anger

In my practice I see more and more that people have lost contact with themselves and their bodies. They have no connection with themselves and with the feelings that lie dormant beneath the surface. Many are afraid to experience feelings and therefore make an effort to suppress them, as feelings can potentially bring pain and sadness to the surface.

Be honest with yourself: is suppressing really good for you? Has it brought you the life you need to be happy? Or do you feel the internal struggles increasingly arising in the form of frustrations, stress, anger, depression, panic attacks or melancholic behaviour?

Caught in a vicious circle

These feelings lie dormant in the bottom layer until we have the courage to look at them, acknowledge them, and feel them. Why do we systematically look for escape routes to avoid ourselves? Trauma can play a part in this, but it’s up to you to do something about it now. If you dwell on what the past has or hasn’t brought you, you’re stuck in a vicious circle. It’s like the lemniscate, the infinity symbol: you keep turning the same circle, without any change. How can you really stand in your power if you don’t even allow yourself to feel everything your body, heart and soul want to feel?

We can grow infinitely and develop ourselves. At least if we consciously choose to do so and step out of the cycle of repetition. Staying in your comfort zone is easy, but nothing or the same thing always happens here. If you keep doing what you were doing, you will always get the same results. So it’s up to you to break this cycle and follow your heart, no matter what comes up in feelings and emotions. The more you open and follow your heart, the more you live in accordance with your heart’s desire and purpose. The more you act out of fear and don’t dare to face your feelings, the more you sabotage yourself and your life.

It’s time to choose for yourself!

Now is the time to make choices that feel right for you ! Not for someone else, because someone else cannot make you happy. Only you can make yourself happy and only you can know what is right for you. We all have internal struggles and they continue until we choose for ourselves. Until we start doing what our heart tells us.

Will you continue to believe in what the world around you is saying, including me? Or will you finally believe in yourself and really feel what is truth for you? It’s hard not knowing how to feel, but it starts with letting your feelings in. The less you suppress, the more your heart, body and soul open up. During this revelation you learn to feel better and better what is truth for you, because you come closer to yourself.

Lighter life

Most people have lost their way because they have listened too much to what the outside world is telling them. Trust your inner compass, it will show you the way, the truth – which is different for everyone by the way. We live in a world with different people, with different lifestyles, different ideals and so on. How beautiful is that! We are not all the same and that is precisely why we can learn and grow from each other. One is not ‘further’ than the other; everyone has a different way of life. We can learn something from every way of thinking, as long as you don’t harm each other or leave behind worse.

At this time, there are some prevailing beliefs in society. It can be difficult not to go along with other people’s opinions and stand in your own truth. More and more people feel what is and is not right, but many do not yet dare to speak out. It is important to follow your heart and not make your heart a murder pit. The more things left unspoken, the more internal struggles arise. The energy has to go somewhere. As a result, many people suffer from burnout, depression or something else.

It’s time to open your heart and express what you really feel. Only in this way can you create more space for yourself. A space in which everything can flow again and you can live lighter. The fewer internal struggles we all have, the more balance there is in the world, and especially in your world. What steps are you going to take to finally let go of those internal struggles?

Do you need help in these times? Do you want to come back to yourself and regain confidence in yourself and life


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