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Intuitive Astrology: What the June 2021 Solstice Means to You


The Solstice of June 2021 falls on the 20th or 21st on your time zone. The solstice is a time when the ‘sun stands still’. We then have the longest or shortest day of the year, depending on the hemisphere where you live. It’s also the official start of summer or winter! In tropical astrology it is also the start of the Season of the Cancer.

The June 2021 Solstice also marks that six months have passed since the Great Conjunction. It is a point where we see the path we have traveled towards the birth of a new Earth.

The Solstice is traditionally seen as a magical period. According to the stories, the veil between the worlds is thinner during the Solstice. It would then be easier to connect with nature spirits and the healing energy of the planet. It is also a moment when we feel our inner connection with Mother Earth, and everything that lives on Her.

According to the research of geological biologist Rory Duff , the day before the Solstice is a period when the planet’s energetic grid, the ley lines, all tune into exactly the same frequency. This creates waves of harmony, peace and healing all over the planet.

These harmonious frequencies linger for a few days and help us move into higher dimensions and higher consciousness. An easy way to tune into this energy is to spend time in nature.

Let yourself become one with the Earth. Get in touch with the heartbeat of our great Mother Earth.

The Solstice brings magical, healing and harmonious energies our way, but this year there are also cosmic events taking place that add to that and stimulate what we feel.

Solstice of June 2021Just before the Solstice, the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, goes into retrograde.

When a planet moves retrograde, we also say that it goes into the underworld. There it travels through the shadows to reveal a new consciousness.

Jupiter is about our beliefs, how we see the world and our higher wisdom. As Jupiter moves retrograde leading up to the Solstice, we may feel motivated to pay attention to the story we tell ourselves and the lens through which we view the world.

How can we adjust our thoughts to think more freely and support people more? We choose a lens to see the world with, but how can we lovingly challenge that perspective?

Jupiter isn’t the only planet moving retrograde during the June 2021 Solstice. Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto also make this journey.

As a result, the cosmic energies are much slower, so we have the opportunity to still and really deepen our connection to the frequencies.

The energy of the Solstice this year may also feel more passive in the sense that we may need to surrender and let ourselves be led.

When we surrender and become one with the energy of nature, we can learn new things, broaden our minds and open our horizons.

This is your chance to let yourself be guided, to listen and to unwind, right where you are.Solstice of June 2021

Let acceptance overplay your being. Let yourself feel the compassion and love that the planet is radiating to you in every moment.

At the time of the Solstice, Neptune and Venus are in a so-called ‘trine’ or ‘triangle’ relationship. This enhances harmony and helps us act as a guide to a deeper truth and spiritual understanding.

In astrology we speak of a love triangle when two planets are at an angle of 120 degrees from each other. It symbolizes a smooth and graceful flow of energy.

All this energy together amplifies and supports spiritual awakening, the search for new knowledge and even spiritual downloads from our guides and higher selves.

Neptune and Venus resonate with vibrations of love. Venus is named after the Goddess of Love and Neptune is known as the planet of unconditional love.

Welcome this energy and let the love flow through you and around you. Know that you are loved. Know that you deserve to be loved. And know that the most powerful thing you can do for yourself is to love. Especially yourself!

Written by Tanaaz, from https://foreverconscious.com/

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