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Invite the will of the source into your reality

The nature of Source has been misinterpreted for many eons and in many lifetimes as being more than humanity so that Source has control over or is responsible for what happens in the third dimension.

This misuse of the true nature of the Source-human partnership has caused all humanity to greatly undervalue its power and the nature and purpose of its journey on Earth. Also the saying “Thy Will Be Done” has been misused and is currently a prayer of reconnection and not an acknowledgment of the weakness, softness, weakness or servitude before the Divine.

by *AndreaAndrade

There are two aspects of will that are present in every choice. The will of the ego and the Will of the divine or of the Source, and they are both part of you. When you choose from the ego, you engage the lower will. When you choose from your divinity, you activate the Will of your divine partnership with Source.

This is not asking Source for permission to make a choice, it is inviting Source to participate in the choice, so you act from the highest possible frequency, unlimited knowledge, and greatest potential. You do not need permission from Source in any aspect of your life, as each of you is a spark of divine light and has a mission of healing, ascension and evolution.

‘Thy Will be done’ is your way of affirming to Source that has opened your heart and mind for Source to enter your experience, and share with you a higher energy, perspective and level of knowledge. With this sentence you are actually creating a space for heaven on earth.

‘Your Will’ does not mean that God is an extra part of the situation, that you step aside and allow God to function without your participation. This would make you a servant, one who has no choice or power, and who must act according to a divine directive. This negates the law of free will.

You cannot be both servant and master in your life, and follow commands and meanwhile direct your heart’s ascension and evolution with humanity, the Earth and the Universe. It also does not mean that you set aside your power to let Source take over. ‘Thy Will be done’ recognizes that you are willing to let your God’s light shine into your material reality at that time. You open your heart to let the Divine share the experience with you and instead of choosing through the will of your ego,surrender

‘History’ indicates that you are willing to unfold your reality in the perfection of Divine Will, with divine timing, effortless ease and in the flow of what is in your highest and best good. In this beautiful moment you resonate with and can create the highest and best outcome that expands your human knowledge to its divine perfection.

You have become a co-creator with Source by creating space in your ego and will, along with all the limitations of the third dimension, and in recognizing and giving voice to your divinity.

And in that moment your life purpose of reconnection and ascension is fulfilled and you have created heaven on earth.


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