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is it “energy” or ENERGY?

Sometimes it’s hard to know when it’s better to stick with something and wait for a final potential outcome, or let it go and be content knowing we were doing our best.

If the outcome we desire means someone else has to change or do something, then we are waiting for completion, confirmation, a reward for our contribution to their lives, or some gratitude. This has to do with ‘energy’, and it may or may not happen.

Do we feel okay if we let it go and move on, which then requires ‘ENERGY’? Can we give ourselves the finish we want, and still not feel regret, resentment or dissatisfaction with the result? The answer lies in the difference between energy and ENERGY.

‘Energy’ is a flow of energy that we control and direct, its source is in our energetic body and it feels very familiar, which is normal because it is recycled energy. Whatever we do with this energy, what we feel, think, believe and the experiences we have, it’s all part of very old patterns that we have repeated in many lifetimes.

If it feels frustrating and annoying, when we work hard and still don’t get the result we want, it’s because we’re stuck in a cycle and there’s no other way to solve it than to be willing to give ‘energy”. replaced by ENERGY.

The great ENERGY is universal, or Source energy. It’s what we call unconditional love (and that’s an energy, not an emotion), the flow that we connect to all the time. If so, how do we go from ‘energy’ to ‘ENERGY’ and if we are always connected to this powerful flow, how come we don’t have more joy in our lives?

We cannot connect to the universal ENERGY that is on a higher level than ours. Even though universal energy stands for high frequencies, it also exists in many frequencies.

We can only be aware of or feel energy that matches our own frequency. Basically, we cannot be aware of an energetic frequency that is higher than the one we currently embody, no matter what other potential frequencies are available.

Here’s another insight into energy: when we’re trying to heal, change, or transform someone, we’re on their energetic frequency, not ours, and we’re recycling energy, not inviting new frequencies.

So we’re trying to change them by mirroring their own energy, which means we’re not working with the energy we could connect with, because we’ve left our frequency to heal someone else.

That’s why choosing to move out of a situation can be so difficult, because we’ve sacrificed a lot to be on that path. But ultimately the choice is about energy, and the frequency we want to embody; that choice will help align us with the love, peace, joy, and abundance we want to create in our lives.

So what do you choose? Energy or ENERGY? The choice is yours and you can change your energy path, frequency and vibration at any time.

Choose joyfully, strive for unconditional love, be clear in your intentions for your life, and then the ENERGY you need will be available to you.

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