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Is my child a New Age child?

The most striking features of New Age children:
  • They have a strong inner sense of truth, fairness and justice
  • They want to live according to ethical principles; if they fail to do so, they may suffer from feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Their five senses are so sensitive that they can easily become overstimulated and overloaded
  • They won’t be forced to do something they don’t believe in
  • They often find it difficult to put their ideas into words because language is too restrictive for them
  • Because they have an excellent sense of what is right and wrong, they don’t really need discipline (they usually react very badly to discipline, by the way). They do, however, need clear structures.
  • They have an intelligence that is usually well above average and they are very eager to learn. But they don’t settle for “traditional” answers or answers based on “authority”
  • They do not accept guidance from people who do not feel they live according to ethical principles
  • They don’t allow themselves to be pigeonholed
  • They have a natural reverence for every life; for example, some do not want to eat meat at a young age
  • They sense the moods and problems of others very well; they sometimes tend to reflect this (to a greater extent!)
  • They often have problems with time:
    • they have trouble arriving on time
    • recognizing the chronological course of events can be difficult for them
    • the sense of time is very flexible (for example, they have the feeling that they have only been working on something for ten minutes, while in reality it is already more than two hours)
    • planning is difficult, so they often get into trouble getting something done on time
  • They have trouble organizing and malfunctioning their belongings; they are constantly looking for their stuff

Lee Caroll and Jan Tober described the indigo children in their book ‘The Indigo Children’ as follows:

  • They are born with a sense of royalty (and often do);
  • They feel they “deserve to be there” and are often surprised when others don’t share;
  • They often tell the parents “who they are”;
  • They have problems with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice);
  • They refuse to do certain things; for example waiting in a line;
  • They become frustrated with systems that are ritually set and do not require creative input;
  • They often see how things can be done better, at school and at home. This often makes them seem like system breakers (not conforming to any system);
  • They often appear antisocial, except when interacting with other Indigos. When no one is around to understand their consciousness, they often withdraw, feeling as if no one understands them (using a computer or watching TV is another example). School is often very difficult for them socially;
  • They don’t respond to “guilt” discipline (just wait for your father to come home);
  • They are not ashamed to let you know what they child a new age child?

In general you could also say of new age children:

  • see the world in a different way
  • have a strong sense of justice
  • live according to your own truth
  • are independent
  • you can’t punish them
  • give other solutions, they often see how things can be done better, both at home and at school, making them seem like “system fighters”
  • They are frustrated by systems that are ritualistic and do not require creative thinking.
  • can hear you but don’t let your message get through
  • feel your fear, insecurity, anger, and react to it (even if you didn’t mention it)
  • know that there is more between heaven and earth
  • communicate with something you cannot see
  • can go beyond your limits like no other
  • give other solutions
  • know certain things that are about to happen
  • know that all is one (the source)
  • acting from being connected to The All out of love
  • want to know, gain knowledge

There are several “ new age kids tests” available on the internet. Personally I don’t mind that much. Although I can well imagine that you are looking for yourself and hope to learn more about yourself by taking a test, or find recognition. And I can certainly imagine that there are parents who are looking for something to hold on to when they notice that their child does and says very special things.

You can complete this (below) test for yourself, but of course you can also try to complete it for someone you know well (for example your child).

Below is a test where if you answered YES X times or more, you would be a New Age child. Do what you want with it.

Remember how many times you answered yes; The result is at the bottom, without further explanation.

  1. I often try new things just because I find it exciting or fun.
    Yes | no
  2. I often do things the way I feel right now, regardless of how the same thing was done in the past.
    Yes | no
  3. I generally adapt to new situations more easily than most other people.
    Yes | no
  4. I struggle to complete something when there are no more challenges and all problems are solved.
    Yes | no
  5. If I have to do something that I have to think deeply about, I tend to postpone or avoid it.
    Yes | no
  6. I tend to put a lot of extra effort into something really just to feel more “alive” or “awake” or “safe”.
    Yes | no
  7. I have trouble being orderly and tidying everything up in a way that I can find it again.
    Yes | no
  8. When I’m doing routine jobs, I often feel myself half asleep.
    Yes | no
  9. I can’t really do without new experiences or ideas.
    Yes | no
  10. I have trouble concentrating on anything for long unless I’m imagining something, because that’s when it’s hard for me to detach from it.
    Yes | no
  11. I do impulsive things more often than most other people do on average.
    Yes | no
  12. During boring conversations, I tend to let my mind wander.
    Yes | no
  13. When I find something fun or interesting, I tend to get stuck in it and spend hours on it.
    Yes | no
  14. I strongly resist when I have to do something I don’t believe in.
    Yes | no
  15. My moods can vary greatly from very positive to very negative.
    Yes | no
  16. When I’m not in full action, I often find myself daydreaming or “disappearing into space”.
    Yes | no
  17. I have a hard time accepting guidance from someone, especially if I don’t feel that person is honest or just.
    Yes | no
  18. I have a lot of trouble getting there on time; usually I’m late or way too early.
    Yes | no
  19. When someone claims something, I can feel exactly whether that is true or not.
    Yes | no
  20. I often have trouble putting into words what I’m thinking.
    Yes | no

16 yes is the criterion in this test.


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