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Is real world activism part of our spiritual journey?

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In summary: People differ on whether activism in the world, such as taking part in demonstrations for human freedom, is part of a spiritual journey. What does it really take for us as a human collective to come to enough awakened people, that we can positively adjust the course of our world?We live in an era that shakes us to the bone. This pandemic has led to actions by our governments that seem to be deadly on citizens’ rights and the rule of law. And then there’s the growing body of evidence that the strict measures that have been put in place have not all had the same effect on our overall health and safety.Some people therefore think that they were only deployed to strengthen the control of the ruling class.

I don’t blame people if they think that complying with the measures is enough to return to some form of normal. But support for that idea is waning as more and more people question whether following orders is really the answer or part of the problem. Wherever you look, more and more people are starting to wonder:

how is it possible that small companies have had to remain closed, while large multinationals with just as much risk are allowed to open? Why were children forced to wear masks and keep their distance at school when research and statistics show that this is of little help and is unnecessary? Why do we still have to wear masks even though we are already vaccinated?


A spiritual battle

It’s healthy to question things that don’t seem right. We deserve an answer. We have a right to disobey orders that seem unfounded — especially if our government ignores the laws they are supposed to follow. And instead of paying attention to our growing discontent, or even pretending to explain things better, the government is crushing our resistance harder than ever before.

Let it be clear: we are in the midst of a spiritual battle.

But be brave. I believe that everything that is happening around us right now, as ugly as it may be on some levels, is guided by a higher intelligence. And that higher intelligence has created a situation where we have the opportunity to take charge of what is happening on this planet.

At this point in history, humanity is emerging from adolescence and reaching adulthood. We are starting to take responsibility, each for himself and everyone together, for the state the world is in. Once enough people adopt this mindset, we can turn this ship around and escape the thumb of the “father figure” of our adolescence: today’s selfish ruling class.

Looking our fear in the eye

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we face in our resistance is overcoming our fear of authority . Everyone has learned the fear of authority from the hands of our parents. As Edward Snowden explains in the short video below, the ruling class has created a system that continues to feed that fear. Thus it forces us to listen, from the moment we go to school to our graves.

As an individual, it is always worth questioning whether there is still reason for your trust in the authorities. Or that we only listen because we are conditioned to be afraid. Are we afraid of standing out or speaking up, worrying about what our family thinks, about rejecting our friends, do we still fit in at work and school?

If we really want to live as free people, we need to calm down and be grounded when we ask ourselves those questions. Then we can hear the still but reassuring voice of our higher self. It reminds us of who we really are and what we want to do. That’s the only authority you should listen to.

I’m really not about to tell anyone what the “right” thing is for them to do. In fact, it is time that you no longer blindly follow anyone. Don’t feel guilty, don’t listen out of shame, but don’t force others to do so with guilt or shame either. It’s time for each of us to find our center. From there you can do what feels right for you.

Maybe for now that means you don’t do anything. But if you ever notice, from a state of calm, that your inner voice is gently trying to persuade you to stand up for your principles and become active in the world, then it is you (and the rest of humanity) owe you to overcome all your fears and persevere.

What is activism in the real world?

activism peaceThe first thing that comes to mind when we think of real-world activism is our right to assemble and protest. Some people reject it because it conjures up images of unnecessary violence and fighting. But that is not a permanent feature of standing up for your personal rights and freedoms. The vast majority of rallies and demonstrations against the corona measures around the world have been peaceful. And that’s also the only way to make your demonstration effective.

pitchforks and guillotines Aren’t we long past the time for the street? If we decide that our aim is purely to take the ruling class out of their position so that we can take some serious revenge, then we are perpetuating the division of the world just as that ruling class has for so long, for their small elite group to power.

You don’t have to be against anything for activism in the real world . Sure, a lot of us are angry about what we see happening in the world. We don’t like it. And that’s a good thing. Our anger ensures that we no longer listen silently, but instead take action. But once we’re activated, it’s important that we move into the next emotional phase: a powerful belief that stands for somethingstate, such as the basic principles of personal freedom and human dignity that we all share.

It connects us and fuels our desire to improve not only our own lives, but the lives of all other people as well. In that way, we will eventually look at how we treat the entire planet; we’ll wonder why we’re still allowing that.

Of course, activism in the real world isn’t limited to joining demonstrations. It could also simply be the way you behave towards people in authority on a daily basis. It is often something personal that prompts us to action.

I remember very well what was the last straw for me: I read that my son had to wear a mask at school in kindergarten. Then I jumped out of my chair and took the time and effort to investigate. That eventually led to a series of frustrating and uncomfortable conversations with people in authority, from a school principal to a director of education.

Effective activism always has a spiritual side. It forces us to take a good look in the mirror and do the inner work with which you take responsibility for yourself. That changes how the world sees us. To do that, we must view the world with a more critical eye and a commitment to the truth. Deceit is what has kept us apart for centuries, but the simplicity of the truth connects us. Sharing the truth empowers us and sets us free.

The lesson

What is so unprecedented about this time that we are living is that we are all being personally touched in some way. No one escapes this. That makes it harder for people to let it pass you by. We are all beings called to do something. And probably the world will continue to get a worse place, until… enough people join in† Therefore, I believe it is a higher intelligence that directs all of this.

When we get big enough and finally collapse that monster of a ruling class, then we’ve learned how to take responsibility for the state of the world. Then we’ll know more about the deceptive tricks of power. From then on we are connected on a deep level. We become one. That puts us in a position where we have the resources to create a world that serves us all.


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