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Is that possible…? Letting go of a deep soul connection?

What came before….

You met, your union brought a lot of turmoil in your life. So much so that your life has been turned upside down. Everything that you thought was dear to you, you at least questioned or turned out to be an illusion. Because you could see it from a different perspective. What a quantum leap in awareness that brought about!

Perhaps you have left everything behind… Your old life, habits, beliefs. With the accompanying people. You may have handled it less rigorously. That doesn’t make it better or worse… It just depends on what suits you.


Living from a different energy (different perspective) brings a lot of change, causing you to undergo a total transformation. It wakes you up in a way that makes you think. What do I (still) want or don’t want (anymore). What have I ever learned as truth but is actually not my truth?

The main question is: ‘how do I want it and how should I do it?’

To your core

Soul encounters ultimately create very important life events and therefore opportunities, considerations and possibilities arise to come (back) into your own power. Back on your own track. By your own will, your life purpose and your life task. Everything you didn’t do, hid, didn’t want to feel until before the meeting, reveals your (deep) soul connection .

see life purpose

A Soul Connection can touch you in different frequency layers in your ‘being’. By that I mean: you have soul mates, twin souls, soul flames,… I have seen many more different names in recent years. In this article I am not concerned with the name given to it, but with the impact that the soul connection has on your life. In my opinion, the soul connection indicates where you can be healed in your subconscious, to see, feel and live your life purpose again.

The message is: Healing

The intensity of the impact on your life is mainly how big the mirror is, which the other soul shows you. The deeper you are touched in your ‘being’, the deeper the impact is and the greater the healing or awareness.

And therefore important for yourself, your health, your life mission. You are made to think with the question: How do I get closer to myself, what do I have to teach others or what do I have to offer this beautiful world…

You can compare it to the impact of coming out of the closet at the age of 50. The special thing is that you can place all kinds of examples from life stories on this example.


In fact, the essence is that what you have hidden away for years is suddenly in its fullness in your life. How is it possible that you hide feelings from your core? What you were taught in your childhood, where your cradle was and how your beliefs were formed, determine what you are basically (without blaming anyone for anything).

Whether it’s a sexual preference, a religion, spiritual awakening, or an emigration to a remote area, it doesn’t matter. The process of turning your life around is similar.

You can imagine that for you, your life until the day you came out, is one big illusion. And that you doubt who you are. After all, you have adapted to the rules and beliefs of the family, the neighborhood, the country, your group of friends where you grew up.

Was there room for your real feelings and beliefs? Getting married, starting a family, house tree, animal, making a career, materialism… these can all be reasons to suppress your feelings. And to lead as normal a life as possible. But: what exactly is ‘a normal life’?

What is normal?

How you grew up falls under the ‘normal’ category. But think about what your life would have been like if you were born in a residential area in Wassenaar, a working-class district in Amsterdam, a slum in India. Or in a remote fishing village in Iceland with no more than five families? What would be ‘normal’ then?

In other words: What you see as ‘normal’ has its origin in your childhood. The perspective from which you have learned to think is your frame of reference. At the very least, you will find that which ‘deviates’ strange, crazy or strange. That is the conscious layer. But usually it touches you, especially unconsciously, in deeper layers of fear and powerlessness.

It is possible that due to the suppression of your hidden feelings (which stimulate fear and powerlessness) you have gone through various burnouts and cannot find happiness. The effect can be; arguing with your loved ones because you are not feeling well. You project your displeasure onto the other person.

By that I mean: it feels to you as if the other person deliberately brings out these unpleasant feelings in you: “I feel bad because of you”…. That is not true. You feel bad about yourself. Because of what is inside you, what you deny, do not want or dare to see.


What that denial of ‘who you really are’ does to you is very heavy and mainly commits robbery. It really costs you tons of energy that continuously drains…

And then… you meet a person that you fall deeply in love with. Or, someone who at least has a lot of impact or influence on your life, because you feel something that you have lost for years… Someone who triggers you  by his or her actions and does those things that take your blinders off your head .

Touched in your deep core by the soul connection

How is it possible that the impact is so great? Because the other person holds up a very large, powerful mirror to you. Your deep core, which you have been hiding and obscuring for years, is being touched. Suddenly you feel again what you have suppressed for years. It comes to the surface like a volcanic eruption.

Suddenly you are in deep contact with yourself, but because you have met that person, you associate your feelings with that person. So it seems that he or she is the only one in your life who can give you that good feeling. It’s a very addictive feeling! Because it’s so nice! You have suppressed that feeling for so long and therefore unconsciously missed it terribly! This makes it seem as if you are now suddenly complete with him or her.

The intensity of your feelings, the impact it has on your life and the things you go through together make it seem like you have to stay together forever. That that person is the only one in your life who fits you and can make you happy.

In your head you can’t bear the thought of ever having to let go of each other. And with that you create an illusion again: I can’t do without him or her. Only through him or her can I feel the way I feel now.

A process

What I describe above is a process. A process of several years. You are led to it without being aware of it. And suddenly there is that huge mirror: that very important soul connection.

That shows that you are ready for the next phase of your life: learning to live from your true self. Resulting in: breaking the connection with that person…. It just happens, a conflict arises, a situation that makes you realize that you really have to move on from each other.

But is that possible? Letting go of a deep soul connection?
To help you with this, I have a tip for you:

Split it in three…

To help yourself let go and make the pain more bearable, it’s best to split the situation up. Disconnect the human (matter) part and the spiritual (energy) part. Then separate the “piece to be learned” from that too, so that you can get started with it.

The human piece is “material”; want to see each other, feel touch, talk to each other, do fun things.
Seen from the soul, the energy, that is not necessary at all. The connection is there anyway. Whether or not you see each other, whether or not you have contact. The connection is there. Incidentally, all people are connected in energy. We are all one. Whether you like it or not 😉

Discover the life lesson in the soul connection

The ‘learn piece’ is the most difficult part…or so I think. The best thing you can do is connect everything you want with that person, what you expected, what your dreams were, your feelings, what you wanted to give… everything to yourself.
What I mean by that is: what you wanted to give the other is actually your own soul desire.

So those are all soul fragments that you are allowed to heal within yourself. That’s the life lesson. Or soul lesson, you could actually say better. After that you will feel complete and from that completeness people can only be the icing on the cake in your life. And no longer part of the pie.

There was something going on in the energy between you; you woke each other up and learned things that brought you closer to yourself. You are on the right track. What you still feel as the ‘pain’ of the breakup are your own life issues that you still have to work on. You feel these issues more strongly because you have met each other. Because you have temporarily felt ‘whole’ or complete.

See the encounter with deep soul connections as something beautiful and instructive. No matter how difficult it is to let go… The goal is always to get closer to yourself through healing, insights and self-love. I promise you will feel very powerful once you get there. And that you think back to the special process out of love and gratitude.

I wish you much love for yourself and the wisdom to discover the way.


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