Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

“Is the world going to be okay?” Many people ask themselves and each other this question with fear and trembling. This article explains to you why the world is going through this according to ancient sources and tips so that you can contribute to the leap into the golden age that awaits us.

The five elements

In The Tao of health, all life processes are discussed according to the five elements. The five elements are the five elementary principles or stages according to which life evolves. The character of these elements can be read from the character of the seasons, with the 5th element being the earth element, the late summer. The meridians (energy pathways in the body) and the functioning of our organs and glands are also linked to these elements.

In our individual lives, we go through different phases of growth and development. How we live through it determines whether we get stuck and wander (ie end up in a downward spiral) or whether we develop further (upward spiral). Learning and growing are always ongoing. The cycles themselves are unstoppable. After the night always comes a new day and after winter always a new spring.

Cosmic cycles and their characteristics

Now we as Earth and humanity are part of even greater cycles. These great, cosmic cycles are characterized by eras that are described quite precisely, especially in the Vedas. The Vedas are important ancient Indian scriptures. They distinguish four epochs that you could see as major cosmic seasons:

Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

  1. Satya Yuga , the golden age (spring). Duration 1,728,000 years (so almost 2 million years!). Man is completely guided by the Divine. People live from their hearts, are sincere, and live longer. They are connected from the heart and work together as one in harmony and peace.
  2. Treta Yuga, the silver age (summer). Duration 1,296,000 years. The Divine is still leading through the heart. Lifespan is shorter, morale is decreasing. One communicates through thoughts, as in Satya Yuga.
  3. Dwapar Yuga, the copper age (late summer-autumn). Duration 864,000 years. Slowly more material-oriented. Temples, scriptures, rules, and laws, and the first wars arise.
  4. Kali Yuga, the Iron Age (Autumn-Winter). Duration 432,000 years. Man has moved further and further away from the Divine. The Ego rules. There is a growing division, fear, and greed. Morale is bad. Humans live relatively short.Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

The duration of each of these eras is not equally divided, they are respectively related to 4:3:2:1. In total, a cosmic cycle lasts 4,320,000 years.

Transition to a golden era

The Vedas see the 21st century as the last piece of the Iron Age, also known as the Dark Age. After this, a new golden era follows. It means that history as we know it has always been marked by a profound separation from the Divine and guided by forces of the ego and the dark.

So the golden age that lies ahead is unprecedented and absolutely promising for us.

Nostradamus also predicts this for the 21st century (Edition d’Amsterdam 1668). He first predicts many natural disasters and then says:

“A golden age is dawning for the survivors and there will be peace between God and mankind.”

The famous Bulgarian master Peter Deunov (1864-1944) describes the impending golden age as follows :

“The New Age is the age of the sixth root race. This breed is based on the principle of brotherhood. There will be no more conflicts and personal interests, everyone’s aspirations will be according to the Law of Love. The sixth race is the race of Love. A new continent is being formed for it. It will rise from the Pacific Ocean. The founders of this new civilization, the “Brothers of Humanity” or “Children of Love” will represent a new kind of human being. Man forms a family, like a large body, and each nation is representative of an organ in this body.

Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

Love manifests itself within this race in such a perfect way that modern man can only have a vague idea of ​​what this will feel like. The forces of the dark are retreating and Earth will be freed from them. Light, good, and justice will prevail. Religions are cleansed and become based on one faith where Love is always at the base. The Earth is being hit by increasingly powerful waves of Cosmic Electricity. Creatures who are evil and manipulate others can hardly tolerate the intensity of this anymore.’

The indigenous peoples and Indians speak of ‘the time of the sixth sun. Here is a wonderful documentary about it. There are sources all over the world that speak in their own way about the times in which we now live. In other words, but all with a similar promise.

All of this puts the global crisis and the personal crisis that many people are going through, in a much larger – cosmic – perspective and it holds quite a bit. Would this really mean the end of suffering as we know it?

From caterpillar to butterfly

It should be clear that we are in an era of great change, which best suits the elemental principle of the metal element in its transition to the water element. Such a phase involves a fundamental change. Such a phase always goes through ‘death’. That may be literal death, but in the cyclical evolution of life, it may also usher in a period of fundamental transformation. In The Tao of health, you can read more about this under the metal element. I myself have experienced twice in my life that a person can go through a kind of dying process without dying.

What can you do to contribute to a positive turn?

Is the world still okay? Wisdom to get through troubled times

Every step you take on your own path to inner healing and liberation, you also take for the collective. It is now important to inhabit your body and the earth with all the love and wisdom that you have within you. No more fleeing into ideas and dreams. No longer fighting with yourself and the other. Enduring the difficult and developing compassion, insight, and wisdom. This is an advanced path of healing.

Know that it’s part and parcel of old shit coming up. Now it’s about recognizing it for what it is: an old pattern or feeling that comes up to be allowed to heal and dissolve. How? Like ice dissolves in warm water. Embrace it with your loving consciousness. Take it easy and make sure you stay ‘warm’ (read: loving, trusting, nourished, and connected).

Practice in confidence.

    1. Focus on your sources of support.
    2. Remember your wisdom.
    3. Support your body and mind.
    4. Free yourself from old unhealthy beliefs and mechanisms, as mentioned above. Seek support and professional help if necessary.
    5. Pray and/or meditate. Remember that from the unseen everything possible is being done to assist us as humanity in this transformation.
    6. Ask for help from the unseen. They can do a lot more for you if you ask them. The best way to ‘ask’ is to thank them for always being there for you. That way you strengthen your confidence even more.

Raise your vibration:

    1. Practice understanding, love, and compassion towards yourself and others.
    2. Practice respect. Both self-respect and also that you respect others in their different view. Everything and everyone develops in their own way and in their own time. Trust that as much as possible.
    3. Stay out of the fight but take good care of yourself.
    4. Keep yourself spiritually nourished.
    5. Connect with nature. Enjoy little things.
    6. Pray and/or meditate, see above.

Stay in balance:

    1. Get enough rest
    2. Move outdoors and breathe deeply.
    3. Eat as naturally and healthy as possible.
    4. Follow the directions from De Tao health where you need them.

Do the exercises mentioned with the water element and/or the metal element. 


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