It feels like my body is letting me down

It feels like my body is letting me down
Regular medicine is and remains the basis of his practice, but it offers the opportunity to look at complaints from a broader perspective. Sometimes you need a different vision with a complaint in which you let go of old thinking patterns. In this article, you can read more about how your body shows you the way and which way you can go.

Is it true that your body is failing you?

Forty-two years old, a bubbly young woman, has been diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis, a nerve disorder in which bodily functions gradually fail). Is it true, I ask. Is it true that your body is actually letting you down? “Yes, it does feel that way,” she says. “My left arm is no longer working as I would like, my vision in one eye is decreasing and I am very tired”.

I understand that, but that doesn’t answer my question: is it true that your body is failing you? “No,” she says. I continue: your body is your most faithful ally. She is endlessly loyal. She is there before you. She looks at me: “I find that difficult to understand”. Are you willing, I ask,  this is about the willingness, you don’t even have to do it yet, to look beyond your own reasonableness. And to engage in something that according to the head seems completely illogical. Are you willing to do that? “Yes, that’s me…”

Body smarter than your head

It feels like my body is letting me down

Suppose your body is smarter than your head. And that is where you can no longer say no with your head, your body will do it for you. That it says to you: Ho stop! Something is not right here, you have to adjust! In other words, your body indicates that something in your life is allowed to change in a way that is more right and right for you.

What would it actually tell you? “Yes, I’ve actually already done that… I stopped doing the work I was doing. I started doing other things and making more choices for myself…”. What do you notice when you say that? Close your eyes and see what you can feel, what do you feel in your body? “Then I notice that tears are coming…”.

I ask her to repeat the following sentence out loud: Something inside me feels very sad. What do you notice then? “Then the sadness gets even bigger, why didn’t I make these decisions sooner…?”

The why question

The way the question is irrelevant here. If the answer to the why question were because when you were little your father threw you in the air ten times and caught you nine times… then you can’t do anything with that. The why question immediately comes to your head and you know by now that you will not find the solution there.

So if you now go with all your attention to this sadness. Making the choice to investigate it with curiosity. Without having to coincide with the sadness. But that you meet it, exactly as it is now shown to you, what do you notice? “Then I see a kind of black tube in front of me from which I try to climb. There are dolls all around me. Who run very busy back and forth…”.

What does it do to you? “It makes me terribly tired…”. Let it be true: Something in me feels terribly tired. What does that do to you? “That feels good actually.” And how does good feel? How do you notice in your body that it is good? “I feel calmer, more space”. Where do you feel that? “In my stomach, my arms, everywhere actually”. This part feeling very tired, what would it like to tell you? “That I can take better care of myself, that I am on the right track by quitting my company…”.

Organize the life that is actually good and right for you

It feels like my body is letting me down

I’m going to present something to you where you could go into resistance, I say. Suppose this condition has led to the insight that you can organize the remaining part of your life in a way that is actually good and right for you. And so no longer living your life in the hectic and stressful way you are used to… what would that be like for you? She cries and laughs at the same time. “Yes, then I feel peace, space, peace…”. Suppose you are this rest, space, and peace, what do you notice? “That actually makes me very happy…!” She looks at me surprised and smiling.

The question here is not whether the body will let you down. The question is, are you letting your body down? Your body stays with you. It won’t go away. Ultimately, it will be you who leaves your body. Until then, your body is completely there for you. Even if that feels painful, sad, anxious, or very uncomfortable. Your body shows you the way in which you can go.


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