As an HSP, how do you regain control of your life after a burnout?

If you’ve been burned out at home for a while, you can get the feeling that you don’t really participate anymore. Getting enough rest can be a challenge. You may just want to get back to work quickly. Still, it’s important to take the time to recover and break your pattern of exhaustion. This way you can not only prevent new failures, but also discover your mission. Then you can work with new energy. What is needed for that?

Restore the balance

It’s about learning to live in the now, instead of always focusing on what still needs to be done in the future. Because that just contributed to the process of overexploitation and burnoutThinking about what you are feeling now, and not focusing on what still needs to be done later, means being able to relax and enjoy yourself. And that is exactly what you need to restore the energy balance .

It is also necessary to dare to be honest about your limits. If you say no inwardly, and do not dare to do so outwardly, you often say yes outwardly. This can lead to burnout. It is about living through your fears and aligning them internally and externally. If it is internally no, also dare to say no externally. That is a big challenge for the burnout sensitive person.

See your qualities

It is very important in all of this to be aware of what you feel in your body. The more you can focus on yourself, with your own feelings and needs, the less energy you lose in company. And the more you can do for others. Then the talents that have to do with great sensitivity can really come into their own.

If you’ve been doing work that didn’t suit you, you may have started to doubt yourself. When highly sensitive people become aware of their inner wisdom and love and their creative, analytical or empathic abilities, they come to see that they are not weak at all. On the contrary. You will experience your power and realize how important it is to bring it out.

Letting go of perfectionism

We tend to look at what went wrong and what we still miss and are always trying to improve ourselves. Until we discover that the quality we thought we were missing was always there. And until we see that what we are naturally good at is not obvious, but rather special.

As long as our qualities remain unconscious, we may think we are weak and express our strength in a twisted way, such as taking on too much responsibility and going on until we drop. As a result, we can also get stuck in work that does not really suit us and in which we do not come into our own.

Tips To Learn To Accept And Let Go In Your Life

Follow your desires

It may be that during the burnout or during the period that you were recovering you already had impressions about what you really want to do. Or maybe it started with realizing what you definitely don’t want anymore. Now it’s about feeling what you really desire.

We all have a deep desire, something that we really want to achieve, that we feel is our job and that we also want to do our best. Taking these feelings seriously is the beginning of your new life. In order to realize your deeper desires, it is necessary to make this a goal. If you really have the intention to achieve your goal, then your soul will direct your lifestream towards that goal.

Thought can get in the way of achieving your goal, it will find excuses not to do it. Success depends on how determined you are to achieve your goal. Because you don’t have to work for it alone, you also have to overcome things in yourself, such as procrastination, not feeling like it or seeking distraction. Or a tendency to think that it won’t work after all, or that you can’t.

Deep within yourself you know what is necessary for you and your immediate environment. This coincides with your deepest desire. The question ‘what should I do, what will benefit the world?’ is exactly the same question as ‘what do I want most?’

~ Hanneke Korteweg

Reach your goal step by step

A warning is in order here, especially for people who are prone to burnout. You can also have too many goals and do too much. Then your energy is pulled in all directions and that is not conducive to your (mental) health. So limit yourself to one goal at a time.

You may find it exciting to go back to work. To go back to your old place, or to do something else. That is why it is important to always stop and feel. What does a situation do to you? You may feel insecure as to whether you can do it. Live through your doubts and emotions, this is how you rediscover your center. Then you continue. What step is there to take? What do I want?

If you go on like this, always take one step, you gradually discover your strength. In this way you strengthen your self-confidence, because you notice: I can do this. That gives a sense of personal power, power over your own life. You need that to take the steps that will eventually bring you to your goal. By taking control of your life in this way, you develop leadership. Then as a highly sensitive person with your qualities you can mean a lot to others.


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