Friday, November 25, 2022
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It is the truth of the Heart that lives…

In times of change, we see differences increasing everywhere. At every level, in every place, differences increase and pain is visible, palpable and audible. Togetherness that strengthens as well as tears and everyone dances in it their own struggle. There is a fight for freedom, for change, for justice and for the right to exist.

And there is a fight for the preservation of oppression, of power, of dishonesty and of humiliation. We play along on the sidelines: do we get in, or do we continue to allow this? What does it mean for us as spectators? or: what risk do we run if we intervene?

This battle and these questions are taking place worldwide on a large scale, but also on a small scale. Where there is struggle, where questions arise, there is also an opportunity.

There is a chance to choose for yourself, to determine for yourself where you stand. Which reality, which reality do you want to see manifested? Which world do you want to live in? Oppression and humiliation or honesty and change?
Do you dare to follow your own truth and stand for it? Do you dare to propagate that reality?

Do you reach out to your neighbor, or do you avoid him? Do you call 911 and stay with the victim, or do you turn around and leave the other person to his or her own devices? Do you take responsibility as a politician for justice, truth and power or do you wait and see in No Man’s Land? Which reality do you choose and make hard for?

love is a verb
love is a verb

What becomes visible in times of struggle and change is this: as the Light Force grows stronger, the shadow also becomes deeper, clearer and painfully sharp. The Light is accepted, received, adored or harshly rejected, but we panic and allow ourselves to be influenced by the shadow side.

Or we push it away and deny its existence.
Reach out to the shadow side, reach out to her and find out what she wants to tell you. Seek connection and togetherness when the shadow threatens to engulf you.

Discover the shadow, free her of the layers of pain and what you find is given to you from the heart. There, in your heart is the beating Heart of light and love, it is there where everything comes together, moves, flows, heals and comes to life.
ying-yang heartLive that truth,
live that love,
Here and now!


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