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I’ve lost everything……… now what?- Jennifer Hoffman

lost everythingDear Jennifer:  In the past two years I have lost everything: my job, my house, my friends, and I hardly speak to my family. Even though I’ve been looking for a new job, I can’t seem to find one and now I’m living with a friend who I don’t really get along with.
I don’t know how to put my life in order and I’m having a hard time determining my next steps. How do I get my life back and how do I create the stable, safe and happy life I want?

Jennifer’s answer:  What you’re going through has been the experience of so many people over the last ten years, and it’s hard when everything in your life changes. Your response of sadness, fear, and regret about those changes prevents you from creating the new life you desire.

It can be difficult to find the energy and courage to see new possibilities for yourself, but you have to do it anyway, to transform things in your life. You may be wondering why this just happened to you, so let’s talk about what happened.

Everything enters and exits your life through our conscious or unconscious intent, so it is not possible to ‘lose’ anything. When we don’t appreciate what we have and would like it to go away, we disconnect our energy from it and it has to leave our lives. In order to invite something else into our lives, we must create space for it by setting an intention for it.everything is fine as it is

This process is what creates the inflow and outflow of people, situations, and experiences into and out of our lives. When we are grateful for what we have and appreciate every circumstance and situation, we finish on that with which we no longer resonate, and the outflow is smooth and effortless.

The empty space is then filled with the new things for which we have set our intention. But when we feel angry and powerless, when we hate our living conditions and are angry at others and at ourselves, we create an energetic disconnection without first creating the space for the new to come.

We can then find ourselves in a situation like yours.

Some questions to consider are the following:


  • Did you love the job you had, or were you frustrated, angry and limited?
  • Did you love your friends or were they challenging and serving and supporting younot into what was important to you?
  • Do you still harbor resentment and anger towards your family that you still have with them or in yourself?need to solve?


When the energy moves as fast as it is now, responses to our desires can come quickly. It doesn’t matter if we consciously or unconsciously wish our life to change, when we disperse our energy through fear, anger and feel powerless, we get incomplete results. The Universe works with us, not for us. It will not create for us anything that we have not created or will create for ourselves first.

To fill your life with what you love, you must first decide for yourself what is allowed out of your life (what you said you had lost), by being grateful for it, and appreciating what you have already created and the lessons that go with it. Then you have to start working with your intent to create something new for your life now.It may take some time, but then you are ready for a change,rebirth

It depends on how willing you are to see yourself as powerful rather than powerless, how much you can forgive yourself and others and give yourself the finishing touch you need to close those energetic connections to your ‘old’ life and create something new and wonderful in your life now.

You will not get your old life back (you didn’t love it anyway, or you would still have it), but you will create a new and more fulfilling life and learn the powerful lesson of how energy works and how powerful it responds to you So practice gratitude and appreciation and use intentions to create your life, instead of unconsciously shattering your energy and then finding yourself in the fearful, empty space, as you experienced.


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