Jealousy: why are you jealous and what can you do about it?

Jealousy: why are you jealous and what can you do about it?
What exactly is jealousy? Where is it from? And more importantly, how do you get rid of it? This article. “You think someone else has something you don’t have. This belief can be very persistent. It has become truth!”

With an aura shield meditation you can protect yourself and your aura

Jealousy has to do with a shortcoming. You have experienced a shortage at a certain moment in life and you want to make up for it, as it were, to tell someone else. You think that someone else has or gets something that you don’t. This belief can be very persistent. For example, you started to see this shortcoming more and more in your childhood. It has become a truth! Suppose you are convinced that you are seen as inferior. You then project this onto other people in your environment: you show jealous behavior. You can also express it differently: keep on proving yourself in exemplary behavior, in order to still get love.

Feeling negative influences

If you turn your jealousy outwards, it will affect others in particular. Some may ignore this behavior. The jealousy doesn’t work for them. You can imagine that the relationship with these people is still quite good – if you, as a jealous party, don’t experience too much pain from the realization that you don’t have something. If this is the case, then with every contact with the other you are always confronted with your deficiency. So with your (heart) pain.

Jealousy: why are you jealous and what can you do about it?

The good news is: if you take matters into your own hands, you don’t really have to be jealous! This can be a very enlightening and beautiful process.

If others do suffer from the jealous behavior, it is especially unclear to them where the arrows are being aimed. They are bothered by outside influences or they figuratively falter and cannot concentrate well on themselves. They allow themselves to be influenced, but do not know how to counteract this.

When jealousy is directed at someone, it can be felt without words. You can suddenly feel down or get a puller. Also, the jealousy can come out through words, which are not even directly about the jealousy but are meant to bring the other down. On the other hand, if you honestly admit that you’re jealous and try to explain it, it’s admirable. You leave it to yourself. The other is less bothered by it. It can even improve your relationship!

What can you do about it?

If only there was a magic formula for it! It is recommended to work with energy. A negative vibration can be felt by the other. That’s why I work with the ‘aura protection program’ to ward off and dissipate negative influences. With an aura shield meditation you can protect yourself and your aura. You can do this meditation before you step out the door, for example.

Heart shield meditation

It is more pleasant to listen to a meditation than to have to read it in between. Below you will find the written version. This one is also pleasant and provides a piece of protection for your heart, the love for yourself. If you want you can request the spoken meditation from me. 

Put on nice music with high sound vibration. You can find this on Youtube, like this sample snippet! Sit quietly, keep your eyes closed, and allow for relaxed, calm breathing. Imagine yourself wrapped in white light, wrapped around you, as if it were your aura. You are already protected. Keep both hands on your upper abdomen, just above your belly button. Let the breath flow here. Feel this pleasant sensation. You may take the time for all steps in this meditation.
Think about your white aura.

Ask Archangel Michael to build a thin layer of blue crystal glass over your white aura. See this shield in the shape of a round egg-shaped circle at the height of your heart and upper abdomen. It is wafer-thin blue glass with many facets and sparkles like crystal. This thin layer provides extra protection. Enjoy this feeling for a while.

This aura shield will dissolve in the coming days. You benefit from this. When you need it again, rebuild your shield! When you have finished the meditation, bring your hands together in the prayer position and say, “Amen”.

Jealousy: why are you jealous and what can you do about it?

Gemstones also have a certain energetic vibration, which means that they can be helpful with their special effect. Try carrying a labradorite with you, or give it to your child (or pet). It ensures the protection of your inner self, so that you can fully be yourself. It wards off the effect of negative, jealous vibrations from the other and allows you to speak the truth. There are of course even more stones and other things that are important so that you don’t let yourself get discouraged!


Working with your chakras

If you think it’s unfair how someone treats you, you can feel touched. But you can also respond from another level. Of course you first feel the negative vibes in your heart area, so at your heart chakra. How do you respond to that? You can decide for yourself. Do you want to let your heart touch or do you want to rise above it and go against it? For example, you can name what you feel. Then you use your throat chakra: the area of ​​communication. You stand up for your rights in a calm manner. The throat chakra is literally one level above your heart chakra. So you can say that you are ‘above it’ if you open your mouth (in a calm way).

Jealousy: why are you jealous and what can you do about it?

But sometimes you’re not there yet. At those moments, for example, you can ask for help from the magnetic energy field that surrounds the earth. The world-famous physicist Albert Einstein already said that commuting (communication and tuning) works with that energy field. You can also call it the universe, or the higher world. Whether the Divine world, spirit, or angels.


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