Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Join the network: Join the caravan of love

One of the things I didn’t see coming when I founded Nieuwetijdskind was that I would also be surrounded by people who let their hearts and souls flow into their life and work. People with a mission who know that systems need to be changed from within. Not fought, but embraced with love. It is perhaps the greatest gift New Age Child has brought me because I am constantly surrounded by love. And together we have nurtured and partly created a network in 12 years. One of light, love, wisdom and connection.
It’s why I came here, to nurture and expand that network on this beautiful planet. Planting seeds of love. Inform and activate people. People who hold within themselves the keys to create heaven on earth.People like you.

At the moment it seems as if heaven on earth is further away than ever. An enormous dehumanization is taking place at a rapid pace and worldwide. People become QR codes. us-scans-us. Coordinated and centralized on a global level. Automation and dehumanization. Completely emotionless.

Total alienation from our true nature. Towards the digital cashless person who ‘owns nothing and is happy’. Has no more rights. A social credit score as happens in China is suddenly very close. Socially desirable behavior is already enforced by your own government. I’m sure it will surprise many. I do. I find it heartbreaking to see.That’s why I stand up to make my voice heard.

And this is what we can do.

We can connect, here and now, with that network created of light, love and wisdom. So that your uniqueness remains nurtured in times of uniformity. So that you are carried when you are tired, and heard when you are sad. So you can charge and let go. So that you can support others who benefit from your love and light. So you can be yourself, without judgment. We can organize ourselves and continue to realize that we are that network. That love, that wisdom and that light.

That light power that is needed to awaken consciousness. Which is needed to bring heaven to earth. That luminosity that knows that there is no point in fighting, that only light can make the dark remember that it is actually light.We can continue to connect with the network that is gently calling:

Every woman, every man Join the caravan
of love (Stand up, stand up, stand up


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