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Judith Orloff on subtle self-defense against energy vampires

Judith Orloff is a psychiatrist and professor at UCLA. She has several publications to her credit, lectures regularly, including outside the United States, and has contributed to several television programs, including The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Subtle Worlds:  Judith Orloff on subtle self-defense against energy vampires

Judith Orloff struggled with her extraordinary hypersensitivity during her life.
Energetically speaking, she belongs to the type of person she calls intuitive empaths: intuitive empaths. Such people not only sense energy, but have a tendency to absorb disturbing energies around them, and lose vital energy to energy vampires.

The following excerpts and summaries are from an interview with Judith,
Conscious Media Network, April 2008.

Are you an intuitive feeler?

Answer the following questions:

Have you been hypersensitive all your life?
Do you seek the solitude to refuel after you’ve been among people?
Do you tend to overeat when faced with a lot of negative energy?
Do you like being alone? If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are an empath.
You tend to absorb energy from others.
Feeling is okay, but not absorbing all that energy!
What can you do about this?

Advice to feelers

You mustn’t learn to get a thicker skin, as is often advised, or just to stand it, to pull yourself together, to be strong, to feel no more. That advice usually comes from people who don’t know the problem of absorbing unwanted energy from others. Many intuitive empaths get diagnoses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These complaints are the result of the fact that they absorb so much disturbing energy.

Tip 1: Measure your energy level after meeting people.
Determine whether your energy level after a conversation, meeting, or contact with anyone remains the same, has gone up or has fallen. You do this with the help of your body intuition and it is not difficult for empaths. You can also measure the effect of a place or environment on your energy level.

If your energy does not match that of someone else, then you suffer from such an encounter. Remember that and draw your conclusions from it. Do not be fooled by people who do not recognize your problem on an energetic level at all.

When you are a woman you may meet a very charming man. You have a great time in his company, but afterwards you are dead tired and you tend to take a nap. Then never marry this man! Remember this effect. Write it down. Draw your conclusions from it.

Judith Orloff
Emotional Freedom – Published by Servire

The advice seems simple, but empaths are surrounded by people who often talk them into ignoring their feelings. In addition, they often have not trained themselves to weigh their energetic responses to others heavily in choices within relationships and groups.

Energy Vampire: The Drama Queen and the Control Freak

Tip 2: Learn to consciously deal with energy vampires.

An energy vampire sucks your vital energy. There are different types walking around, each with their own tactics, but the effect they have on you is very noticeable. You get tired, sleepy, or maybe even sick when you meet one. Sensitive people can have palpitations, their stomachs turn into their presence; many more physical symptoms are possible.

A well-known type of energy sucker is the drama queen.

This can be a woman but also a man, who always comes across all kinds of things, who constantly tries to attract attention with his or her stories. NEVER ask such a person how he is doing. Don’t give him energy, stay calm and centered. Immediately adjust your body language in the presence of this sucking worm:

don’t look him straight in the eye as if you would be interested in his stories, cross your arms and if you sit also your legs, to drama queenshield your energy. Demonstratively direct your attention to something else in your environment: papers on your desk, a glass or cup on the table, etc.

In this way you radiate the language so that you do not mix your energy with that of the other. Keep your tone friendly but decisive ;Be calm and don’t respond to what he says. Drama queens feed on the energy of emotional reactions. So when you get angry, or annoyed, or frustrated, you give them what they want. You feed them. So: blank, neutral react!

Energy Vampire: The Control Freak

If this type is your boss, then you may have a problem. It is energetically not possible to control a control freak yourself. Often they are narcissists, who are only concerned with themselves.

Characteristic for them is that they cannot empathize with another person at all, or look at the world through the eyes of another – which is exactly what an empath can do so well. Narcissistic control freaks can be very charming, as long as they feel like you’re going with them. If not, they may turn against you. But they usually pick out weak victims.If you dare to stand up for yourself and radiate self-confidence, they will leave you alone.

Judith Orloff says that you have to recognize this type and then learn to adapt your language (body language, colloquialism) in communication with such an energy vampire. Understand that he or she cannot empathize with you. For example, if you want different working hours, do not use arguments that are important to you as an intuition: “I can spend more time with my children”. Use an economic, financial argument: “that saves time/other gains”.

good intentions
true to yourself

healers and overweight

Many healers are overweight . Fat and mass around your body do have some protective properties, but as a method to protect yourself against excessive absorption of negative energy, this is a very unhealthy solution.

There are even healers who claim that they need their excess weight to transform the energies they take from their clients. Such healers deliberately take in the pain, the disturbing vibrations of others to filter or transform it within their energy system. Judith strongly advises against this. You can help guide certain vibrations without recording them yourself. You must have that intention.


A simple but very effective advice, when you feel a lot of negative energy around you and through you: breathe and keep breathing well! Many sensitive people respond to the fear reactions of their bodies, and take shallow breaths.

This makes you more and more anxious. If someone calls you names, annoys you, makes you angry, etc, immediately start breathing as consciously as possible, to filter the negative energy from your subtle energy system.

Don’t react to that person or situation, that always costs you energy. When you wonder what to do, you do it from calmness and tranquility, when you are centered.

Water and meditation

Another method to get rid of negative energy is to wash your hands. Take a shower or bath, go for a swim, even drinking water helps! If you are in a restaurant or cafe, go to the toilet and rinse your hands and arms under the tap. It works right away.

Then immediately take a moment to rediscover yourself. Meditate with the aim of energetically disentangling yourself, reclaiming what is yours. You can immediately think more clearly and decide better what you can do best.

About energy

Negative energy tries to get hold of you. It can chase you and try to force itself on you. Energy loss occurs through negative emotions.

Positive energy behaves very differently. It does not impose itself, you connect with it and experience it directly, but in a calm way.

When people learn to transform their negative emotions – and those are skills you can learn – real emotional freedom is created.


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