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Karma and our life lessons

Karma is about the law of cause and effect

In general, karma means that whatever we do, think, or say eventually comes back to us. Karma is the action (and not the result of this action). Karma has to do with choices we make and their consequences. It is the neutral basic law of cause and effect in this universe.

Karma comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘to act’ or ‘action’. It’s about the law of cause and effect. Typical proverbs that portray this are: ‘Whoever digs a pit for someone else, will fall into it himself’, ‘Whoever bounces the ball, can expect it back’, or ‘Boon comes for his wages’. You probably also have the statements “That’s bad for my karma!” or “karma is a bitch” heard.

The basis of karma can be found in Buddhism and Hinduism . Karma in Hinduism assumes that good deeds lead to good consequences and evil deeds lead to bad consequences. This involves physical, verbal and mental acts, the latter of which weigh the heaviest. Your thoughts, words, actions and intentions have a karmic effect.

positive and negative karma

For example, positive karma is forgiveness , humility, selflessness, respect for others, being loving.

Negative karma is allowing negative or destructive thoughts , cheating, lying, manipulation, encouraging evil.

The Hindus believe that you can get rid of negative karma through advanced meditation techniques. The Buddhists believe that karma is about the present, all past and future lives. That means that whatever you do now can come back in this life or in the next life. All your actions in this moment determine the future, present and past. The Buddhists focus on the liberating potential of the mind. It is about your free will and that you take the right positive actions in the here and now. This way you prevent a repetition of your karmic past. By living positively, you create what is important to your mind.


The soul is the immortal spiritual part of man that temporarily dwells in a body on earth [1] . The Greek word for soul is psyche , meaning “spirit,” “wind,” or “air.” The concept of ‘soul’ is abstract for most people. We do speak of inspiration, walking with the soul under one’s arm, about heart and soul, about soul and bliss. Most people can derive meaning from that.

“The soul in the most commonly used sense is the non-material, spiritual component of people. In another (esoteric) view it is the carrier, expression or vehicle of the ego or (eternal) mind [2] .”

From the holistic view, the soul is nothing more than energy. A vibration, a certain frequency that we cannot perceive with our eye. Our body cells are made up of molecules. Each molecule has its own frequency. The physical body has a low frequency, the soul a high one. Together they resonate into a whole. In any case, that’s the intention. If this does not happen, then there is a disease, pain or blockage.

Every person has his own frequency. The more sensitive you are, the higher the frequency. This also means that as a human being you become more sensitive to stimuli around you. The soul is an energy with a body as a temporary residence on earth. There are two basic types of energy: the physical and the subtle.

Life Lessons and Karma

Karma (emotions and obstacles) are stored in your DNA, in your blueprint , so that your soul retains the memory of traumatic experiences. As a result, karma can ‘travel’ with your soul over several lifetimes. Karma repeats itself until it’s released. These are often our ‘blind spots’, fears. It can be a common thread in your life.

Karma affects our entire system; psychologically, emotionally, physically, energetically and mentally. The cause of a problem in the present life can therefore lie in a previous life. They are the life lessons we learn every life.

During birth the soul incarnates in the body and during death the soul excarnates. The body perishes, the soul travels on. And, if it has properly said goodbye to the earth and the lessons on earth, goes back to the soul world to start a new adventure in a new body.

Timo is a 1 year old baby and cries day and night. His parents seek the right help and come to an NEI coach, who receives information from the baby through the unconscious. When Timo is tested, it soon becomes apparent that the emotions are on the gallbladder. He’s frustrated that it’s in a baby’s body and he can’t do anything. One of the emotions on the gallbladder is stubborn.

And what this baby wants is just to follow his own wisdom from freedom. Precisely because this was already stopped in a previous life. This memory took the soul to this life in which Timo feels himself heavy and clumsy in his baby body.After three sessions in which blockages and a karmic part from past lives were integrated, he was able to accept that he is in a baby body and the crying stopped.

In that previous life, Timo’s soul as a human being suffered traumas that were not properly completed in that life. The memory from a past life was activated, triggered by the baby feeling ‘trapped’ in its baby body. That manifested itself in Timo’s crying.

Karma repeats itself until it is released.

Letting go of karmic connections

Imbalance arises because the unconscious emotion dominates. This is seen as a blockage that prevents the energy from flowing freely. Integration can take place by allowing the unconscious part to become conscious.

This is done through a technique in which the left and right hemispheres of the brain are brought into balance, so that the blocking emotion can be released. This has an effect on the complaint. Usually the integration is experienced as a relief. There are many methods for integration.

Integration means restoring the connection with your true self. Something you didn’t know, that was unconscious, has become conscious. You give it a place and let go of the old and add new information to the brain, in combination with deep breaths. Then it is the processing of recorded or new information in memory [3] .

What your right brain has experienced, but your left brain did not understand before, is now understood by both hemispheres. amalgamation and amalgamation are other meanings of the word integration; this indicates that there is unity and no longer duality.


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