7 Tips To Keep Thinking Positive (When Things Are Going Down)

Keep Thinking Positive

Do you recognize it? You can’t get rid of your negative thoughts on a regular basis.

You keep grinding and thinking about the things that (could) go wrong, and you don’t manage to be more positive in life.

The step to stay positive is not difficult, but you have to take it. Fortunately, you can teach yourself to think more positively!

In this article we discuss 7 tips to get started to Keep Thinking Positive . Try them out, your way, and enjoy a more positive attitude to life and more positive thoughts.

Why keep thinking positive?

But first of all, what is the advantage of staying positive? Many people are not happy with their negative thoughts, yet they are not very successful in changing them. Fortunately, there are many tricks that you can practice with staying positive.

When you stay positive you will be more resilient in more difficult moments in your life. You make better choices and take the right actions. You always have the choice in how you react to a situation.

People who continue to think positively do not distinguish themselves by never ending up in difficult situations, but they distinguish themselves in how they react to these situations.

It makes a huge difference whether, when you get into a difficult situation, you linger in it for a long time and start to think negatively about yourself, or whether you quickly come up with a solution or acceptance in this situation. Then you can move on to the next experience and you are fully open to life again.

That’s why it’s so important to celebrate your successes properly, and not hide them away.

Many people have a tendency to quickly skip over the things that are going well. Something that has already worked is no longer interesting. But that’s a big mistake! A positive person pays attention and thoughts to what he does well, what works well, what he is good at.

A large part of the things we experience are very positive. But because we pay too little attention to this, the negative things we experience sometimes seem to weigh much more heavily and occur more often.

People with a lot of negative thoughts see mostly negative things happening around them. They pay particular attention to the annoying things and take it very seriously.

A positive person experiences the opposite: in his or her life mainly positive things seem to happen. The same situations can appear very differently to both types of person.

Negative thoughts, such as fear or anger, hinder you from experiencing happiness, even when positive things happen in your life.

Fortunately, the reverse is also the case: if you are optimistic and have positive thoughts, you are less likely to experience unhappiness at a difficult moment.

Staying positive will make you feel better and stronger. It helps you to see possibilities and to create new things and positive situations.

You are better off enjoying the good things that happen to you and more easily letting go of the bad things or even learning from them. This allows you to grow as a person and you are open to the world around you.

Letting go of negative thoughts

But how do you get rid of those negative thoughts? First of all, it’s important to remember that staying positive is not the same as hiding emotions. All emotions you feel are important and may be there, including negative emotions.

When you think positively, you recognize that something bad has happened and that this is triggering negative emotions in you. You listen to your emotions, but then decide not to let these negative emotions take over.

By acknowledging what went wrong, you can then decide to learn from this situation or change your actions. In this way you get out of an event what is in it for you and you do not get stuck in it. You give the emotion a place and can move on with your life.

When you notice that a negative thought comes into your head, you can try to avoid giving these thoughts a lot of ‘space’. When a negative thought comes to your mind, you can choose what to do with it.

Someone who continues to think positively will acknowledge this negative thought, but then let it go. For example, you don’t have to pretend you’re not jealous, or don’t feel bad about the fact that a colleague brought you down. Recognize the feeling right away, and value it.

It can be very helpful to write in a diary. For example, write two pages in a journal every day.

On the first page, you can write about things that you find annoying and that annoy you. But on the second pages you convert your emotions, try to look at the situation from a different angle.

This gives you a little space for your negative thoughts, but precisely because they are spoken, the problem often resolves itself. You don’t keep spinning the thought in your head. Give it a try!

In addition, it works for many people to meditate or practice mindfulness. When you meditate you try to get into a state where you have little or no thoughts, and only experience.

By practicing a lot you can achieve this more easily, but even small exercises can help you get out of a negative spiral of thoughts. You can get away from your thoughts for a while and get a grip on the matter again.

There are several apps and books that can help you meditate and become more mindful. It can help you a lot to let go of the negative thoughts, so that there is room for positive thoughts afterwards.

I now give you 7 tips that will help you to be more positive in life:


Tip 1: Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t always blame yourself when something isn’t quite right in your life. There are many other outside influences that can influence the situation.

Keep Thinking Positive

Tip 2: Think about what you do want

Wish very much: think about it, write down your wishes, make a drawing of it. By thinking a lot about what you want and imagining the situation as it would be, you also attract these positive things. You adapt to it and act on it.

Keep Thinking Positive

Tip 3: Write in a diary every day

It doesn’t have to be a lot and it certainly doesn’t have to be stored anywhere. You can also write about the negative things in your day, but then convert them into positive ones. You will see that regularly the problems that you normally hang in your head all day are already being solved on paper.

Keep Thinking Positive

Extra tip: do this early in the morning, then you will benefit from it all day long.

Tip 4: Have the right people around you

Make sure you have people around you with whom you feel comfortable. Provide people who inspire and give you energy and who can transfer that to you. When you surround yourself with positive people, they will give you the right example and encourage you to approach the situations in your life with a more positive outlook.

Keep Thinking Positive

Tip 5: Ensure confirmation

Do something every day that you know you can do well and that makes you feel good. Do this activity consciously and enjoy it.

Keep Thinking Positive

Tip 6: Think about your successes

When you have achieved something you can be proud of it. Enjoy having succeeded when you achieve something. Don’t act like it was easy, it’s all going to be okay and everyone else could have done it too. No, you worked hard for this and you can be very proud of that.

Keep Thinking Positive

In this way you will see that there are often many more positive things in your life than you think.

Tip 7: Name what you are happy with

Make a list of the things that make you happyInclude the people you are happy with, your own skills that you value, certainties or freedoms and possibilities that you have, goals you have achieved, you name it. Everything you are proud or happy with in your life belongs in this list.

Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts

Just as negative thoughts can pull you into a negative spiral, positive thoughts can take you into a more positive attitude and view of the world.

When you emphasize the good things that happen to you and focus on what you want, you automatically get a more positive view of the world.

Making a list of the things you are happy with and expressing your wishes to yourself can help you a lot with this. That makes staying positive less difficult than you might think.

Make a list of the things that make you happy. These can be very everyday things: You were on time for the bus today, it will be on the list! You’ve had a good conversation with a friend, that should be on too!

It helps you to think about the positive parts of your current life. It makes you aware that there are many things in your life that can make you happy. This can be very simple (the new socks that are so comfortable or the good atmosphere at work), to very profound (that friend you can always rely on or a large purchase that you have been able to make after years of saving).

Try naming 10 things that make you happy and see if you can add to the list later. It is important that you do not take things for granted, everything can come back on the list! If something makes you happy or you are proud of it, then you should appreciate something.

Another (follow-up) exercise is writing a letter to a few close friends describing why you are happy about your friendship with them. You don’t have to send them, that’s up to you.

Write down why the friendship does you so much good, what you appreciate about them, and what you hope for the future. Even if you don’t send them, you are once again aware of the nice contacts in your life.

Furthermore, it is very important to always think about those things that you want to happen. Once you regularly think about what you want to happen instead of worrying about what you don’t want to happen, you will find yourself acting more positively.

A person who is constantly worried about what could go wrong focuses all his attention on what he does not want to happen.

And that’s exactly what you don’t want! Think about what you do do and imagine what it would look like if your wish came true. Don’t just do this in words, but imagine it completely.

Imagine what it would be like to be in that situation, what does this look like, how would you feel?

By focusing on the positive things you want to happen (rather than thinking about what you don’t want to happen), you make them much more likely to come true. You will see that you will take steps to achieve your goal! You automatically move in the right direction.

The positive influence of staying positive

Those who think positively are open to possibilities and solutions.

Contented, grateful and happy thoughts make your thoughts resourceful and creative. There are many positive effects of positive thinking on your daily life.

If you consciously think positively, you can notice the following effects in yourself:

  • Your emotions are more positive
  • You have more energy
  • You are better protected against stress
  • You are less prone to depression
  • You are more likely to get help from people around you
  • You solve problems and conflicts more easily
  • You are open to new ideas and are more creative

Learn to stay positive consciously

In every situation, whether it is good or unpleasant for you, you have the choice in how you react and how you think about it. Make sure that you are gentle with yourself and that you do not drive yourself into the ground in the event of a setback.

Positively minded people also experience unpleasant things, but they do not involve themselves more than necessary. Evaluate your own role and the situation, but don’t unnecessarily blame yourself for the bad things that happen to you.

When you notice that a negative emotion arises in you, you can consciously convert it with positive thinking. So you can teach yourself to stay positive in whatever circumstances.

For this you can go through the following steps:

Analyzing negative emotion. Ask yourself why you feel this negative emotion. Consciously think about what went wrong or about what has happened and consider for yourself what touches you so much. Try to get this very clear for yourself, without judging yourself or others.

Evaluate the event. Ask solution-oriented questions: What things can I do differently in the future? Is there also a (very small) advantage to the situation? You are now giving yourself the opportunity to look at the situation from a different angle.

Take action. Ask yourself what you can change about the situation. Make sure you don’t shy away from the emotion and take action. You can do this by writing off your emotions and then making an action list, which you can start working on the same day.

A person who thinks positively realizes that he himself is responsible for his own actions and for his own happiness.

With positive thinking you become the master of your own life and your own feelings, and you do not let unpleasant events or other people get in the way. Positive thinking gives your whole life a more positive glow and ensures that you will experience more happiness. Enjoy!


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