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Kryon ‘channeling’ on physics and science. The new laws of physics.

Greetings, my friends, I’m Kryon from the Magnetic Service. Indeed, there are those who felt us as they walked in this room this morning, for we leave none of you alone! (meaning that this is the second day of the Shasta Event.)

My partner is worried and he usually isn’t. We talk so often about love. We are talking about things he is usually involved in during the channeling. But it’s about science now. We use his technical brain and his logical thinking and his pure channel to inform you about things we would like to transfer.

So right now let me just say this to him: “Dear partner, relax, because we will take this one step at a time. We give you those words that you can understand. The information will be understandable. But take it slow.”

Some of you may wonder why we do this. Yesterday we gave you the esoteric words. In the channeling before this – it seems like a minute ago to me – we gave you a lot of esoteric information. We now complement this with the other side – scientific knowledge you need to hear. Information that we have spoken of before will merge today with knowledge that is new to you,

allowing you to hear the truth about physics in certain areas that you probably do not know. We are giving you this information for a reason. First of all, we want to ensure that this knowledge is recorded. There will come a time when someone will use this transcription to compare it with what science has discovered. Then they will see that this coincides with their discovery.

Then they will have to admit that this esoteric message was really true… no human being standing on stage in front of a large audience would dare to guess about science. These are innovative ideas and they will eventually end up in your textbooks. So, keep an eye on this while you wait. I’m Kryon from the Magnetic Service. When we do this properly, we will have to give you an overview and record it correctly.

I told you that I would be explaining astrology and this requires me to go over some scientific knowledge about your biology with you, because this has a relationship not only with astrology but with almost everything that is happening to you and the planet.

The magnetic nature of DNA.

Your DNA is complex – it is elegant and every little piece has a reason. There is nothing superfluous, no clutter and it is a beautiful design. What appears random and chaotic is apparent, for the system lies very compactly within the interdimensional structure of a system working with those beautiful strands.

In the three dimensions you see the double helix. For many years you have seen this as a strand—a strand in its own right, responsible for the genealogy (family science) of all that you are. The ends of the strands of DNA are the ‘telomeres’ (is fundamental to the stability of the chromosomes). These long strands seem to do nothing but wear down with age—a copy of a copy of a copy—and may be responsible for your eventual death.

Recently there was a discovery in your science that seemed to go unnoticed and which at its core is probably one of the most fundamental discoveries connecting you and the magnetic grid. The DNA is not a strand, but an electrical circuit. It took some time to acknowledge this as it was a very detailed connection.

So, suddenly the DNA is not a strand, but a circuit and now the fun begins. Because within this circuit you now have a property of potential electric current. So you see – the human being is a bio-electrical device and your brain and the synapse and your muscle responses all work with the neurons that ignite the pulse/pulse, trillions of these that make the body work.

And so the body’s electricity is suddenly involved in the DNA, because current flows through the circuit. It’s minuscule, barely detectable even by your best instruments.
So, the first thing we want to tell you is this – scientists, look for a tiny electrical current! Because you will discover it! And not only that, you will find that the electricity flows through your chemistry in a very unlikely way.

DNA isn’t supposed to conduct electricity, but it does… it’s almost a superconductor. So now you have electricity flowing through a circuit. In basic electricity, you learn that electricity flowing through a circuit creates a magnetic field. Therefore, DNA possesses a magnetic field of its own…each double helix.

Oh sure, it’s small, but when you look at trillions of those particles of the human body, you’ll find that they all have a magnetic field – the entire human being becomes magnetic.
Because of the physics of magnetism, you discover something else.

When one magnetic field overlaps another, something known as inductance happens. Inductance is that magical property that, when two magnetic fields overlap and merge, communication and transfer of energy can take place. It is used daily in almost all electrical appliances.

What you need to know now is that inductance is the engine of DNA-change, receiving both appropriate and unsuitable magnetic instructions from the environment. That is why we have repeatedly warned you not to expose yourself to magnetic fields for extended periods of time.

However, there is another phenomenon – suddenly you get the ability to receive information through the magnetic grid of the planet, for you are now aware that you now possess your magnetic generator, your own DNA. Therefore I am Kryon of the ‘Magnetic Service’.

Let me now correct information that we gave you in 1989 when we said that the Earth has a magnetic field that masquerades as your consciousness. We said that if you stepped outside this magnetic field, you would get sick. You cannot live outside this field. We now challenge you again to prove this, because you need this to make space travel. This fact has never changed.

In the past, we asked scientists to look at very interesting properties waiting to be discovered. Look at what happens when you place a human being even slightly outside the magnetic field. They’re going to feel uncomfortable and get sick! You have placed research labs in the North Pole.

Scientists lived there for several months. At the two poles of the Earth, there is a coincident neutrality… no fusion of magnetism. There is a singularity (exception) at the North Pole and a singularity at the South Pole that is not in balance with the human cellular structure.

So, scientists, take a look at the health of those who have been in those research labs for some time, because you will discover something in their disease and their cancer. Then it will turn out that the normal curve of human health has changed, for they have been off-balance for too long and had to pay the price.

Those that orbit the Earth for long, even months, were somewhat outside the magnetic field you now live in, and then you will discover the same. Examine the bone marrow. Look at their immune system and find that it is going to fail if you go outside the magnetic field. Your planet’s magnetic field works with your DNA in a way you don’t know yet. It talks to your DNA.

In 1989 I told you that the magnetic grid would move more in 10 years than in the last 100… and it did. It is on its way, some say, to experience another flip of polarity, as it has happened in the past. But not yet. It does move and it moves like I said. (This is a known scientific fact and verifiable)

Well, I will tell you why it moved – because the consciousness of this planet it moved and the beginning of this movement was at the Harmonic Convergence (coincidence). It is no coincidence that it started then. It moved to show your enlightenment. It moved allowing for an awakening of the planet.

That’s the reason it moved and there is and there has been a shift in the intuition of so many around the planet. The energy grid (coordinate system) spoke to the DNA and to the consciousness of humanity. Now thousands are suddenly asking, “Has there been more than I’ve been told?” Maybe you are one of these people. Perhaps that is why you are reading this page.

There are other places on the planet that are difficult to live in and that is at zero. At the equator and around the equator there is a meeting of the positive and the negative and they slowly change – one becomes the other. In these regions the magnetic grid is not constant and it is not linear.

There are parts where it is stronger and where it is less strong. It also doesn’t exactly follow the equator. It follows a curve above and below the equator and this has been mapped for you and your scientists know where the zero is.
Look at this map of zeros and you will find most of the places on this planet where there is ongoing trouble – most of the diseases, wars, terror and genocide on this planet. The greatest imbalance exists at the zero point.

This is because of the magnetic grid and because the DNA receives information from balance. Eighteen years ago we asked this question, “Where can we find the greatest enlightenment, Kryon?” This was published in our first live channel transcript. And the answer was, “Go to the temperate zones.”

So not on the equator. Do you understand now why we said what we said? Stay out of the areas around the equator and you will find a place that is more balanced and…cooler! That’s the simple truth.

So gentlemen scientists, look at this because you will discover a synchronicity here that you did not expect. When you travel to the stars, when you travel to the planets, you better take your magnetic field with you in a simulated way. Make this field the same as what the earth gives you for those days, for those years when you’re in a cocoon. If you don’t do this you won’t make it.

Surely this will have to be recognized by those who intend to travel to the planets and to the stars (NASA). So here’s the invitation to the biologists (science of life) – answer the question: “Does the human cellular structure need the Earth’s magnetic field to sustain life and balance for a long time?” Use the information at the poles from recent years and the time you have already spent in orbit. The answer will be yes.


Now let’s move on to the topic of astrology . This seems to be an esoteric subject, but it is not. It’s one of the most misunderstood features of science…and which, by those who don’t think clearly, is classified as occult. Let me remind you that this was also the idea of ​​those who believed in germs before the proof was provided.

Imagine…an invisible microorganism that causes disease (sigh…must be occult, or some ET plan to invade Earth!) When your tools and wisdom got to the point of understanding all this, it became science through which lives could be saved. Well, let’s tell you that astrology is the same. It is science, although it is now thought to belong to mysticism.

If you include this in my discussion of magnetism (above), you will realize that the human being is constantly influenced by the magnetic grid of the planet and that it was designed that way for communication and balance.

I would like to reveal to you what landed (or was placed on) the magnetic grid that may have been part of the communication we are talking about. Oh sure, a lot of information is transmitted that way, but I’ll give you the astrological info.
At the center of your solar system is your Sun. Your Sun is magnetically charged every second of the day with gravity.

You cannot separate gravity and magnetism because they are the two counterparts (twin forces) of the same property of science, that is, one is related to the other. Light is also involved, for it is also interdimensional. When something in your reality can be in two places at the same time, it must be a quantum property (interdimensional) and light falls into that category, along with magnetism and gravity.

Magnetism, gravity and light are the mysteries of your reality. None of these three are really well understood. They are simply used instead. You know what they do, but you have no idea what they are.

So, your Sun is here with the planets pushing and pulling on it as they revolve around the Sun. Imagine the power of the Sun tugging and pulling through all the planets on the various connecting lines they make.

Think for a moment that you could think of gravity and the incredible power of gravity as threads on the planets pulling at the center of the Sun. This would create a constantly changing pattern of threads, wouldn’t it? Because it is distorted every day, every moment.
This modeling is an interdimensional restructuring of the Sun.

Therefore, you could say that the quantum modeling of the Sun is different every moment, depending on the position of the planets. Think what this property of this pushing and pulling does to the Sun when the planets align! Think about what happens when there’s what you call a retrograde (an apparent backward movement of orbits) seen from another orbit. So now we’re back to a constantly changing modeling in the Sun that is interdimensional, magnetic, and even affects time.

What do you know about the Sun other than the fact that it emits and heats light? The Sun is constantly bombarding the Earth with something called solar wind. It is a continuous stream of charged particles (magnetism!). This is the information from the modeling of the Sun that is transferred to the Earth’s magnetic grid.

And if in doubt, watch the aurora borealis (the Northern Lights). For that is the name of the light show of the solar wind when it hits the magnetic grid of the Earth, which creates its own inductance and conveys the information of the modeling of the Sun to you.

When the transformation arrives on the grid of the planet, it is then transferred through an additional inductance to your DNA at birth. Birth, when you receive it at the moment of your first breath, is your first interaction with the environment as an independent life. Aquarius, Pisces, Aries – you get a model of the Sun.

And the pattern is a reflection of the connecting lines/spots of the planets at the time of your birth. This pattern is embedded in your DNA as a life force that we spoke about yesterday when we talked about the apparent chaos of the energy in an interdimensional realm. It affects you and from then on you are sensitive to the energy of the patterns as they were aligned in your solar system at that time.

You call this astrology. Some say, “I don’t believe it.” We have just given you the information that you are sensitive to the patterns of the interdimensional orbital mechanics and yet there are those who say, “I don’t believe it.” Okay, I want to ask you this – how do you explain the full moon syndrome?

The Moon is the largest body orbiting the Earth and it models the Sun, but has an important influence on your grid with its pulling power. (Gravity is related to magnetism) Why do police forces around the world decide to deploy extra manpower at full moon? Some say, “Well, that’s easy. It is then lighter and so more crimes will take place. So no. It would then relate to light, not to the Moon’s orbit, because it happens even on a cloudy full moon night.

Ask the hospitals, because they are also involved; they have to take care of the victims of accidents and challenges between people on these days. They know that the full moon is a difficult time. Well, go explain that… and the only way is through astrology. Astrology is an important influence on human behavior and it is science and it has to do with DNA and the human mind.

Can you imagine what this would contribute to helping humanity when this was finally recognized? You are sensitive to the movement of the planets. You are operatively connected to Gaia. You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? It’s science. They know that the full moon is a difficult time. Well, go explain that… and the only way is through astrology.

Astrology is an important influence on human behavior and it is science and it has to do with DNA and the human mind. Can you imagine what this would contribute to helping humanity when this was finally recognized? You are sensitive to the movement of the planets. You are operatively connected to Gaia. You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? It’s science.

They know that the full moon is a difficult time. Well, go explain that… and the only way is through astrology. Astrology is an important influence on human behavior and it is science and it has to do with DNA and the human mind. Can you imagine what this would contribute to helping humanity when this was finally recognized? You are sensitive to the movement of the planets.

You are operatively connected to Gaia. You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? It’s science. Can you imagine what this would contribute to helping humanity when this was finally recognized? You are sensitive to the movement of the planets. You are operatively connected to Gaia.

You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? It’s science. Can you imagine what this would contribute to helping humanity when this was finally recognized? You are sensitive to the movement of the planets. You are operatively connected to Gaia. You are part of the system. How can you ever deny such a thing? It’s science.

Now you will understand, astrologers, why we told you eighteen years ago that there would be a difference in the table that you have to rectify before and after, to find out what has taken place in the energy shift and the magnetic grid between then and now. . We were talking about a three-degree difference in your table between now and 2012. Those three degrees don’t all happen in one house.

These three degrees involve revising all shapes and sizes of houses to a new configuration. Get started, make the corrections and see what we mean. Put the old and new horoscopes on top of each other and you will notice through your clients how these changes shift.

The world-class astrologers know it’s changing. Even astrology is dynamic, because it is connected with magnetism, indeed!
Now my partner, Lee, thinks, “Well, that’s easier than I thought.” Well, that doesn’t apply to the following.

The new laws of physics.

Now we are going to deal with the subject of physics. Let me tell you something about the concept of paradox or dilemma. Let me tell you what science has done with the concept of paradox.

I am telling you things that have never been said before.
It’s a beautiful law. Sure, and Newton discovered it. It is a law that is responsible for all orbital mechanics in your solar system. It explains everything, sure, and it’s Newton’s second law (force changes motion). It’s a description. Careful, my partner, take it slow. (This is Kryon’s way of telling Lee to be extra vigilant.)

It’s a description of his fundamental formulation of force, matter, and acceleration. And this fundamental property explains the motion of planets—the motion and inertia of motion everywhere.

It does so well that this formula is responsible for the calculations you use to send your satellites and the space probes into your solar system. All the mathematical formulas that form the core of Newton’s second law work.

If you are interested in your own solar system and if you are into astronomy, you will see what Newton saw – that the planets (bodies of constant mass) that are closer to the gravitational influence of the Sun move at a different speed than the celestial bodies that are further away.

This became the formula of Newton’s second law and it is still believed to be correct to this day…until recently your science ran into some problems.
The first phenomenon that caught our attention was when the particles became too small, and then that law failed. It no longer followed the rules. When you got to the atomic structure, the formula was different.

This was, in fact, the reason for the birth of quantum physics – the explanation of the small and the very small and the theories that accompany them, including the interdimensional. And it was okay with the science. New theories claimed that when matter becomes super small, there must be a difference in interaction between mass objects.

Some say this is due to the fact that the smaller particles don’t have a constant mass that the planets and the moon do…which isn’t too difficult for the scientist’s brain. The human being, too, has the ability to experiment with the super-small through atomic accelerators—protons and antiprotons colliding at the speed of light to see what happens. So man could verify the new laws within the super small world. Then something happened.

With the advent of Earth’s new “eyes” through computerized mirrors in rows of telescopes arranged in a circle, you began to study distant galaxies and see them clearly. Much to the surprise of the astronomers, they could see that the stars revolved around the center of a galaxy, like your planets revolve around the Sun, but with a big difference. It didn’t follow Newton’s law!

To the astronomer’s surprise, they found that the stars rotated around the center of a galaxy in what is called a fixed rotation process. Let me explain this for you – slower, my partner (for Lee). If you were to take a board and place some pebbles on it – far from the center – and then carefully rotate the board around, you would see that all the particles you placed on the board rotate one after the other,

as they interact with each other in the same way. would affect. In other words, one does not go faster or slower than the other due to the distance from the center. That’s called fixed rotation and this is what galaxies do.

However, suddenly Newton’s second law no longer works! Stars have a large constant mass, yet they do not follow the rules of the orbital mechanism. Newton’s law seems to work for solar systems, but not for galaxies. That is strange and it is at the heart of the controversy and the eventual discovery of something astronomy shows.

In the mathematics of energy measurement of the Universe, science says that something you can’t see creates an energy that acts on matter in a way that affects Newton’s law. They say they don’t know what it is and they can’t see it. It is an invisible energy that creates a new kind of orbital or orbital system,

which they now realize is in all the galaxies. So they call it dark matter, mysterious matter that affects everything.

Dark matter isn’t really dark, it’s just the scientific expression for missing energy. That’s all. Something pushes and pushes in a way that doesn’t follow the orbital mechanism of Newton’s classical law. How is that possible? Well, this is the dilemma. The very small does not work well; the very big one.

Your solar system seems to be behaving nicely. Currently someone is working on this issue and I have to mention this. So put on your esoteric hat. Newton had an assistant involved in his work. This assistant lives in the here and now and he is, of course, an astronomer. He is reincarnated with the passion in his cellular structure to continue the work and he does! And he is very close to solving this problem.

I’m going to tell you why this paradox, this riddle exists. I do my best to pass it on to my partner in a concise manner so that you can understand the physics. It has never been announced this way. You are close to discovery and it is in the air. So I’m not giving you anything that goes against human free will to make a discovery on your own. The solution floats in the system, ready to be found.

Supplement to Known Forces in the Universe.

Once discovered, the new theory will meet a lot of scientific resistance and I’ll tell you why – because you need to rewrite and replenish the Four Forces of the Universe. (Sigh! Do the known forces change? Lee takes a deep breath) I will give you the names of the four forces of the Universe.

I will not explain them, because that is not the right place today. Listen to what the scientists have said – the four forces are the only fundamental forces that control everything. The first is gravity and is known as the weak force. The second is the electromagnetic force and is known as a strong force.

They form a pair. And the next two form another pair – number three is known as the weak nuclear force, the fourth as the strong nuclear force. It is believed that these four forces are responsible for everything that happens. But now suddenly there is this riddle. Energy is missing! Are you perhaps now thinking that these four powers could possibly be six? And they are as follows.

Look at nature. Look at the nature of your planet. Almost everything appears in a factor of 12. Mathematicians, mathematicians, you know what the factors of 12 are. (That’s six.) The most common factors of 12 that you see in nature are three, four, and six. When you let water crystallize on its own, a six-armed pattern (a snowflake) appears.

The crystal formations are based on 12 with the factors of twelve clearly demonstrable, usually with six. We have told you for many, many years that the elegant science of physics is based on 12. It is an interdimensional math including zero that does not mean nothing or infinite. A zero in universal 12-based math signifies the potential of all probable answers.

It’s not an empirical math like in the 3rd dimension, still you get some results when you start with it. For example, does it mean anything to you when one of the most profound equations you have, that of the circle—named pi—is an irrational number? (An irrational number in mathematics is a number with an infinite and non-repeating extension when expressed in a ten-digit system.)

It goes on and on! Does that say anything about one of the most profound formulas in the Universe? We happen to know that on one of your spaceships there is a plate labeled pi, with the aim that anyone who finds this ship will understand this sign as a means of communication. In case any intelligent life force finding this would say, “Oh, the people know pi! So they must be intelligent.

I tell you that an intelligent society will know as soon as they see this. They will look at it and say, “These creatures are traveling in space and they don’t even have a 12-based calculation system! Look what they think pi is! They still work with a ten-digit system.” It’s like discovering an advanced society with a black and white TV. Pi expressed in a 12-language system is not an irrational, illogical number.

There are six forces of nature. Although four is a factor of 12, 6 and 12 seem to be the most common and thus are the most natural. Look at the chemistry of DNA and consider the factors of 12 in chemistry. It is everywhere. Before I tell you what the other two forces are, let me take a closer look at the naming convention.

I give them properties, not names, because they are named as the scientists later call them and then explain the dark matter.
There is a difference between the galaxy and the solar system – a big difference. Newton, listen. There is normally mass at the center of a solar system. Regardless of the size of the Sun in any solar system, it usually represents a consistent mass.

When you get into the gigantic systems, like galaxies, that’s where there’s magic and discovery. Years ago we told you what causes the rotation at the center of each galaxy, even before it was noticed by science. We said there was something interdimensional in the center – a black hole. A few years ago we came up with the follow-up story; we said there are twins in the center of each galaxy.

There are two quantum properties. One you call a black hole and the other, which you cannot see, is its counterpart. It is a push/pull system of an interdimensional energy. They represent the missing piece of the Universe’s heretofore named powers and the energy that ripples back and forth.
Well, stay here for a while (mainly intended for Lee). I give you some images for the following.

I want to tell you what happens when this kind of interdimensional energy is at the center of a phenomenon. Newton’s law no longer applies because the center is not made up of ordinary mass. This interdimensional energy is connected to this. It creates a flat, rotating galaxy because of this cohesion. A set of laws must be developed for a strong and a weak interdimensional force.

These are the last two and together with the existing ones they form six laws. You know gravitational, electromagnetic force, the strong and weak nuclear forces and now there are two more – the numbers five and six – namely the strong and the weak inter-dimensional force.

New information about the center of the galaxy.

Each galaxy has a push/pull system in the center. This is a twin energy system, but you are aware of only one. You are convinced that it is invisible and that it is a black hole. No light can escape it, but you think it is singular – so one phenomenon. It’s not one phenomenon, no, it’s a beautiful, double eye of a needle.

Listen! When you begin to map the Universe and see how the galaxies are actually located, you already know that they are not random. Isn’t that remarkable? Didn’t you think that the so-called Big Bang just randomly scattered everything out of nowhere? So, why is there a pattern? This is the most beautiful part, dear human being.

There is a pattern in the apparent chaos of the interdimensional event called the Big Bang. As we have told you before, your Big Bang was really a huge, interdimensional collision with another interdimensional force. Interdimensionally it seems to be chaos with a hidden pattern.

Imagine, with me, a giant needle and thread, two of these. One goes into the black hole and one comes out the other side. These threads are interdimensional strands of force connecting with other galaxies, “weaving” in and out of their center, which are all binocular black holes. A push and a tug – an interdimensional force that you do not yet know is stringing the galaxies together.

Now imagine that this knitting has symmetry and purpose. If you could see the core, the center of the Universe from a certain angle, you could even see a mandala. The galaxies have come together brilliantly in an elegant dance. The symmetry is expedient, and it has a base of 12. We challenge you to find this out. And those apparent threads,

It is a grid with a symmetry and a purpose… the cosmic grid (as it was defined by Kryon years ago) possesses beauty. And it is the missing energy of the Universe, as seen by those who seek it. The dark matter that everyone is looking for is not in the empty space between objects.

It is in the strands of the interdimensional force between galaxies, which are there for a purpose. Oh, it’s a wonderful system. You would like to see the dark matter have a function in 3D, but that is impossible. It works with the two interdimensional forces of the Universe that are quantum and therefore are out of time and out of sight of your 3D formulas.

The next big discovery… quantum spectacle.

Okay, there’s one more. I want to give you a tip. Again, this information is in the air. That is – it is available to be discovered, it is imminent. Man has to discover these things for himself, but we give small clues. When the discovery takes place, you will know you heard it here. (Kryon smiles).

This is technical. Don’t worry, mate. I’ll give you the picture. For years, your astronomers have placed special lenses on their telescopes to obtain different images of the Universe outside of normal light. The collection of ordinary light images is no longer of interest to real astronomers. They now want to collect the radiation. They want to measure spectrometry (study of the interaction between light (radiation) and matter), so that they can analyze what makes up phenomena.

They like to measure the coming and going of the speed of objects so that they get a red or blue shift to know whether objects are moving towards or away from the observer. For years they have been using special lenses on their telescopes so that they can analyze what ordinary light cannot show them.

Most of you are not aware that many telescopes of the planet are not even used anymore! Everything has to do with a computer-controlled collection of what is hidden in the light, or what is available through other methods of measurement. They know how hot the objects are, what they consist of, where they are going and their orbit anomaly (deviation).

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone on Earth came forward with an interdimensional astronomical lens? And if this happened, what would be seen? One would see exactly the same as what I have described.

First, they would see the twin black holes that appear to be one. An interdimensional lens sees gravity and time and their curvature in patterns.
If you would look at the Universe through this lens, you could see how the twins relate to each other, the pulse of the two and the strands connecting the galaxies very clearly.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? It would explain the missing energy, wouldn’t it? It would oblige science to increase the number of fundamental forces from four to six! And… it is possible.

Well, I’m going to tell you what it looks like… almost. (Kryon smiles). The first clue: You can’t put it on the lens. It should be as close as possible to the receiving device. In the case of an optical telescope, this is the mirror. In the case of a digital telescope, it is its digital eyeball. That means this lens can’t be anywhere other than the focal plane. That’s important for those who build telescopes.

The spot is at the focal point. Note 2: This lens is not material. It’s plasma. The plasma is held together by incredibly strong magnets. Oh, and it’s very cold. (Transl. absolute zero?) And these are the clues.

And when you develop this and when you get excited and work out the clues to the magnetism that makes plasma coherence possible, you will take the next step in astronomy – a revolution and a revelation. The physics will change, your reality will change and I’ll tell you why. This is the last scientific point I make before I close.

I’ll tell you why. When you look at the interdimensional phenomenon, one of the unexpected things you’re going to see is life! Life will be obvious, because of the life force.

The galaxy and stars you see glowing (if you use the filter) will have life all around them! What do you tell me about that? And anyone can get scared. (laughter) It’s inevitable, you know? That’s our science channel.


Just a little while and then you leave. You get out of your seats and leave. And some of you will be sad and say, “You know, if only there was a way to hold this energy… I really like this”. I can tell you, dear people, we have that in common. We like this too. This raises a question – who came to see whom? You see, we’re making apologies so we can spend more time with you, you know?

That way we can be with you. You want to be here because you are interested. But we want to be here because we love you. I would like to invite you to recreate this moment every day of your life. You might say, “Well, that seems rather odd to us. We don’t have all these people with us.

We don’t have all these special people on the scene. And we don’t have the music either. And, and, and…” Oh sure, you have! We gave you only two days of all this; it is in your consciousness now and you can bring it back to where it is at any moment. Come into your quantum state.

Because every time you do this, we’ll be here. That’s the invitation. Slowly become quantum. Get out of your 3D, just a little! And then smile when you feel it.

Some in this room know what I’m talking about; who know that when they go to that place in their meditation, all of this energy comes flying back in these two days. It is within you and it will always be there. You can get up and leave the room. The spectacle is over. And some will say, “Well, that was really, really good. It’s a shame it’s over.” It’s not over! It’s not over.

In these two days some have received messages. The message was often this – honor yourself, take it easy. There is purpose in your life and let the cosmic intelligence flow in and out of you. Be peaceful.

Do not worry. Strengthen your vitality and your health. There is a connection system between every human being in this room, even those reading this, as well as the galaxies of the Universe. Call on them. And make it work for you, dear lightworker. You are not alone!

You are not alone!
You are not alone!

Kryon’s message will never change. When my partner takes his last breath, it’s about God’s love for you and what the family is like and how much we miss you when you are here. It is a time of great joy, reflection and discovery and you let us share in this, along with all of you. This entity loves humanity.

Brother and sister, until we meet you – in whatever form – let the Lemurians play. Let them sing their songs. These are the times you have been waiting for. My brothers and my sisters, flow into this room and let these lightworkers know that you are here.
And so it is …


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