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Kryon – Your Heart Knows Everything

Everything we need and need to know for this time, we carry in our hearts.

“Your Heart Knows Everything”

It’s nice to be back here in Munich and enjoy the warm weather. Much Love is in the air and many changes are coming your way.

As we discussed recently, Love is the answer and after the year 2012, Love is still the Only way. Love will be the way of manifesting. The negative energies of anger, sadness and pain will no longer play a role.

That’s not for everyone in the beginning; first there will be a wave of 144,000 people who will be the first to enter the new energy and they will create a new world and then other people who will bring in new energy.

The Love is starting to flow Beloveds, the new world is about to begin, new processes and new ways of healing are emerging; new ways to release negative energies and deeper insights into Love. There is a new way before us and it will bring joy and freedom into the world, a new state of being.

New energies of Love will flow and they will mingle with the technology developed in the last three centuries; a fairer state of being that is also much easier. Hearts will open and you will love life with open hearts. The new energies will also bring a way of healing and co-creation that is much easier.


Beloved, your spirit guides are entering space. Welcome them into your midst, for many beings from the spirit world are coming here at this time.

Allow the Love to flow, allow connection to occur and create space for the mind. Feel the spirit flow into this space, feel the energies of Kryon…. Kryon is going to play a much stronger role in healing this planet.

Close your eyes…….and lower yourself into your body. Connect with Mother Earth through the soles of your feet and your base chakra. Imagine that Mother Earth is below you and in Her center she has a beautiful pink heart. Allow yourself to descend into this pink heart. Notice your feelings, listen to your breathing.

Relax your body. Listen to your breathing and connect even more deeply with Mother Earth…and let Love flow…as you connect with the person sitting next to you in this circle. Let the Love flow from your heart to everyone in this room and also receive love back from everyone in this room. Allow an even deeper connection to your fellow human beings through your heart.

Look at your heart, is it open, is it closed? Are there blockages in your heart? Look at your heart and be one with your heart… the ears in your heart usually hear better than the ears on your head, and it is the ears of your heart that need to hear this message because now you are really starting this journey of yours .

head to your heart. This is an ancient journey that has been undertaken for many thousands of years and everyone in this room has taken this journey at least once before and we invoke the Light of that experience to guide you so that you will remember one more time how you travels from your head to your heart.

Everything you have learned on this Earth is stored in your head, but your heart is connected to the Universe and knows everything, everything there is to know about everything. Your heart knows EVERYTHING.

It’s time to start listening to your heart… let your mind mingle with your heart… and relax. In the West the emphasis is far too much on the logical mind and in the new energy it will be your heart that takes over.

You are all making this journey to fully open your hearts and keep them open forever. To do that you have to get very soft. Allow yourself to be gentle and tender; in amiability and tenderness you can feel the love. Love is soft and tender and because you manifest your own life you mix that with softness and tenderness.

Everything that is soft and tender in your energy is easily injured. The Western world doesn’t care much for softness and tenderness. It sounds paradoxical that the softness and tenderness create inner strength, but that is the paradox.

You may not want to believe it right now, but this is something that you will have to try for yourself, you have to challenge yourself to move freely in a new world where everything is tender and soft; hardness is no longer an issue, it is the Force that counts. The softer and more lovable we are, the more powerful we will become.

Let your energies become softer and more lovable. We are here tonight to heal your masculine Self. The deepest healing occurs when you are at your softest and most vulnerable. Allow yourself to become softer and more lovable.

You are getting deeper and deeper into your body. You will learn to love your body and truly love yourself unconditionally. This state of self-love occurs when your inner parents love each other. It is imperative that you experience this self-love.

What will happen in the next one to two years is that your inner parents will begin to love each other and you will begin to radiate that on all inner planes of yourself. You are here to copy the Universe; your Solar System. Double meanings arise when you hear expressions such as ‘as above, so below’ or ‘as within, so without’. This means that whatever is going on inside of yourself you will create on the outside of the material world.

The other meaning is that you have an example of a Solar System working together in perfect harmony and that is what will have to be copied. This model will enable you to exist in perfect harmony with yourself and the Universe…. Not only in perfect harmony, but even in complete synchronicity with it.

So let’s allow our energies to go higher and higher…. Allow yourself to feel what it feels like in 2012. Allow yourself to connect with the Universe. Put all your awareness and consciousness into the Universe. Only through invocation can you achieve this and feel how the Universe feels. All of this will take you into a higher vibrational plane.

You are definitely going to a higher vibration, but fear, sadness and anger can get in the way. As you move into those new energies of the Universe, just allow and release your feelings. Let your feelings come and let them go… your feelings are the gateway to the New World. The braver you are to feel what you don’t want to feel, the more you can let go afterwards.

This, Beloved Ones, will become easier and easier… the energies of the New World are now meeting you and lovingly guiding you into the energies of 2012. Change is never easy… one day you do this and the next you do something else.

When you step into the unknown, there is always fear. There is always something holding you back if you want to step into the unknown. Be aware of that and let your fears arise and then let them go… and just know that Love is one of the things you fear most and your essence is one of Love.

Put all your awareness and consciousness into the Universe

You will become more and more your Essence. If we may use the silkworm analogy: When it is still young, it feasts on the leaves of the mulberry tree, it eats and eats and gains weight, then spins itself a cocoon of beautiful silk threads.

After his metamorphosis, he leaves that temporary shelter… and flies into the wide world, a world in which the butterfly flies high through the air and goes from flower to flower and can go anywhere it wants.

A human being is no different, maybe we don’t eat as much as the caterpillar and we don’t get too fat, but we do go through the same process of metamorphosis and that is very human. This is the flight of the butterfly that we are now experiencing. This is the journey we are all on.

The silk threads are an analogy for all the limitations and injuries of your parents. So in order for your own butterfly to hatch, you will have to pull every thread out of that cocoon in order to find your own authentic Self…and that authentic Self is no longer wounded and will enter the new world in a state of wholeness and oneness. …

fully connected with the Universe… one with the Universe and in absolute synchronicity with the Universe. You will fall in love, you will be in love with yourself and everyone will love you too. You will be that magical being who walks the magical path between Heaven and Earth.

That’s your journey… easier said than done. I hear you complaining and asking, “When will it be 2012?”, “What will happen then?”, “What’s next I have to go through?”, “More inner work?”

We hear this and then know that every step you take towards that New World is another step closer… and you will grow and learn to understand the Universe and thereby understand yourself better. And because you learn to understand yourself better, you learn to understand the Universe better again.

Why it is so important to work through your family troubles is because the Sun is the energy of your fathers… your father is the collective energy of all the fathers in your family. When your fathers are weak, the Sun will not shine in your life.

With your inner work you are looking for the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. Because that’s what you want to bring into your own interior… the energy of the Sun that makes up 95% of the entire Solar System.

The Sun holds the Earth, it does not control it; Sun doesn’t tell Earth what to do. Sun only holds Earth and you are inwardly looking for your father who is holding your mother. That’s all inner work; everything we are talking about now is about the inner world, the inner levels of the psyche.

And so you want your inner father to be strong so that he can hold the space for your mother to allow her to experience what she wants most. The stronger your inner father is, the more your inner mother can shift towards the feminine. As your inner mother shifts more and more into her feminine role, she will love your inner father more and more… your inner mother likes to be feminine, she will enjoy being a woman.

The stronger your inner father is and the stronger and more feminine your inner mother becomes, the more space is created for the growth of your inner child. Don’t make the mistake of focusing all your energies on your wounded child.

True healing takes place through healing of the entire family constellation… this means that your mother and father, as well as your grandparents and ancestors, are also included. Your aunts and uncles, cousins, everyone is an aspect of your family and everyone plays a part in it.

And as you bring every aspect into Divine balance, placing it in Divine order, you become stronger and stronger and you become more and more connected to the Universe… thereby creating the space for yourself to enter the New World… to have the experience that you really want to experience in your life.

Beloved, this knowledge has always been hidden. For thousands of years, few have tasted this secret, and now that it is no longer secret, that knowledge now belongs to you too.

Own this knowledge and let this Divine Knowing flow through your body. Sometimes some things don’t get through so easily and in previous times a man would have to meditate for a whole lifetime to come to that conclusion. You are honored and you honor yourselves by fully understanding this knowledge. The energies have shifted for each one’s family constellation and they just need to be strengthened now.

For those of you who are healers on this Earth, your job is to put your own family arrangement in order…to bring peace and harmony into your bodies as is the case in the Solar System. What used to take a lifetime is now going to happen in the next two years. Love begins to flow…

Love will flow from you to your brothers and sisters, flow unconditionally from you to your mothers and fathers and back to you again. Love will flow between your children and yourself and between all your family members and back to yourself. Love, love, love! Everything begins to flow in Divine Harmony and Order. This, Beloved, THIS is the journey.

Let your energies go higher and higher and mingle with the energies of 2012. It is the energy of harmony; it is the energy of your family constellation flowing in absolute Divine Order. Love will flow… you will receive help… find support…. You will receive energetic support from Julie spirit guides, from your angels and even more support and help from Kryon herself, as Kryon’s energy is being sent increasingly and forcefully to planet Earth.

What in previous years took an entire healing session is now only a matter of minutes. Everything is accelerating. Feel the energy moving smoothly and tenderly towards the energy of 2012… give all the troubles that are left to Kryon and allow yourself to see how much love flows between your mother and father. This is the secret of self love.

We know we’re repeating ourselves, but we don’t want you to forget this. Love emanates from planet Earth, we want to make sure you realize this; we wish nothing more than for you to see this very clearly. We would like to put up big signs pointing you the way to Oneness and Wholeness…to Love, Peace and Joy. We want to put up big signposts to show you the way to the New World.

There are two energies that can stand in your way; they are the military energy and the energy of the wounded fisher king. When these two energies are finally released, they will collapse. The healing will take place very easily.

love for your child
Love will flow between your children and yourself and between all your family members and back to yourself.

The times when you pulled your hair out and kept asking yourself questions like “what’s happening, why can’t I get this or that right?” are almost over.

When those kinds of energies are in you, nothing goes right…. That’s how it’s arranged. If your father has military energy, so does your mother, everything is a mirror.

This will only lead to friction between your inner father and mother and result in mutual exhaustion… that energy creates disharmony and lack of communication… in fact that energy doesn’t care if there is communication or not, it just wants what he wants!! This energy doesn’t bring you anything, it just takes more from you.

There is no room in this energy for softness, tenderness and amiability; the energy of softness and tenderness cannot survive near the energy of militarism. Even if we were to say that there is a place for military energy on Earth, which we will not, that energy does not belong in your family.

All men and women once had a vision or a dream about their marriage, and if there was military energy, you can throw that dream overboard. Every problem, really every problem can be solved by Love. There is absolutely no love in military energies or the energy of the wounded fisher king.

Military energy is about control, mastery and the wounded fisher king is covert mastery and control. Control has no place on this planet. The Sun only holds the Earth but does not control it and everything works perfectly in the Solar System, nothing goes wrong at all…. Everything is in complete harmony, in peace and balance. Every problem is solved by Love. Absence of Love causes problems.

There is no Love at the end of a gun barrel, there is no Love at all, that makes the problem worse. Love is the only answer. In South Africa, it was once a peaceful demonstration that brought peace, not armed struggle. Peace and Love will conquer all.

Nothing is so fearless as true Love. There can always be fear of Love, but when the fear is gone you feel Love, you live in another world, a world full of ecstasy and constant connection.. in that world you become that magical being who walks the path between Heaven and Earth .. that magical being is a Being of Love. Love that flows with such a high vibration that it is ecstatic.

You are already at 95 and 98 percent of the energies of 2012… Let that energy increase… let the Love flow and surrender all your fear of the Love. Surrender. Turn in all your weapons. Now no more fighting; the battle you wage within you is only a battle within your inner world. The first to stop is the victor… so let the other run away and find someone else to fight with. Straighten your back and thank God it’s over.

Surrender is always winning. All you do is stop your inner fight. It is wasted energy when two of your parts are fighting each other. When you walk away from that fight, Love immediately begins to flow. No one can take anything that belongs to you… what is yours is yours… the more Love there is in your heart, the more you have and the more it is yours.

Feel the energies…what you feel you create…and with the energy you feel now you will create the life you want to live…the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Welcome to 2012 in 2011; this is the new energy. Be well and God bless you all for this is Kryon.

Thank you.


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