Lack of inspiration and becoming overtired during the ascension process

Lack of inspiration and becoming overtired during the ascension process

Suddenly you get a layer deeper. You don’t know what to do with your life anymore. In the whole ascension process, you are continuously going through different layers and that can do a lot of clearing. This cleaning up can bring up very heavy processes, in which you have the feeling that you are falling back again. However, it also ensures that you feel very good after those heavy processes. This will continue until you have everything balanced and come to zero. Until you are completely neutral with all your emotions, processes, and everything around it that makes it so intense.

It is important that you always put yourself first and continue to take good care of yourself. The latter is not always easy if you do not know exactly what taking good care of yourself is and how you should do it. You are always busy helping others and because of that, you have forgotten yourself. Self-love will have to be built up and that is a very important part of the whole ascension process.

If you don’t take good care of yourself, you can close yourself off from everything and everyone. Then you may sabotage your own process. You then no longer want to go along with the entire ascension process and want to give it up completely. The inspiration to continue is missing and you wonder why you are still doing it. It takes a lot of courage to remain continuously aware of everything throughout the ascension process.

Physical processes

Lack of inspiration and becoming overtired during the ascension process

Then there is also the fact that your body does not always cooperate the way you would like. We are still so programmed according to the human mindset that we have forgotten to honor our bodies. Forgetting to listen to what our body has to say and actually stop ‘working’ when your body becomes exhausted or overtired. The entire ascension process teaches you how to tune in to your body and the energies that are going around. The activations keep coming in and this is only going to get stronger. The better you listen to your body, the better you can handle all the activations/downloads that come in.

It is also possible that you wake up broken in the morning. Then realize that this is because you have processed a lot of processes during the night. People sometimes forget that they are cleaning entire programs while sleeping. Sleep processes should not be underestimated, because a lot happens in them.

This is because you are literally ‘off’ and your multidimensional body gets the chance to process all kinds of processes in your sleep mode. During these processes, multidimensional journeys are often also made and you can have lucid dreams. This can be very tiring and if you don’t know this is happening during your sleep mode, it can also be confusing.

Lots of rest, lots of nature, drinking lots of water, eating high vibrational foods, exercising, and anything that can help your body is very important in this process. Honor your body and honor yourself! Be kind to yourself and realize that if you also have a judgment about the process you are in, you are not kind to yourself and you only work against the process. Realize that if you listen to your body and only do what you love in the moments when you feel inspired by it, you will only help the process. The more you listen to your body, the stronger your inspiration will come back.

Everything works the other way around

Lack of inspiration and becoming overtired during the ascension process

It is not as we are used to and as we have always been taught. We can now unlearn everything that we have learned in our human state. This process can be very intense and exhausting. That is why it is so important to always remain aware throughout the process.

In your human state, you were always used to acting from your head, but now the priority is to act from your heart. It’s important not to keep going because your head tells you to. It’s about listening carefully to your body and picking up on signals that are given. Examples include resting when your body is tired, eating when you are hungry, and not from a state of filling. It’s about really consciously listening to your needs.

You may just have a program somewhere in the system that tells you to eat to be happy. It is also possible that you are dissatisfied with something underlying and you try to ignore that feeling by putting it away with food. So you are hungry or want to fill a void. Here too it is important to always remain aware during all your processes. Listen to your heart and body, not your head. You now work from the inside out.

Have faith in the ascension process

Lack of inspiration and becoming overtired during the ascension process

As cliché as it sounds, it is the process. It is important to continue to have and keep faith in the path that you have walked and chosen. In fact, you can no longer become unconscious because you are already so conscious. It can certainly be exhausting at times and you can get frustrated and exhausted. You may have the desire to be ‘there’ already. Realize very well that this is the ego that wants to make fun of you because the road to it is perhaps even more important and beautiful in this whole process.

Your ego just wants to keep you away from the whole awakening process and you can therefore fall back into all kinds of old processes. Such as victim mentality, anger and frustration, desire, impatience and everything that wants to keep you away from your ascension process.

It could also be that these processes are part of the whole ascension process, for to clean up your system these can come up by literally coming out of it. It will actually help you to show what you can still work on and what you can still become aware of.

Everything is woven together like a very beautiful and large orchestra so that it can play out like a beautiful symphony. We are all part of the bigger picture and in this, it is important to always honor yourself and your processes, keep your heart open and stay aware. It is also important to listen carefully to yourself and your needs. That can sometimes mean that you don’t have to do anything at all, because your body needs that time to process everything.

All is well and you are good! You are exactly where you need to be, every step on this road to ascension.


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