Lagom: The Swedish secret to a happy life – 4 tips

Lagom: The Swedish secret to a happy life – 4 tips

On August 1, Leef Lagom  by Anna Brones was published. It is a practical and illustrated lifestyle guide based on the Swedish philosophy of lagom. This Swedish lifestyle shows how to find more happiness in your daily life through balance. Do you want more balance in your life? Then lagom is for you!

Swedish art of living: lagom

In our modern western world, the possibilities are endless. We strive for the best version of ourselves, the version with which we impress the outside world. That takes a lot of time and energy. Full schedules make us overworked. With our to-do list in hand, we wearily rush from one task to the next.

That’s why this Swedish art of living feels like a fresh breeze. We all need balance, evenness, and simplicity. We long for something that is difficult to put into words, it is a sense of satisfaction, of having just enough at just the right time. The Swedes seem to have just the right word for it: lagom. That means something like ‘just right. Not too much and not too little but just in between, the midpoint between two extremes.

Lagom: The Swedish secret to a happy life – 4 tips

The meaning of Lagom

lagom sufficient, enough; lämplig , passande appropriate, appropriate

Lagom (pronounced with a soft ‘English’ g, as in the word go), is a typical Swedish word of very old origin. Lagom is often translated as ‘not too much and not too little but just right’. Whoever uses the word lagom wants to avoid extremes and looks for the golden mean. Lagom, so to speak, means appropriate behavior, a measured amount of food and enjoying just the right amount.

Live Lagom – 4 tips for a healthy mind and body

Lagom is about a good balance in life. We are constantly looking for quick ways to feel good. ‘It would all be much better if I just…’ But there is no quick fix. But if we organize our lives more consciously and are more aware of ourselves, our expectations and our surroundings, and if we gradually remove all noise from our lives, free ourselves from what burdens us emotionally and get rid of unnecessary things, then we become satisfied with whom. we are and we no longer linger in dreams. In order to find the right balance in this, it is important to find a balance between mental and physical activities. These tips can help you with this.

1. A tidy mind

When we think of minimizing, we often think of a zen interior, but what about the clutter in your head? Regret, anger, frustration and jealousy are emotions that take energy and make life miserable. And just like a cluttered room doesn’t just tidy itself up, you don’t get a tidy mind by itself. You will have to put things in order yourself and get to work actively. Think about what you need and what you don’t. What gives you stress and what gives you energy?

2. Being offline

Lagom: The Swedish secret to a happy life – 4 tips

E-mails, text messages, and television constantly attract attention. Being online all the time is not good for our brains. Set aside time each day where you don’t peek at your screen. This is especially important at night before going to sleep. Two hours before bedtime, turn off all screens and spend the remaining time with your family or reading a book.

3. Get moving, every day

Think about how you could plan more exercise in your day. Perhaps you can take the bus to work and get off one or two stops before your destination to walk the last mile. Or maybe you can take a walk around the block during your lunch break. Maybe you can work in the garden more often. There is absolutely no need to toil and sweat in the gym.

4. Enjoy

Many people forbid themselves sweet treats: ‘Oh, I really shouldn’t be eating this, but…’ Rather give yourself a healthy amount of tasty things and enjoy it.

Do you want to read more about Lagom and how you can apply it in your home, life and work? Order your copy of Leef Lagom – The Swedish Secret to a Happy Life by Anna Brones here.


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